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So with this conversation having died down and a few things having been brought up, it's become a bit apparent that we do have a problem with the ending early of matches in general and not just in the realm of DQs. So I'll be writing a quick proposal here in regards to that.

For reference, here are the two current Announcements posts detailing everything in regards to that:

Originally Posted by DaveTheFishGuy
A Guide to Matches ending early

Ideally, matches end when one of both battling parties have lost all of their eligible Pokémon, granting either a clear win or a tie. However, sometimes battles end prematurely. Perhaps one trainer has vanished. Maybe one just doesn't want to continue. Here is a guide for what happens in these scenarios.

If a trainer has gone over the Disqualification (DQ) time for the battle, their opponent may ask the ref to DQ them. This can only happen if the battle has previously reached a length of five completed rounds or more.

If, at the time of DQ, there is no target Pokémon, there is one that cannot feasibly be KOd in one round or the DQing trainer simply doesn't feel like trying for a KO, the ref posts confirming the DQ and the match ends. If the DQing trainer would like extra points, a free-round can be attempted where they try to KO their vanished opponent's Pokémon, using a three-mover if they have one left. The enemy Pokémon will make no attempt to evade or defend itself against free-round orders.

Once the match ends, points are distributed as normal, with the DQing trainer treated as the winner even if the match was technically a loss or a tie from a numbers standpoint. If they did not manage to KO a Pokémon during the match, no KOs are awarded, though TP and SP are still awarded accordingly. Battles that end this way will go on a trainer's record as a DQ Win or a DQ Loss.

If a trainer has gone over the DQ time for the battle but the match has gone for less than five rounds, their opponent may ask the ref to cancel the match. The battlers gain no points, though the ref will earn 1 SP only - no modifications for speed bonuses will apply. Battles that end this way will not go on a trainer's record and do not have to be placed in the Battle Results thread.

Calling off a match
If trainers mutually decide that they wish to end a battle, they can jointly ask the ref to bring it to a halt. If the match has not completed five rounds, they may request that the ref cancels the match. If the match has completed six rounds or more, the trainers may not cancel the match but mat request that it be called a draw. Standard rules apply, with trainers and referees earning the same points as if the match had naturally ended in a draw. In the case of Gym Matches, it remains the Gym Leader's choice whether to award a badge. Battles that end this way will go on a trainer's record as a DQ Draw.

If one party gives up and forfeits, the match ends instantly, with no possibility for a free-round. The forfeiting party has more than one Pokémon remaining, their current Pokémon is not considered KOd and points to the 'winner' and ref are awarded based on the current KO count on the winner's side, while the 'loser' will only receive half the usual points that they would from a regular loss. If a trainer forfeits on their last Pokémon, it is considered recalled and KOd and points are awarded normally. Battles that end this way will go on a trainer's record as a standard Win or Loss.
Originally Posted by Jerichi
Okay let's fix this real quick.

New Cancellation Rule!

If a match goes over 5 rounds, you may cancel for the following 2 reasons with consent from both battlers (and the ref, if still active) and an LO's approval (for now):
1) the match has not been reffed and a replacement cannot be found (both battlers must request)
2) the battle is generally inactive and the ref wishes to drop it (the ref must request and both battlers must consent)

In the case of the cancellation, the ref will be rewarded SP equivalent to any KOs scored by one side, with appropriate bonuses. If no KOs were scored, they will get the standard .5 SP.
Do note that there is an inconsistency on the amount of SP given to the ref for reffing a cancellation. Upon asking Jeri about this some time ago he detailed that Dave's post superceded his and that the correct amount is 1 SP. ...though he seems to have become confused on this point as of late, but I digress.

Anyway, here's a brief bullet pointed list of things that need clarified or could use some change in this regard:

- Fix the inconsistency and set it to 1 SP for cancellation (everyone has been going by this and it's the initial ruling anyway)
- Clarification that a DQ Free Round does not mean every attack is going to be full power (S_M touched on this in his post, and it should be noted that exhaustion still very much plays a part in Free Rounds - no more free KOs that you're not actually earning)
- Stipulation of Cancellation SP. The last ref gets the SP, not the one posting the cancellation. If the match needed cancelled due to an inactive ref, the battlers should be following the rules requesting an LO to cancel the match (sorry guys but free 1 SP for posting is ridiculous and opposed to the responsible culture we are attempting to create)
- Clarification of points given in a cancellation Draw when the amount of current KOs is uneven. The ref is given SP relative to the higher number of KOs, while the battlers are given TP and KOs relative to the lower number (it is ultimately the battler's choice to call a draw, and they should be taking the hit on points, no more screwing the ref out of well earned SP)
- Further clarification of called draws with Gyms. Note that the Gym Leader confers with the LOs as to whether the badge is given (it's been this way for a while now, and just needs formally stated)
- Changes to points given for a forfeit. Upon the call of a forfeit, the match still ends instantly, but instead ending with the current KO count for the winner + an additional KO for if the forfeiting trainer was on their last 'mon, we shift to the current KO count for the winner + an additional KO for each 'mon the forfeiting trainer had that was at or below one third of their total health or energy (this was kinda more what I was going with when I proposed the change to how forfeiting worked way back when, and it really is just a better way overall to handle our heavy switching meta - no more screwing the winning trainer and the ref just because the forfeiting trainer switched a lot)
- Implementation of the aforementioned long TA match freezing rule. If a trainer has to go on TA for an extended period of time, the TAing trainer and their opponent may agree to put the match on ice. Once the TAing trainer returns and both they and their opponent have a match slot available, the match resumes with whatever ref they find. The number of frozen matches any TAing trainer may have cannot exceed the number of match slots they have available of that type, but may go beyond this number for a trainer not on TA if they just have a run of bad luck on battle opponents, with only the matches they have actively going at the time of TA counting towards their own cap if they end up doing the same (this is something we've kinda done in the past and really just needs to happen - overall I don't see it happening too frequently and most matches can end early as detailed above, but this is good to have for those matches between vets that really want to go at it, for those who just really need a match against a notable, etc.)

Edit: And of course I don't actually see this written anywhere so...

- Clarification on cancellation SP. No SP given if the match didn't even go a single round (seriously guys I've seen people collect on zero round matches and you should be ashamed of yourselves)

That's about it I think. Feel free to discuss.
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