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Eevee Species Characteristic Review v1.10

If there is a problem that you've found with a Species or Type characteristic or the anime has given us a new fun mechanic, this is the place to submit your proposals for edits. In the past, we operated primarily under an open debate, but to keep the discussion more focused, we will be shifting to a proposal system. Additionally, we will now be doing the review once per month to allow us to tackle all the moves at once, and leave it open for a week to allow for discussion and review.

If you wish to submit an SC for review, please post the following:
  • The current full SC, highlighting any problem areas
  • The issues with the SC (in bullet points or short paragraphs, if applicable)
  • The proposed changes or additions (please do not rewrite the SC yourself)

We will leave the discussion open, however, if the discussion diverts or gets out of hand, we reserve the right to freeze discussion on a particular move. Once the week has passed, we will review the discussions and perform the necessary rewrites. In order to keep the discussions readable, please clearly indicate the SC you are discussing, preferably with quote tags so that we can follow the conversation. If you do not, we might miss your points.

We expect everyone in this thread to act civilly. Failure to follow these guidelines may result in banning from the thread and repeat offenses will result in potential loss of privileges.

We will open the thread for the first full calendar week of the month and close it the following weekend.

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