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So while DQ really should be automatic for high priority matches, and with recent discussion seems to be heading that way (don't quote me on this), for your run of the mill matches the option really should be given to allow additional time because... well... people forget. I'm not saying a lot of time and if you want you should totally be allowed to DQ them on the spot. But some trainers might not want to do that for whatever reason (needing a certain number of KOs, just generally wanting to fight that specific person, whatever). Outside of this, this is a pretty solid suggestion and not too different from what was being talked about recently.

That said if we do this, 10 days for the high end is actually too much imo. A week should really be the end cap. If you're gone for a full TWO WEEKS and don't have a TA that's just absurd (yes I know I'm guilty of similar, but see the aforementioned forgetting... also bumping isn't something that happens much these days).

Also yeah people need to stop being stupid with DQ rounds. Have some ref integrity and don't let your battlers force you into doing something stupid just because it nets them an extra KO.
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