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Originally Posted by Missingno. Master View Post
Keith kept his eyes peeled as he slowly wove his way between the trees. The forest was dark, the trees' numerous leaves providing perpetual shade on even the sunniest of sunny days. As he walked, the Meowth on his shoulder was also looking around, but seemed to be trembling somewhat.

"I ain't got a good feelin'," he whispered to Keith for possibly the fifth time that evening. "We should get outta here."

"Meowth, we've been in here for a few hours already," Keith argued. "Odds are it'll take us even longer to get out if we turn back now. What are you so worried about, anyway?" he added.

"Wh- wat am I worried about?" Meowth repeated incredulously. "Howzabout da fact dat we ain't seen another livin' creature in dis forest yet? Or howzabout how dat Nurse Joy reacted when ya said we was headed trough here? She looked horrified! And den dere's wat dat guy told us outside da forest. Oh, and let's not forget my favorite- dis place is actually called Cadaver Forest!"

"Names don't necessarily mean anything," Keith argued. "And that Nurse Joy looked jumpy in general. And are you seriously telling me you believe that there's a vicious bloodsucking vampire living in these woods because a random passerby said so?"

"Yes," was Meowth's prompt reply. Keith facepalmed.

"Look-" Keith began, before stopping abruptly, for a sound had met their ears at that moment. Almost like the beating of wings. Keith and Meowth looked around warily, but the source of this sound remained a mystery to them. After exchanging glances, they slowly proceeded onward, unaware that that ominous feeling that they were being watched was completely justified.

As Keith navigated around some more trees, the sound started to draw closer... Closer... Closer... Until it sounded so close that the fact that they saw nothing was more worrying than comforting. It was coming from right behind them now, so Keith slowly wheeled around to face...

...a small insect with brightly colored wings. Remarkably beautiful in appearance, with multicolored wings that brought to mind stained-glass windows. It was innocently fluttering around, not seeming to have yet noticed Keith or Meowth.

Meowth sighed in relief. "It's just a Beautifly," he murmured. Keith, meanwhile, took out his Pokédex and pointed it at this winged wanderer.

"Beautifly, the Butterfly Pokémon, the evolved form of Silcoon, and one of Wurmple's final evolved forms," said Keith's Pokédex. "Beautifly is sure to be found wherever flowers are in bloom, and its colorful wings are its most prominent feature."

Keith also gave a relieved sigh, and even chuckled along with Meowth. And that was exactly the opening Beautifly was waiting for. She wheeled around to face Keith and Meowth, eyes narrowed viciously. "Beau-u-u-utifly-y-y-y-y!" she trilled- and as she did so, blue sparkles swirled around her body for a brief second, before she charged forward, her long mouth sticking straight out and aimed right for Keith's neck!

"Gah!" Keith exclaimed as he lunged out of the way of what he now knew to be a Shiny Beautifly. His Pokédex chose that moment to continue reciting the entry for Beautifly.

"However, despite Beautifly's appealing appearance, it is also very vicious and aggressive," said the device. "When taking down prey, Beautifly will stab it with its long mouth, allowing it to drink the prey's fluids."

"Well, there's your vicious vampire, Meowth," Keith said as he put his Pokédex away. He kept a watchful eye- Beautifly was wheeling around for another attack. "Give it an Icy Wind!"

Meowth jumped down off of Keith's shoulder, still shaking, but nevertheless, he unleashed a gust of frigid air from his mouth. Beautifly scowled as she felt the Icy Wind chilling her body, but by no means was she set to call it quits! Foolish travelers so rarely ventured into these woods, likely due to those damn humans naming the place Cadaver Forest... she had a veritable feast before her, and she wasn't letting it walk away! With a great flap of her colorful wings, the Shiny soared out of range, and countered by firing a spray of venomous needles from her sharp mouth. Meowth exclaimed loudly as the Poison Sting rained down upon his body, but fortunately, none of the stings appeared to poison him.

"Now, Meowth, strike it down with Swift attack!" Keith ordered.

Meowth's charm gleamed as numerous star-shaped rays of energy formed all around him. Then, the stars rocketed off. Beautifly swooped and swerved every which way, but to no avail- the stars followed her every movement, her evasive maneuvers coming to naught, and every last star slammed into her. She fell towards the ground, but managed to turn it into a dive right for Meowth's neck. Panicking, Meowth conjured and unleashed a Water Pulse, blasting the Beautifly off-course.

