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Hey look people discussed things, great. My thoughts were all pretty much in the first post and it looks like the good ideas have been further expanded upon. The only thing I would say is that the 1 day-1 week DQ times may be better as 3-7 days, 1 day is a little intense.

I recommend that this:
> - After the bump, if the DQ timer runs out again, the DQ may be enforced with no chance of repeal (no more silly "I posted before the ref officiated the DQ" ancient rule)

Be interpreted as after 2x DQ time (and after the bump), the ref posts disqualifying the opponent and then asks if the opponent would like a free round; they have 1 DQ-time worth of time to do so before the match becomes official.

>for your run of the mill matches the option really should be given to allow additional time because... well... people forget

I do think that the opponent should have to actively initiate DQ by bumping the thread for friendly matches; if you decide you don't want to DQ your opponent (like people said it's just a game, it's not that big of a deal lol) you can post a "reminder" instead of a bump which doesn't count toward the DQ timer.
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