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Yeah no I'm sorry but expecting outright orders within 4 days is absurd. Not everyone can actually order every day. Some of us can, yes, but some are stuck to the weekends. Any way you slice it a limit of a week is really the best way to handle it.

And while you did drop my name, I'm inclined to agree on the matter and would like to propose we actually implement the temporary TO bans from a while back, but in a different manner. If your ref or opponent bumps you via VM after the first DQ bump time S_M suggested comes up, and you continue to post in TO, they then have every right to go to the LOs with said proof. Make it a three strikes you're out rule. Do it for three matches, or multiple times for the same matches adding up to three, and you're banned from TO for a week.

Yes I know that's more work on the LOs but quite frankly if it means things actually moving at a clip that doesn't resemble a glacier then the ends justifies the means. It also means some of our lazier LOs need to get off their butts more.
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