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Ethan had looked about ready to deck Lucas then and there, but he restrained himself, instead suggesting they set aside their differences, at least until they were safe, which Keith was relieved to hear. They all agreed to work together to get away from this doomed Secret Base.

As they descended the stairs and the subject of Jaws's evolution came up, Ethan explained that not only has the Garchomp become one of his strongest Pokémon, but he was even a father now, too. He also lost his habit of chewing on things, which Keith supposed was for the best- much as he kinda missed having an absent-minded Gible gnawing on his head, he supposed the notion of a Garchomp doing the same, while something of an amusing mental picture, might not be quite as harmless.

Once they were in the tunnel, Keith had the time to answer Ethan's earlier question, the one about all the Pokémon he'd traded to Keith. "Well, Chance is doing really good," Keith explained. "She evolved all the way to Blastoise and is stronger than ever. I'd show you how much she's grown, except she's back at my Secret Base. I get the feeling she might have a thing for my Feraligatr," he added with a slight grin. "And Stewie... well, he's a Shadow Ledian, you can imagine how he's doing," he sighed. "I'm just damn lucky I have that Pawniard of mine, she's a huge help with him. And you know, I think he's started to gain just the slightest bit of respect for me. He still won't obey me half the time, but he seems less reluctant to comply with my orders sometimes, so that's something, I suppose. And Batrach, that Pidove you traded me..." Keith gave a heavy sigh. "Well, she grew up magnificently, became a wonderful Unfezant. She actually helped me take first place in the Breeze Town Pokéringer competition, and together we defeated the reigning champion and his male Unfezant. It was beautiful- I thought we'd lost at one point, but Batrach, she pulled out of the dive, yoinked the ring right out of the male Unfezant's beak, evolved into Unfezant herself, and... y'know, when people say female Unfezant fly better than the males, they ain't kidding," Keith grinned proudly. "I just wish I could say I still had her... a couple of weeks ago, she wasn't doing so well. Nothing serious, medically speaking, she's fine now, but... turns out she wasn't happy being tied down to a Trainer. What she sought was the freedom to explore the world, change directions on a whim, things like that. That's why... she wanted me to release her," he sighed, fishing half of a Poké Ball out of his pocket. "Batrach's got the other half," he explained. "She wears it around her neck. Last I heard, she's doing well. Apparently, her travels have taken her as far as the Unova region." Keith paused for a moment before going into another subject that had been on his mind for the past few weeks.

"Y'know, Ethan," Keith added, "You... have a tendency of releasing Pokémon into the wild if nobody seems to want them right away, don't you? Well... I... Batrach admitted before I released her that had you released her as a Pidove like you were planning, she's sure a Glameow or something would've eaten her within a week. But now she's got the strength to fight off predators, the speed to escape from the predators too srong to fight, and the smarts to know the difference. She didn't have any of that when she first came to my team. Y'know, the Adoption Center is a much less depressing place in this day and age," he said. "The owner's Abomasnow, actually used to belong to me. His name is Jack, and ever since he voluntarily remained at the Adoption Center, he's made it his goal to maintain a happy atmosphere in there. And I've been in there once or twice since then, and I gotta say, he does a good job of it. Not to mention, there's always the possibility of new Trainers coming to Fizzytopia who might be interested... I dunno, just... maybe don't release them just because nobody shows interest immediately?" he suggested. "Give the Adoption Center a chance to find them good homes, y'know? I mean, I myself have adopted a number of Pokémon nobody would've expected to get adopted, so... well, you never know, y'know?"

It was around then that they had reached the end of the tunnel, after which Keith was the one to lead the way, right on board the Banette's Revenge. Ethan asked Keith where too (and made him smile by referring to him as "captain), whereas Lucas just told him to go anywhere but here. "Aye!" Keith nodded. He produced a pair of Poké Balls, calling his Weezing and Scrafty back out. He then proceeded to a surprisingly sturdy tent which had been set up on deck, and sent out his Weedle inside, who immediately started to consult the charts and maps. Then, while the Dusknoir and Scrafty set to work hauling in the anchor, Keith himself made his way to the helm, his Weezing by his side and his Meowth clinging to his shoulder. Once the anchor was up, and the motor was running, Keith turned her hard to port, and the Banette's Revenge was on the move!

Lucas had moved up to the bow, calling out for his Zubat, with no results, before returning to Keith and Ethan, asking if anything was new. Keith exchanged looks with his Dusknoir, whose Foresight attack was helping him out as the ship's lookout. Peeves shook his head, as did Keith. "Nay. Nothing new," Keith reported as he adjusted the ship's steering wheel as needed. "If the two of you want out of the rain, the door to me cabin's right down there," he added, pointing down- directly between the stairs which led up to the stern, there was indeed a door leading to the captain's cabin.

