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Sableye Squid

Trainer Level 2
5 Wins, 7 Losses, 1 Draws
KO's 13 TP's 45.5
SP 5.25

30 KO's and 90 TP's for level 3

Slot 1: Sciz @ UPN
Slot 2: Kindindra @ UPN
Slot 3: Ebenezer @ SPP
Slot 4:

Spoiler: show

Elk - Male Elekid, lvl 2

Elk is, like, my Pikachu. Not because of it's typing (even though the typing DOES match with Pikapika), because he is the first ever to join mah squad. Like Gary's Eevee in Pokemon Yellow. Because of this, Elk is awesome. He might be a big muncher who likes food, but he has some serious volts behind his belly. Yah. We all love E to Tha K - Elk.

Special Training: Globe

Elk's roundness has given him the power to use Rollout. He also sports a 15% more powerful Rolling Kick. However, we live in a superficial world... Elk can't use Attract or Captivate anymore.

E-Psych - Male Kirlia, lvl 2

E-Psych is the offspring of a Gardevoir and a Gallade who really disliked each other. Rumours are that the two psychic pokeparents are... Well, we shouldn't put faith in rumours like that. Anyway, E-Psych was found in the Sibirian frozen woods. Since nothing than Swinubs lives over there, I got a bit confused. After a while, it appeared like E-Psych have been travelling around quite a bit. On his travel bag, he has stickers from Mallorca, Australia, Nigeria, Russia and Madagaskar, to name a few.

While hanging in Nigeria, he discovered the most strange voodoo-acts which the Nigerian voodoo people used. He managed to turn this all into a powerful move.

Special Attack: Nigerian Voodoo Blast (Psychic)

A purple, flashy beam of Psychic energy which deals the same damage and uses the same energy as a FC Hyper Beam. Same charging time too. Can be used three times per battle.

Hermione - Female Vulpix, lvl 2

This lil' fox is a big Hermione fan. She have tried to learn a lot of those spells from the books, but apparantly she didn't have the required power. She learned one thing, however, which is pretty close. She's very proud of it and gave it a very pompous name.

Special Attack - Eatorus Dreemus Omnomnomus (Psychic)

Hermione uses the energy of a Dream Eater to drain the same amount of energy a Dream Eater does, and to do same amount of damage Dream Eater does. Can only be used on sleeping 'mons. Can be used twice per battle.

Eclipse - Female Gligar, lvl 2

Eclipse has hanged around with me since about ten years ago, when I was really young and didn't know how to battle proberly. I also thought it was kinda lame that she couldn't evolve into some kickass killer-scorp. However, just recently it appeared that others of the same kind have started doing that, so me and Eclipse decided that maybe we should battle out a bit to make her look get the cool look.

Special Training: Haxphail

When Eclipse found out how other Gligars evolved into Gliscors, she made a plan - Let's be HaXx0rs! She bought an AR on eBay... However, the cheating device was old, and the only thing affected from the haxattempt was Eclipse's claws, which are now Gliscor-sized and Gliscor-looking. Every claw attack will inflict 1.3x the normal damage, and require 1.2x the normal energy.

Elixir - Male Duskull, lvl 2

Elixir is a party boy. The reason for this is that he noticed that neither Elixirs or Ethers are in the stores. Thus, he decided that everyone should be able to get a little bit of Elixir! Hahah!

Special Training: SingStar

Every party needs music, and thus, Elixir can use Sing.

Mr. No, Male Slowbro, level 2

Due to being snagged on by Bitey the Shellder against Joshua, Mr. No evolved too early.

Tarzan, female Croconaw, level 2

I aim to beat Torky the Torkoal with this one. Which I won't. But I will try.

CHAPTER 1 - The Swamp

Tarzan had been living in a jungle for almost SEVENTYNINE YEARS :O So, she might be old, but Totodile can get extremely old without losing their speed and power and stuff. Betcha didn't know woho! *sings system of a down songs*

Anyway. This very jungle had a giant swamp which was scary yet amusing. Scary since lots of scary monsters lived there (like lots of Feraligatr and, err, Caterpie) but amusing since Tarzan could splash around as she wanted. She didn't care about getting dirty, and sometimes she even happened to swallow some of the swampy mud. That wasn't very tasty, but she loved the swamp too much to care about swallowing mud every now and then. However, some of the mud didn't leave the, err, natural way, and is still in her body.

