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Name: Chiko

Age: 17

Appearance: Chiko's facial looks are slightly peculiar, his eyes are two different colours, with one being a mystifying purple that appears to shine in the dark and fade somewhat in the light whereas his other eye is red and looks like it is moving like lava down a hill, only an optical illusion but odd nonetheless. His hair is a dark purple and he has a large scar on his back which appears to be from a fire whip. Apart from that he is 171cm tall and weighs in at 55 KG. He wears a red bandanna on his head which has a fire gem engraved into it, somehow. His torso is covered by a purple T-shirt that he wears when it's warm out and a black sweater he wears over it when it's cold. His right arm bears a bracelet of sorts with an opal in the middle of it. Waist down he wears black pants, white socks and blue and white runners.

-Currently changing-

Personality: Chiko is quite nice yet very shy at the same time and finds it difficult to talk to people without hesitating. When he is upset he prefers the company of Pokémon as their gentle auras calm him down. Due to his shy nature, it's easy to anger him and get away with it as he's too scared to stand up for himself and will need others to do so.

When it comes to ideas, Chiko is full of brilliant ones and several outrageously silly ideas. He does not let this fact deter him from using his ideas, however, he will not contribute if he feels the discussion is meaningless or time-wasting.

When emotions are involved Chiko is always one to try and cheer up or calm down others by any means that he deems necessary, with his preferred method being to sit down and talk to them rationally even though he finds it hard to do so. Some of the ways he helps others can lead to him being quite upset and unresponsive due to how high his anxiety can reach, however, that will not keep him down for long as his resilience tends to shine through.

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