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Originally Posted by Sneaze View Post
Okay so currently reffing a match in my Gym, which is doubles, at a rate of every four days would earn you 12 SP for the 6v6. It would be 16.5 for reffing within 48 hours.

Under the change it would be that same 12 SP for within a week, 13.5 SP for within 4 days, and 21 SP for within 48 hours.
That sounds like crack. Sign me up and make sure you set up a calculator on the main site. So adding to this idea of bonuses and a slight addition to the mix:

I just thought of something fairly interesting. The concept of Weekend warriors:

One week has 7 days. So on average that means a week should see 3.5 (lol) reffings. What if we glob this proportion into something like if the ref did 4 (or 5 to offset the number in a positive upward trend) reffings in the span of one weekend, then this person is considered to have the 48 hour bonus for the week?

If you think about it, it accommodates people who can only ASB on weekends, and it accommodates the bonus all the same because you are getting on average the same amounts of rounds in. It would only work if you arrange with the trainers to help you out and get at least four sets of orders in. Is not that hard really.

If this standalone concept does not work, well I just came up with a nifty overhaul to the reffing badge, and now we have something worthwhile in the form of a purchase.

I sent the idea to Jeri, but let's also discuss it as part of the overhaul I guess.
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