CHAPTER 2 - The Fighter

The king of the jungle, Ambipom, was a great king. He never made bad decisions and every jungle citizen really liked him. The yearly "Two Jungles, One Cup" tournament between this place and the other Jungle in town was really liked by both... jungles. Hm.

The rules were simple - Each of the two jungle leaders picked three fighters to fight with against the other jungle. Last Pokemon Standing wins. Ambipom's team had a long winning streak - mainly because of their fierce Scyther, Jaco Pastorious, who could club down anyone. However, this time around, Jaco had made an everlasting post in the TA so to say - he had left for more jazzy things. Ambipom's replacement for him was very unexpected by the whole jungle - Tarzan.

"Tarzan? Who the heck is that?" the junglemen and women asked. "Urh, never heard the name before" was the usual answer. However, a scary Caterpie happened to know something; "Isn't that the young, muddy croco who's always hanging out at the swamp?"

Well said, Caterpie. Tarzan, who had just reached the age of 16, was chosen to battle together with Ambipom and the big boyos.

[predictable conclusion]

And how she did it. Right after the starting bell rang, she rushed over to the opponents team and knocked them all out;

A speedy Dodrio was swiftly taken down by two powerful Slashes.

A furious Cacturne fell at once for a well-placed Ice Beam.

A sneaky Kecleon, hiding in a tree, was beat by a Crunch to the head. Sry Jeri

The only one left to take down now was the leader for the other Jungle, a BIG Hippowdon. Intimidating, it opened it's big mouth, ready to chomp down on the poor croc. And...

*enter Tarzan's head* Holy crap, that's one huge mouth. Needs a bit of toothbrushinhg though. *leave Tarzan's head*

That's one cocky newbie. Oh well, it ain't braggin' if you can't back it up, Tarzan may have thought, and unleashed a WICKED Hydro Pump right into the poor 'Powdon's gaping mouth. Ring the bell, ring the bell!

[/predictable conclusion]

After this demonstration of power, Tarzan got known and respected in the whole country. For the sake of fairness, she even got banned from the TJ;OC.

CHAPTER 3 - The Shock

The strong Tarzan, now in the respectable age of 33, had been chilling out in the jungle for 33 years. Obvious? Maybe. Anyway. She felt like "Maaaan, 33 years is a very long time. I've been here for way too long already. It's time to go somewhere else." And go somewhere else, she did. After a harsh trip trough a desert where she Water Gunned a whole lot of Sandshrew into oblivion, she finally arrived to her goal - the ocean. When she saw it, she was like "OH THIS IS THE BEST THING EVER THERE'S WATER EVERYWHERE AND NOT A JUNGLE TREE IN SIGHT" and she rushed into the ocean with amazing speed.

She splashed around, enjoying herself, for maybe... two seconds. And then. A strange yellow glow in the water. "Hm!", Tarzan thought, "What is that? Needs some exploring". She swimmed out to the yellow blob...


The Lanturn completely grilled poor Tarzan with a Thunderbolt. She had never been beaten before. And now OHKO'd!? Tarzan was ashamed and returned to the jungle, obsessed to find a way to beat the crap out of the electric basterds.

CHAPTER 4 - The Hippo

Upon her 50-years-anniversary, Tarzan had a huge party with all the jungle folks. Elixir the Duskull was the evening's main event, singing his amazing songs which made the party one of the best ever. E-Psych, the travelling Ralts, got the job as a bartender. He made some fine drinks.

Anyway. At around 22:30, Tarzan left the building and went out for a smoke. Aaand guess who showed up. Hippowdon. "Howdy", it said. "Well, howdy yourself", Tarzan replied, a bit suspicious though also rather dizzy from E-Psych's mixtures. "What brings you here, mate?" she continued.

The Hippo smiled with his big chompy mouth. "Just around to give you my best wishes and congratulations. I must say, in these 34 years, I have never recieved such a beatdown that you gave me."

Tarzan smiled a bit, still dizzy. The Hippo continued; "Have you ever lost a battle?"

Tarzan looked towards the hippo. What kind of question is that?

"Well... *hick* Only once. *burp* Against a friggin' electric... something." Tarzan had to sit down - What had that sneaky Ralts put in these drinks?

