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Originally Posted by Jerichi View Post
We've had some trouble over the past year or so with the conduct of members in pretty much every area involving the ASB. It's gotten to the point where we have had many members complain on more than one occasion, and as such, we feel compelled to introduce new policies to deal with these issues more effectively.

1) If there is something that comes to your attention, be it a rule violation, abuse or bullying, on or off the forums, please report it. If it's a forum post, please use the built-in report feature. If it happens in Skype Chat or via PMs or elsewhere, please bring it directly to the LOs via PM with a copy of the offending post or text. So many of the issues raised are let slide because we are not made aware of them. Please do not hesitate to bring anything to us that you see as potentially rule-breaking or abusive.

2) Any infractions, warnings or bans that are issued on Serebii (from ASB-related posts) will be reflected on UPN. If you receive a ban on Serebii (or the equivalent value of one) for ASB-related posts, you will ALSO be banned on UPN for an equal length of time. If there is misconduct on Serebii, you will be directly infracted for it. If there is misconduct on UPN, you will be infracted for it on Serebii as well. If there is misconduct in ASB Skype chats or otherwise off the forums, you will also be infracted on Serebii.

3) Heated debate is something that is going to happen from time to time in the ASB. If there is an issue in a thread that is not being resolved, please report it. If it is not resolved after LO intervention, we will begin infracting.

4) Disrespect of other members (especially refs and LOs) will not be tolerated. You will be warned first, but we will not hesitate to infract people who continue to act disrespectfully. While we encourage you to ask questions of your refs if you're unsure, unfairly pressuring them to change rounds or constantly defying their decisions will result in action by LOs. This applies equally to LO rulings, which should be treated as final. If you wish to contest an LO rulings, please do so privately or in appropriate threads. Battle threads are NOT the place for debates over rules, descriptions or policies.

5) Bullying and abusive language will not be tolerated, either on the forums or in chats/private. If you witness or are victim to this kind of treatment, please report it immediately, along with a link or copy of what it is if doing so via PM. Infractions will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis after claims have been investigated.

6) Although Skype chat and other ASB-related off-site rooms are not officially sanctioned by the League, we still reserve the right to infract people for misconduct within them. Please report misconduct to an LO via PMs and we will handle it with warnings or infractions for repeat offenders.

I cannot stress enough how important it is that the community actively engages in vigilance and self-regulation. We are a tighter knit group than many on other forums which often makes this kind of regulation difficult. The best way for you as a member to contribute to a better community is to lead by example and try your best to be a model member. LOs will always have an open door policy, and if something troubles you, even if you are not involved directly in it, do not hesitate to bring it to us.

So recently we've felt that these need to be particularly reiterated in addition to an apology that we as LOs haven't been as vigilant as we were intending to be in regards to this. We are aware of the complaints that arose when the community guidelines were originally posted, with the main one being that the LOs often never get back to people regarding these issues, settled or not. We intend on doing our best with making sure that these rules are something the community can depend on being in place, and we pledge to increase our activity regarding this and in general as well, and we promise better communication from here on out.

Now, for this all to work properly, LO activity is only half of it. We are almost entirely reliant on the community's help in this venture, as while we can see somethings occasionally within threads that we peruse, we are neither all-seeing or all-knowing. To reiterate point number one, please report any of the above problems that you may see, either here on UPN, on Serebii, or within the private channels we are unable to keep track of as easily. In regards to reports on UPN, it would be easier for us if you just send us PMs with links/short descriptions of what is going on as the report system on UPN isn't super well established or easily noticed.

We are grateful for your continued support.
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