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This is an unpopular, popular opinion: If your gym leader fails to post within a reasonable margin of a week tops, then that gym leader deserves to retire from his spot. I'm sorry, I know people are not a fan of DQs, but gym leaders have roles to fulfill and they do the league no favors by keeping the title with none of the responsibility.

I have seen a good DQ implementation for tournaments, and that is a step in the right direction. That same stern behavior should be applied to legend challenges both from the MLC and the challenger. If you cant order in a timely manner, then I don't see it fair to hold up the queue for others.


A 1 time 1 week forgiveness for gym leaders, with a standard flat rate of 96 HR dq time: four full days. Forgetfulness means you check the thread periodically to make sure it is not waiting on you. As a gym leader, you potentially carry 3 matches. Just check the right sub-forum, do a click to the last page and verify that the stalling of the match is not due to the gym leader itself. Is it annoying to be responsible? Maybe. It doesn't cost much to just check the thread.

Regular matches should be an amicable behavior between the three parties involved, and generally more laxed. If you state your desires at the beginning of the match, that the DQ time will be strict, then the other trainer should be aware of what he is signing up for. I personally take all of my matches serious, and I do not like lag time in between. That does not mean I'm unreasonable, because people have lives and other problems to deal with. Kuno, for example, is super busy. Once his general activity picks up, I would assume he will continue with our match. The problem becomes people like Cele or Sneaze (dropping names because this is relevant) who are unable to post in a match, yet come into TO and post more than twice a week. Either you cannot post due to lack of access or you can. Don't play with our feelings. Sit down for 5-10 mins and read over what is going on in your match to get a good picture of what you want to order at a later date.

Maybe this last point is a bit harsh and overly critical of people's individual time, but please do not trump everything else said. This is basically my dollar to the issue. I'm much more expensive than just two cents.

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