"Nice one," Keith said to Meowth.

"Yeah," Meowth said shakily. "But dis seems like too much fer Meowth! Let's just run away- I'd rather take my chances back wit Heatran den keep dis up!"

Keith did not respond right away. Meowth's mention of the gigantic legendary Pokémon who used to rule over Aduro Island made Keith realize, he'd been in far worse situations than this before, hadn't he? And he always came out on top. He had to at least try to come out on top here as well! He had to be careful about it, naturally, no doubt about that, but he wasn't about to chicken out!

"No," Keith said. "You don't have to fight Beautifly, Meowth, but I'm not calling it quits. I beat a gigantic Heatran and saved Aduro Island. I restored Celebi's faith in humanity. I will be damned if I can't triumph against this Beautifly!" he declared.

Meowth wasn't listening. Keith had him at "you don't have to fight Beautifly"- Meowth had retreated to the relative safety of Keith's shoulder. Keith reached for his belt as the savage Beautifly eyed him hungrily, and at last, Keith made his selection, an Ice Ball in his hand.

"Lenny! I choose you!" Keith exclaimed as he threw the Ice Ball. "Cool it down with your Ice Beam!"

The ball burst open, unleashing a brown Weavile with blue feathers. "Weaviii!" Lenny exclaimed, already launching a pale blue beam of energy from his mouth. In response, Beautifly retaliated with a powerful Signal Beam as colorful as her wings. The moves exploded in midair- Lenny was caught in the blast and fell over, but Beautifly soared above it.

"Lenny, return!" Keith said, holding out the Ice Ball to withdraw his Weavile while throwing a Ground Ball. "Rubeus, I choose you!" he added as his white-finned Stunfisk materialized.

"Stun Stunfisk!" Rubeus exclaimed, looking up as the Beautifly glared down at him.

"Rubeus, Thunder Shock! Now!" Keith commanded.

"Stuuun... FIIIIIIIIISK!" Rubeus bellowed, zapping Beautifly with a jolt of electricity. Beautifly closed her eyes tightly, but once the attack ended, she was still hovering, and now seemed to be trying to Absorb Rubeus's energy away- her eyes glowed green, and similarly colored orbs of energy were emerging from Rubeus's body and into the Beautifly's body.

"Rubeus, return!" Keith exclaimed, withdrawing his Stunfisk to the safety of his Ground Ball, before throwing a regular Poké Ball. "Severus, go!" he called as his Dustox materialized.

"Dustox! Dus-" began Severus, before catching sight of his opponent. "...Tooooox..." he murmured, gazing at the Beautifly before him- who was charging straight his way, long mouth extended, ready to stab!"

"Severus, Harden!" Keith called out.

"T-tox! Tox!" Severus replied, shaking his head before allowing his body to stiffen. Beautifly bounced right off.

Keith grinned. "Now use your Quiver Dance attack!" he ordered.

"Dus... tox! Dustox! Dustox!" Severus was saying as he fluttered from left to right. The dance was powering him up, but he also hoped it was catching Beautifly's attention. Indeed, Beautifly was eyeing up the Dustox, though whether it was with admiration or with hunger, they couldn't say. Certainly she seemed to hesitate before flapping her wings to unleash Gust upon Severus. The higher-level Dustox, however, bolstered by his Quiver Dance, stood his ground... er, air. Whatever. He wasn't pushed back very much by the Gust, is the point.

"Severus! Hyper Beam!" Keith commanded.

"Duuuus... TOOOOOOX!" Severus exclaimed, firing a purple-black beam of pure destructive force from his mouth. The attack struck Beautifly head-on, sending the Shiny tumbling to the ground. Battered, beaten, slightly smoking, and yet, not out, Beautifly was still attempting to get back up.

But Keith wasn't giving her the chance. To Meowth's alarm, Keith pulled a blue-and-white sphere out of his backpack, with two red stripes on the blue half. "Youse can't be serious!" Meowth exclaimed.

"Hey, you got a better idea to keep this forest safe, I'm all ears," Keith countered.

"Well, dere's... I... Ohh, fine," Meowth relented.

Keith nodded and smiled. "Good," he said, turning back to Beautifly, who was still determinedly trying (without success) to get back into the air. "OK, Beautifly, you're mine now!" Keith exclaimed, drawing his right arm back, the one whose hand clutched the sphere. "Go, Great Ball!" he said, hurling the device towards the Butterfly Pokémon.

