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Swadloon Round 10: Hidden In The Summer For A Million Years

As Max celebrates within his mind that he's finally out of that Sand Tomb he then realises that he's now inside of a Sandstorm which makes him simply rolls his eyes at the rude little Gabite who's namesake says he's an all-terrain-iumer no idea what the 'ium' bit is about but I'm more than sure that Mew knows entirely what it means, anyway I have this match to ref right about now. Don't I you two? Yes? I know. Stop Delaying? Fiiiinnneee.

So, Max is still being a little hitman-chan like always and as such he decides to be a cool Little Mac and start up his astronomical attack once more to show Terrainium just why he deserves to be the king of punching people in the face, or torso. Whichever works for the Hitmonchan who so rightfully deserves to punch in the side of the Gabite. He starts punching in sets of 25 which looks extremely painful but at the same time Max seems to recoil from each punch because of Rough Skin being a thing in ASB but not Sand Veil, so sand. Anyway, Max eventually lets up and allows Terrainium some time to lay an attack on him. He charges some Flying energy inside of his draconic mouth which looks ready to be fired and vortexed and whatever at any given point in time. Terrainium lets loose with a wind-funnel from his mouth which picks up some sand from the desert-floor and slams into Max while putting sand into his eyes.

This knocks Max down onto the floor, sand in his eyes and about to cry because of how extremely hot this desert-floor is. He gets straight back up with an amazing amount of vigor in his step and with everything put behind him, Max staggers forwards across the unstable ground, looking to snot the ungrateful Gabite upside the head when all of a sudden the area feels slightly warmer and something smells like it was roasting. Well, uh, Max kinda looks forwards and realises a massive kanji of fire is shooting straight towards him which hits him and causes him to lose all balance, unable to get out of the way due to sand being hard af to run on. He lands down once more as the sandstorm buffers him cruely once more as it did last round and the toxins in his system start to become more severe. A scream of frustration can be heard from Max who is looking to most definitely lay the smack down next round.


Max took a surprising amount of damage this round, shooting into the second third. Good for two.

Terrrainium took less damage, holding the current lead and hanging onto the first third of health by a thread. Good for two.
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