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“I-I,” Ethan paused, “I never knew my old Pidove felt that way…” he said feeling as though his heart was about to break, “You know Keith- I can’t bring myself to disagree with you on the subject,” why the trainer had pondered the same thing in the last couple of months himself, wondering if he was doing that right thing, “It used to be, that all I ever cared about was trading for profit. Buying low and selling high, when I couldn’t find anyone to trade with- I’d just release the Pokémon. I thought it was better out there for them, better in the wild than inside of a stuffy adoption centre where they’d hold on to hope that someone might come along and take them to a better place…only to be heartbroken in the end. I guess that says more about me than anything else.” Ethan sighed, “After losing my parents I was thrown from orphanage to orphanage. I suffered the pain of rejection, the worst were the caretakers that only cared about their government paychecks and the bullies- they weren’t so bad, they were just afraid of never finding anyone to adopt them. Which the older you got, the more increasingly difficult it became. I didn’t wait long before I ran away; I left and choose my own path.” Ethan paused, his face painted with a harsh realization, “It’s not right for me to force the pain I felt on Pokémon that can have a better future than I.” Ethan smiled, looking at Keith, “I won’t make any promises…even a Kecleon takes time to go invisible but I’ll at least think about what you said.”

Ethan missed most of the excitement, having decided to take refuge in the cabin that Keith allowed passage to. There’s was something on his mind, and he didn’t have much time to decide…it wasn’t until the boat felt like it was being pushed upward that Ethan ran back outside, he didn’t quite comprehend what was happening, all he knew was that the light surrounding them was growing dark...

In the midst of pitch black darkness, to no one’s knowledge Ethan was given a wonderful opportunity to even up the score for the way the Base Owner had harshly treated them. Having his eyes adjust to the darkness so swiftly was almost second nature. Ethan knew it was only a matter of time before everyone called out their Pokémon to help illuminate the space…The thief moved quickly, silently and skillfully across the wet hard wood floors. He’s destination, the pockets of one particular loud mouth that Ethan decided needed to be taught a cruel lesson.

Before the room illuminated with light, Ethan was already standing by the cabin door. The trainer soon producing a Togepi from one of his Pokeballs, “Serena, aid us by providing a brilliant Flash, won’t you?” the ball spun upward as it popped open to reveal…

“Togeprrrrrriiiii~!” the Togepi trilled, before her egg shell body began to glow, along with the other’s Pokémon whose combined efforts gave a blinding flash of light.

It took a few seconds for their eyes to adjust once again, but when they did, the Base Owner explained where they were, the inside mouth of his Wailord. Ethan wasn’t nearly as surprised as Keith and his Meowth had been but he was mildly impressed, “So, Mr.Base Owner, you’re not completely useless!”

He wondered if the ship would do the Whale Pokémon any harm, but Ethan was sure that, as long as they didn’t stay inside too long, the Wailord would have been fine.

With time to discuss, as they awaited their next destination, Ethan remembered all the Pokémon that not only had he traded to Keith but the ones he had traded to him as well.

“Damn that Speedy- Firefly- I mean Stewie, Shadow Pokémon aren’t exactly my forte to train…” Ethan said, “Stewie practically destroyed my base that one time you guys visited. Unfortunately I had to close up shop a few months back, but that’s alright I ended up purchasing a bigger plot of land elsewhere with a bigger base. Now all my Pokémon can roam around freely to do whatever they want. Including Diego, that Frillish you once traded over- he’s even a Jellicent now, he helped me defeat Sean the Water-Type Gym Leader in Cascadia. Diego is still searching for the lost knowledge of the world and Jumango, that Munchlax you got Shadow Ledain for, well, he’s still the same lovable, lazy, eating machine he was born to be haha.” Ethan started chuckling before getting an idea in his head, “You should stop by the new base next time, would be fun, we could battle again. And this time, the battle area is in doors, it has a stunning roof window that opens up for aerial battles and reinforced floors and walls to prevent any damage.”
As they made their descend from the mouth of the gigantic whale, the ship entered stable water again, the storm was feeling more like a distant memory now, with every passing wave...

The Owner of the Base promptly stepped off the blank once they reached dry land, giving the trespassers one last bit of attitude, showing them just how grateful he was to the other two trainer’s to the bitter end…What the hell is this guy’s problem… Ethan thought but kept it to himself.

“So, need a lift?” Keith asked, again gesturing to his ship. “Storm seems to have passed.”

“Y-yea, if you don’t mind capn’, we can go and rest at my base same, if you want. It’s a little hidden but just head to the Seaside City and I’ll tell you where to go from there.”

When they finally departed, Ethan was seen smiling from the haul of the ship. The sea air greeting them with its gentle embrace, the sun peeking from the storm clouds as the wind began pushing them forward. They left from their joint crisis, going on with their lives in different directions, parting with the Base Owner, who Ethan still didn’t learn what his name was…still, Ethan gave a chuckle to what his ‘going away present’ was towards that very rude man- it was surely going to surprise him, something or should he say someone that will connect the three trainer’s for the rest of their lives of this fated day…a lovable and deadly, Budew.
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