The Great Ball hit its target and split open. The Shiny Beautifly turned into a semitransparent mass of red energy, losing all shape as she was sucked into the sphere. Once she was completely inside, the Great Ball snapped shut and fell to the ground.

Silence. Save for the whirring sounds the Great Ball made as it wobbled back and forth, there was complete silence in Cadaver Forest. The trio looked on at the shaking Great Ball- Keith with anticipation, Meowth with anxiety, Severus with hearts practically visible in his eyes. And then... it fell still. The flashing red light turned off completely as the ball stopped moving and emitted that telltale low-pitched ping.

Keith grinned. He walked over and scooped up the Great Ball now containing his newest Pokémon. "All right!" he cheered, holding up the sphere. "I just caught a Shiny Beautifly!"

"Meowth, dat's right!" Meowth added, though with slightly less gusto than usual.

"Dus Dustox!" Severus cheered- in stark contrast to Meowth, Severus sounded ecstatic.


With Cadaver Forest behind them, Keith stopped once he'd come to a large boulder next to the path. "Come on out, Beautifly," Keith said, producing the Great Ball from his belt. In a flash of light, followed by a swirl of blue sparkles, Beautifly emerged from her ball. Still weakened from the battle, she did not take back off again, but rather stood atop the rock, eyeing Keith warily and hungrily.

"Beau-u-u-u-u..." Beautifly said threateningly.

"Welcome to the team, Beautifly," Keith said with a welcoming smile. "I'm Keith- I'm your new Trainer. And I think we ought to start things off on the right foot, so..." with that, he reached into his backpack and pulled out a plastic water bottle, albeit one that definitely didn't have water in it. It was filled with a thick red liquid instead, and hastily scrawled on the label in marker was 'FOR HEDWIG". "O+ Miltank blood," Keith said with a smile. "I normally only save these for Hedwig, but you look hungry. Here," he said, offering her the bottle.

Beautifly eyed the bottle suspiciously. She shifted her gaze to Keith, then back to the bottle, before unfurling her long mouth and stabbing the bottle with it (Meowth flinched at this). She sipped at some of the blood... and then hungrily gulped down the rest of it in record time. Once she'd removed her mouth from the now-empty bottle, she looked back at Keith. Her eyes were still narrowed as though she wasn't 100% sure about him, but there was still something different about the look in her eyes. Keith knew in that instant he hadn't quite made a new friend, but this was a step in the right direction.

"You liked it, then?" he asked, smiling when Beautifly nodded in response. "That's good," he said. "So, now that you're on the team, you can have a nickname of your own if you like. I was actually thinking maybe-"

"Beau-u-utifly-y-y-y-y-y!" interrupted Beautifly.

"She's sayin' her name's Fatale, and she ain't OK wit changin' dat," Meowth translated.

Keith nodded. "Well, who am I to disrespect that, then?" he asked. "Welcome to the team, Fatale."

The journey home resumed from there. This time, Fatale remained outside her Great Ball, soaring high above her new Trainer. She wasn't sure how she felt about suddenly having a Trainer after living alone in the forest, draining the fluids from any passersby, but that Miltank blood was quite tasty. And speaking of tasty, she wouldn't mind getting to know that handsome Dustox a bit better, either...

OOC: Trading 1 Rare Candy, 1,900, and a Heart Scale to Silver Wind for the level 13 female Shiny Beautifly. She's in good hands, thanks!

*Trade Commenced*

Upon closing of the trade, transferring Fatale the Shiny Beautifly into this Great Ball (#2 of 3), discarding her old Poké Ball in the process.
Extremely jealous at how quick you managed to write that up. No doubt in my mind she'll be in good hands, even if she's a little blood thirsty afterwards! lol

Trading 1x Lv 13 Shiny Beautifly (F) to MM for 1x Candy, $1,900 and 1x Heart Scale

Beautifly 013 Female Unknown Itemless
BP: 10 IQ: 00 CS:
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Level Up Moves:
String Shot
Poison Sting
Lv. 17 Stun Spore
Lv. 20 Morning Sun
Lv. 24 Mega Drain
Lv. 27 Whirlwind
Lv. 31 Attract
Lv. 34 Silver Wind
Lv. 38 Giga Drain
Lv. 41 Bug Buzz

Bug Bite
Signal Beam

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