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Pokemon perks


Forgive me if this has been discussed/defeated in the 6 years I've been away, or if this already exists somehow (haven't gotten a chance to comb through all the details). I remember that Reed proposed something like this in the past, and it kinda fizzled.

What does everyone think of individual pokemon "perks" which add small bonuses/changes in the way that pokemon fights? This can add a layer of customization to really make this more interesting. One can be acquired for each Pokemon per level, with only 1 being "attached" per match.

For example, a level 3 Charmeleon would have 3 perks to choose from, and would choose 1 when entering battle. Thus:

Male Charmeleon (Level 3)

These perks can be trainer-created, or we can create a master database that is community-created and constantly added to.

Thoughts welcome.

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