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Monolith Badge
Attachable Badge
The Monolith Badge is awarded to those who best the very stones beneath their feet and the leader of the Rock Gym, Haymez. The badge is composed of diamond, cut in such a way as to catch light and appear to glow. This round cut mineral imbues the wearer with tremendous resistance, enabling them to face their biggest weakness without fear.
Badge Effect: Rock Solid
When attached to a Pokemon this badge hardens their resistance, enabling them to face their greatest weaknesses with solid determination. Any double weaknesses naturally held by the bearer will be reduced to single weaknesses while this badge is attached. This does not affect weaknesses unnaturally obtained through sigs or other effects, only those given by the bearer's natural typing.

Monolith badge: Does it protect against Freeze Dry's 3x damage against water/ground water/grass, et all? I feel it should, otherwise it hampers the water gym given that freeze dry was something introduced after the badge? I'm not too sure, it was before my time.

Another question about the same scenario. The badge was written from the perspective of holder, and not the opponent. Would the badge protect the holder in the case of some potential 3x attacks that are floating around if it matches the natural typing of the bearer?

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