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Walking up to her new owner, the Budew hands over a piece of paper addressed to the gentlemen standing before her.

Dear Base Owner,

I know you fault me and Keith for the destruction of your base, truth be told if your security was better then we probably would of never set foot inside. I've added up the total of the expenses to cover your base, and while I could very easily pay to rebuild it, I've decided to give you this Pokémon instead- she'll surely be able to take care of your base no problem. can't get something out of nothing, everything has a price $$$ and the cost of your base isn't nearly enough to cover such a fabulous gift. So, I took the liberty of taking some cash and candies when you weren't looking.

Sincerely yours, the world's greatest thief!

This message will now self destruct.

Trading to Ex-Admiral Insane my Lv.6 Female Budew, Quiet Nature, inside of a Luxuryball, holding a Rose Incense w/10HPs, 2 IQ, 10 in every contest stat. except Beauty which is 30, EMs: Spikes, Pin Missile, Leaf Storm, Extrasensory, TM Grass Knot, & HM Cut; also throwing in this Whipped Dream for a grand total of 5 Candies and 200 Pokedollars. Enjoy!

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