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Hello everyone!

I wanted to take a little bit of time to address a few issues concerning how S&I and LO rulings work, as well as announce a bit of a change to how we will be approaching this.

As many of you are probably already aware, the intent of the current S&I thread is to be a place where you can get an official opinion a rule or something without precedent that has come up in a match. It is to be used primarily in cases in which no consensus on a discussion can be reached among the community or there is confusion or a lack of precedence on a particular rule or situation.

It is important to note that the only people allowed to answer questions in this thread are the LOs, as this is where we will be making rulings about the topics presented to us. These rulings are considered to be effectively final and will apply immediately. That said, this does not mean that they are concrete - LOs often make mistakes or the sands of the game shift, invalidating the rulings we make.

If you feel we have made a mistake our made a bad ruling, you are encouraged to appeal our decisions. However, to keep the process running smoothly and from distracting from the issues, we request that you submit any appeals directly to the ruling LO privately via PM. Though we don't require any particular format, we would prefer that you give us an outline of why you believe our ruling to be wrong with some concrete evidence supporting your claim ("I think this is bad because I don't like it" for instance, is not good evidence). Please do not debate rulings in the thread; if there is an issue and we feel it needs to be opened to debate, we will start a thread for it or reuse another, separate thread to keep the discussion in one place and allow the main thread to be used for other questions if needed.

In hopes of making this a little clearer, we'll be rebranding the S&I threads. Suggestions will be moved to a more general thread of their own and the current S&I thread will become the "Inquiries & Rulings" thread. We will also be changing how we handle the Move and SC suggestions threads, opening them on a monthly basis for inquiries, after which we will make necessary edits and then close them for a period until the next round. We are also discussing a little more restructuring in the near future, but for now, we're going to start with this.

Thanks for your attention and happy battling!
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