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Omanyte Omanyte sez: It's official

It's been called to my attention that I'm still technically president of the league, and as much as I've enjoyed the position over the years, it's not really one that I deserve any longer. As a result, I'm officially passing over the mantle to Jerichi, who you all know has been the power behind the throne for quite some time now. I will stay on as an advisor, which has been my primary role the past few years, but I know that you all are in very good hands with Jeri.

It's been a joy and a privilege to be your president for these past years, and I won't say goodbye- I'll still pop up in unexpected places from time to time (I wonder if my Goodnews account is still active on Serebii?). In the meantime, all the best and happy battling to you all.

The Kim Il Sung of ASB.

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