The Hippowdon glanced at her. "Electric, you say? Funny. I beat those guys without breaking a sweat." He looked around. "You know what, Tarzan - let me help you out. The next time you see one of those shocky things, you'll kick their butts." Tarzan, now feeling more dizzy than ever, tried to reply. "Oh... but... Cool... How?" but before she got an answer, she collapsed down on the jungle lawn. She caught a glimpse of white light from the hippo before fainting, however, but she thought it was because of the drinks.

CHAPTER 5 - The Mud

The party went on without anyone noticing this strange event and Tarzan wasn't found before the next morning. A healthy Manectric saw her sleeping in a bush, woke her up, and asked what she did there. Tarzan told her the story about the Hippo and the drinks.

The Manectric looked a bit "Eh?", and stated "you know, that Hippowdon left these areas like fifteen years ago. It was reported he was killed in a snowstorm too. You can't have met him."

Tarzan looked confused. "But..." before she could continue her sentence, she puked out a large ball of mud and sand on the electric dog-thingy, knocking him out immidiately. Tarzan was even more confused now. However, she realized this could be useful. But how did she get that ability?

Special Training: Spirit of Hippowdon

Due to the swampy baths and the Hippowdon incident, Tarzan can now use Mud Shot for 120% of the normal energy cost. Can be used three times per battle. However, she cannot use Headbutt (the pain in the head recalls pictures of the Lanturn) or Thrash anymore.

Jaco Pastorious, Male Scyther, Lvl 2

Jaco Pastorius is a Scyther who grew up in the same jungle as Tarzan the Totodile (however, back then he was only called Jacob or Jake). He won the Two Jungles; One Cup tournament many times with his buddy Ambipom, but one day he felt like "Argh, this jungle doesn't really sport the most fun things available - Wake up, walk around, take a swim, eat, walk around, siesta, dinner, party. Repeat. Argh."

And he went off. After a farewell to Ambipom, he took his stuff and started to search for new things. Fun things. But he didn't find any fun things. He searched for a whole twelve years but didn't find anything, and this made him really depressed. Together with a sad "Argh", he went into a club for a beer. He didn't even notice the sign that said "Weather Report - Live tonight" on the door. In he went.

And he was met by the most wonderful jazzy tunes ever heard. "Oh god", he thought, "this is what I should do with my life". After the show, he went backstage and had a chat with the bassist of the group. "Hola", Jake said, displaying his spanish knowledge. "You guys really put on quite the show tonight, no?" The bassist, who hadn't noticed the bug before just now, looked really scared. What on earth was this, a green big thing with friggin swords!? The bassplayer ran out of the room immidiately, screaming for his dear life.

Jake was sad. He just wanted to have a little chat. But now - the one person he loved didn't understand him. "Hm, he didn't even take his bass with him", Jacob noticed. "It wouldn't be that good if just rottened away here. I think I'll take it."

So, Jacob took the base guitar with him. Even though he realized that he wouldn't be able to play it without fingers, he kept it with him all the time. He looked up the name on Weather Reports base player - "Jaco Pastorious". The name was so similar to his own that it wasn't even funny, and he decided to call himself Jaco Pastorious too.

Jaco will always be a true jazz lover, and although he can enjoy other kinds of music too, he really dislikes rock. This hatred has even made him somewhat resistent to the awful noise.

However, problem was - Jazz + Insects didn't really do well together. Jaco hated this, and tried lots of ways to get rid of this lame Bug-crap he unfortunately had with him. Hanging out with birds didn't work (they ate him), hanging out in fire didn't work (it burned him), hanging out in cave didn't work (it just sucked).

Jaco was sad. Like real sad. He saw Fiery Dragonites, Buggy Electabuzzes, Fighty Rhyperiors, FIERY OCTILLERIES EVEN. At least almost. And he thought to himself, "Why? Why can't I not?"

And he fell asleep.

And he wake up with a strange sensation in his body - "I need to visit someone. But who?" He walked out of his, uh, home, and down the street. Suddenly he was attacked by a small bird! "ARGH", Jaco shouted, "DON'T PECK ON ME LIKE THAT", and swooshed the bird away with his lovely swordy thing. However, he noted that the Peck didn't hurt as much as it used to. Jaco had won the fight!

