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So the reason there's not a hard limit on the person not leaving is because it's not their fault that their opponents are up and disappearing for extended periods of time. It should realistically be rare for any given trainer to have more than a couple matches on ice at any given time, but the rule is just there to be safe.

The timer on how long a match is frozen is however long the TA is, followed by the amount of time it takes for both parties to have a slot available. The TAing trainer should be fairly responsible in this case and attempt to have a slot open regularly for the match, but at the same time if their opponent is clearly not going to have a free slot for a while they can get on with other things until the time comes. Ultimately this is an agreed upon freeze by both trainers because they want the match to happen at some point and picking up from scratch just hinders them both. Freezing should overall be pretty rare, and if some is freezing, coming back to do a single round, and freezing again, they're going to have to get an agreement on the freeze from their opponent for every single time they want to freeze it.
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