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Obligatory ASB April Fool's Joke

Calling all trainers! Many of you know that a project has been in the works for quite a while, and though there have been a few stumbling blocks, we've finally got to a position where we are happy enough with the end product to reveal it to you all. That's right folks, we're finally unveiling the Elite Four!

The line up, as many as you may well have guessed, will be comprised of Jerichi, DaveTheFishGuy, Sneaze and Charminions, with Mercutio offering his services should any of the Elite Four members wish to embark on the challenge themselves.

With regards to rules, they are really quite simple. In order to challenge the Elite Four, you must be in possession of at least 1 Gym Badge. You must also pay a small fee of 10 SP (which buys you all 4 battles) to have your challenge acknowledged, and upon doing so, you will be added to the challengers queue. There may be up to 2 trainers undergoing the challenge at any one time, and from there the challenge works the same as in the games - you must defeat the Elite Four, in any order, and losing to any of them sees your challenge end in failure, meaning you will have to pay your SP fee again and be added to the back of the queue. However, for each Elite Four member you defeat, you will reduce your SP fee by 2.5 SP for your next challenge, should you fail. In addition, if you possess 4 or more Gym Badges, your fee will be waived entirely.

Upon being added to the queue and initiating your challenge, you must PM Miror with your intended squad of 6 Pokémon for the challenge. You are allowed up to use Signatures and are allowed one Mega Stone, but any other attachable items are banned. This means while you can bring a Mega Stone, Badges and Tokens will not be allowed - this rule remains in place for the Elite Four members too. The Elite Four themselves will be limited to 6 Pokémon, which will be made publicly known within the next week or so.

Battles themselves will be conducted in a 3 vs. 3, hidden squad format. There will be a separate referee queue created for Elite Four battles to be placed in, and there will be restrictions on referees who are eligible to take these matches.

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