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If we really want to change DQ culture, there needs to be a limit on the way in which you can TA yourself out of responsibility.

Fixed time period TAs should be the only ones that get you our of losing a bonus, as suggested. But we should set a maximum time limit. If you are going on holiday for two weeks and will not be able to order, fine, go ahead and TA. But I think we should set the limit at a month max. People absolutely do have real life commitments or personal issues that mean that they will not realistically be able to do anything for a month, or will not feel up to ordering/reffing regularly (but may still want to be in the community during that time). I would argue that those people should feel obligated to say to people "look, I am not going to be able to play for a while, so we'll do this another time" and let the match go. And if they don't, the system should do it for them. If you can't order/ref for a month, your match should be killed off (or at least paused, allowing participants to do other things) automatically regardless of why it is that you are out.

What do people think of this?

EDIT: Otherwise given the current status quo I am broadly supportive of Sneezey's plan. Just be wary of constantly amping up the need to ref within 48 hours. An ASB that moves weekly is fine.
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