Special Training: No more bug

Jaco Pastorious is now considered a Flying type only, and not a Bug. This has made him able to use the moves Fly and Twister, and he can also fly as good as any bird without being tired, but he cannot use any bug moves except for X-Scissor. The guy has swords for hands damnit. Also U-Turn is now made of Flying Energy instead of Bug energy. He cannot evolve to a Scizor (without being re-siged, that is).

Zorro - Genderless Bronzor, lvl 2

Zorro loves Zorro. Especially his hat. He loves a lot of hats especially - The Lombre one is especially great.

Special training: Hats?

Zorro can now use Focus Blast, twice per battle.

Frodo Bagons - Male Bagon, lvl 2

He is the keeper of the ring. He sneaks around, never being more aggressive than necessary. He protects it from the dirty hands who wants it. He keeps the greasy bling-loving magpies away with his special move. He is the ring keeper.

Special attack - Thorehead of Funder (Electric)

Basically a Skull Bash (in terms of damage, charging time, energy usage etc) with Electric energy. Can be used twice per battle. His lack of aggression have made him unable to perform the move Trash.

Draggo, male Dragonair, lvl 3

Draggo used to hang out on this fancy island in the middle of the pacific. It had a lot of volcanos on it so he had to learn to avoid the lava in some way. He made this awesome dance-looking move which looked similar to a Dragon Dance but had not so similiar effects.

Signature Move: Draggo Dance

When using Draggo Dance, Draggo's dragon-type and fire-type moves gets boosted as if a Swords Dance/Nasty Plot were in use. This effect lasts for three rounds and energy use on those moves are raised appropriately. Energy usage for Draggo Dance is the same as for a Swords Dance and Nasty Plot. Draggo cannot use the standard Dragon Dance anymore.

Uh, male Clefable, lvl 3

So due to a whole lot of talk about Clefable, I decided to get one myself. It's pretty dumb and can't say Clefable, only Uh, and thus I named it Uh. It is also coloured in a baby blue sort of colour. Dunno why really. Either way it's dumbness have given him a pretty cool move.

Special attack: Stophalt (Normal/Psychic)

Uh uses some kind of Psychic wave, however instead of the general Psychic=IQ-theory, he uses his lack of IQ to create this wave. It has a colour of vomity green-yellow. It does not hurt the opponent but makes them Stophalt, in other words they can't move until the attack is released (5-10 seconds) or if they take damage higher than a Slash. However, the catch is that Uh can't move while the Stophalt is held. Yarh. It consumes the energy of a Psychic, half of it being Psy energy and half normal.

Ghostman, male Sableye, level 2

Ghostman have been hanging around in lake. Yeah. You may think that a lake does seem a bit unfitting for a ghostman, and it sure was. However, it wasn't only bad. This lake had lots of Gorebyss, Poliwag, Slowbro, Staryu and Starmie. And all this damn psymons used to toss Ghostman around all the time. Pretty cheap. Still, he learned something too.

Special Training: Mindtraining

Ghostman is now considered familiar with Psychic abilities, and can pick up things and so on. He is, however, not immune to mentally affecting Psychic moves. Damn waters broke his shield or something.

Steelman, genderless Metang, level 2

Steelman was hanging at this very lake, too. He didn't do a lot of tossing with Sableye, he was more interested in a nice Krabby-chick. This Krabby was a real master in the art of blowing bubbles. Beldum tried too, but he felt like he was missing something. Probably, a dude with five or so moves can't get new moves with ease, but Beldum was training really hard so it got into him somewhat anyway.

Special Training: Krabs

Steelman can, when it evolves to a Metang, use the moves Bubble and Bubblebeam twice per match. Kewl.

Fightman, Male Hitmonlee, lvl 2


Move Level Bonus from Elk to Ember or E-Psych
Get a Sableye
Think about submitting Ref App
Get an Aerodactyl called Manko, or some variation on it

Originally Posted by Dosuser
Metagro├č: Male Beldum
Metagro├č is a totally metal dude. One day, Kuno's voice boomed out, "YOUR STRUGGLE TOTALLY MAKES YOU METAL." This benediction fueled Metagro├č' determination to keep struggling to the very end. In his neverending struggle to fulfill his destiny, Metagro├č sought out Morg for enlightenment. Morg looked with respect upon Metagro├č' tireless struggle and permitted him to train alongside his Magikarp. Now, Metagro├č has learned not to be mastered by its struggle, but to be the master of its Struggle.

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