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>- Implementation of the aforementioned long TA match freezing rule. If a trainer has to go on TA for an extended period of time, the TAing trainer and their opponent may agree to put the match on ice. Once the TAing trainer returns and both they and their opponent have a match slot available, the match resumes with whatever ref they find. The number of frozen matches any TAing trainer may have cannot exceed the number of match slots they have available of that type, but may go beyond this number for a trainer not on TA if they just have a run of bad luck on battle opponents, with only the matches they have actively going at the time of TA counting towards their own cap if they end up doing the same (this is something we've kinda done in the past and really just needs to happen - overall I don't see it happening too frequently and most matches can end early as detailed above, but this is good to have for those matches between vets that really want to go at it, for those who just really need a match against a notable, etc.)

I think freezing should be allotted to one match for the member that is not leaving, and for all matches for the trainer going on hiatus. Should there be a timer on how long a match can be frozen? I want this idea to be as tamed as possible. I wouldn't want to see a member take a two month leave of absence, do a round or so when they come back, and then freeze it.

TL;DR: How long can a match stay frozen and how many times can you freeze the same match?
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