After a while, Lucas pointed out a pack of pursuers on their stern. Keith turned back to look. "Oh, son of a bilge Rattata," he muttered. "I'll be damned if that ain't the same school of Sharpedo from earlier!"

"Dis is bad!" Meowth exclaimed.

Lucas called out his Dusclops at this point, ordering it to use Shadow Punch on the Sharpedo. Getting the idea, Keith turned to his Dusknoir, only to see Peeves already floating his way, and with Hermione in his arms, no less. "I like how you think, Peeves!" Keith nodded his approval. "We've got a school of Sharpedo, on our stern and gaining! Peeves, Focus Blast! Hermione, Meowth, the both of you, use Swift!"

The Dusknoir formed a pale blue sphere of energy between his large hands before launching it at the school of Sharpedo. Meowth and the slightly larger-than-average Weedle simultaneously followed this up with a barrage of star-shaped rays of energy. Together with the efforts of Lucas's Dusclops (and whatever Ethan may have used to assist them), they were driving back the school of Sharpedo. Meanwhile, Lucas's Zubat returned, apparently having located someone named Pearl. Lucas withdrew the Zubat, as well as his Dusclops, before advising the others to hold onto something. Keith was skeptical about this, but grabbed a railing nonetheless. Peeves wrapped his ghostly tail around a railing and held Hermione safe in his arms; Meowth's grip on Keith's arm became tighter than ever, and he also grabbed ahold of Keith's Mega Hat; Bart was holding onto another railing as if for dear life.

And then came the massive walls rising up out of the sea. One off the bow, the other off the stern. The walls engulfed the ship, her captain rendered speechless by such a sight... well, by as much of said sight as he actually got to see, anyway, considering how dark it got very quickly. And then it happened- the reason Lucas told them to hold onto something. The ship lurched violently, she was practically thrown to the side and up. Keith swore loudly in Shuppet language as this happened., but thanks to his death grip on the railing, he was not thrown overboard.

At last, the violent movement subsided. Lucas asked the others if they had anything with Flash, before calling out his Dusclops and Magnemite, the latter of which was starting to make a lot of noise. Taking the hint, Keith turned to his Dusknoir, Meowth, and Weedle. "Meowth, Peeves, Hermione, you heard him. All of you, use Flash!"

Light shone brightly from the Dusknoir's single eye, from the Meowth's charm, and from the Weedle's head stinger. Along with the light emitting from the Dusclops and Magnemite (and whatever Ethan might contribute to this), their surroundings started to become a little more- HOLY MOTHER OF ARCEUS! That Magnemite, as its eye fell on the ship's still-running motor, made an unholy racket. Keith and Meowth slammed their hands (or paws as the case may be) over their ears, a woefully ineffective maneuver. The only thing that stopped the racket was the Magnemite itself, falling to the deck and stopping its Flash. Lucas asked Keith to shut off the engine, which Keith was happy to comply with. After this, they tried to get a feel for their surroundings... a curtain of needle-like objects on one side... and pink all around them? Where the... But before Keith could speculate too much on it, Lucas, now, grinning, announced exactly where they were.

"...We're in a Wailord," Meowth repeated in disbelief. "We's in... a Wailord. Wat even."

"...That's a new one on me," Keith remarked. "I mean, it beats the hell out of that damn storm... assuming Pearl doesn't swallow us," he added. Meowth looked nervous at this, but Keith didn't- he figured Lucas would be nervous if there was anything to be nervous about, but on the contrary, the Trainer seemed mildly amused by the fact that they were riding around inside of his Wailord, if anything.

There was nothing to do at that point but talk to each other, exchanging questions and so forth. One such question Lucas had for Keith was in regards to Peeves. More specifically, how he was able to become a Dusknoir.

"Well, you need something called a Reaper Cloth," Keith explained. "It's this dull purple scrap of fabric, not especially much to look at-"

"That's your opinion," the Dusknoir interjected.

"...but Duskull, Dusclops, and Dusknoir consider it to be beautiful," Keith continued, "so if you find one, Faust will probably show interest in it, so it'll be hard to mistake it. Anyway, what you need to do is trade your Dusclops while it's holding the Reaper Cloth, and you got a Dusknoir. In fact, lemme know if you ever get a Reaper Cloth, I'll be happy to help you evolve Faust," Keith added, preparing to give Lucas his Xtransceiver number.

Eventually, they came to an island, whereupon Pearl released the Trainers, Pokémon, and mercifully intact ship from her cavernous mouth. Lucas said his goodbyes in very few words. "Hey, lemme know if you need any help rebuilding that Secret Base," Keith offered. "My Pokémon and I would be happy to help. Wouldn't be the first time we've built a Secret Base, and we also built the Banette's Revenge there," he added, indicating the ship which had held up magnificently against the monstrous storm.

Once Lucas had Surfed off on the back of his Wailord, Keith turned to Ethan. "So, need a lift?" Keith asked, again gesturing to his ship. "Storm seems to have passed."

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