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Floor 4: Battleground: As the subject turned to Alex's Dusclops- more specifically, the fact that it was now a Dusclops and no longer the Duskull it had been last Keith had seen- Alex launched into an explanation. It had all started years back, when Alex had first caught his Aipom, and ended up having to rescue said Aipom from Team Rocket. Ever since then, Alex had been targeted by the organization, who had managed to catch up with him since then. Keith's mouth fell open as Alex explained how his Golem sacrificed herself to stop the Hydreigon they sicced on him. "...My condolences," Keith managed. True enough, he knew not how it would feel to have one of his own Pokémon perish like that on him... though that's not to say he didn't know heartache. Because oh my Arceus, did Keith Golbatson Masters know heartache, to the point where merely thinking about it made him want to get the Chespin doll out of his backpack and hold it close to him. That said, he wasn't the slightest bit inclined to mention this to Alex at the moment, for he was continuing on with his story.

The next part caught Keith's attention, for a different reason. Alex explained how his Duskull came to evolve, fighting Team Rocket in Alex's old Secret Base which had been rigged with explosives... but what caught his attention was the mention of a sizable boat his Lunatone had borrowed to transport their belongings. He recalled seeing the Banette's Revenge facing the opposite direction she usually faced one morning. It had thoroughly bewildered him. And this did occur after he had last seen Lapis in the Cable Club... Could that have been what happened? Keith was torn- on the one hand, the idea of his beloved boat being "borrowed" without his permission wasn't a fun idea to contemplate. But on the other hand, the notion that the Banette's Revenge played a key role in the fight against Team Rocket, that was much more fun to contemplate.

Once Alex had finished his story, Keith spoke up. "That boat your Lunatone borrowed... wouldn't happen to look like the one I rode here on, by any chance?"" Keith asked. "Because I kinda found her facing the wrong way one morning for no apparent reason..."

The elevator doors slid open, this time to allow a slightly singed Abomasnow into the room. It emptied a large sack onto the floor, which had been full of supplies and... a female Nidoran? There were also a pair of marble-like objects, both of which resonated with the Key Stone in Keith's Mega Hat- Mega Stones, the both of them, there was no question. And then there was the Premier Ball, which unleashed a Starly into the room. Alex didn't seem to know what to make of any of this, and indeed, nor did Keith. And then, ample distraction from the confusion came in the form of the Pokémon that flew out from behind the Abomasnow. A tiny creature with a three-pointed yellow head, giving it something of a star-shaped appearance. Three blue tags hung off of the head's points, and what appeared to be a closed eye was on its stomach. Keith's jaw dropped at the sight- it was the legendary Jirachi, now tilting its head as it eyed Keith.

Alex didn't seem nearly as surprised at the sudden appearance of the legendary Jirachi, introducing the Abomasnow as Mist, and the Jirachi as Halley. Floored by the fact that Alex actually owned Jirachi, Keith took out his Koffing-purple Pokédex.

"Jirachi, the Wish Pokémon," said Keith's Pokédex. "Jirachi is said to grant any wish written on the notes that are attached to its head. If it senses danger while it sleeps, Jirachi will fight its foe while it sleeps."

As Alex caught the Nidoran and listened to Halley's explanation for what had happened, Keith put his Pokédex away. He'd seen a fair few legendaries before, and yet it surprised him every time.

Alex then turned to Keith, embarrassed, explaining that this kind of chaotic activity was far from an everyday thing. "Believe me, I understand," Keith nodded. "I've had perfectly ordinary mornings go in unexpected directions, whether due to my own Pokémon's antics, or Team Rocket- I've had more than my fair share of run-ins with them myself- or other things happening."

After Lenny explained his coloration as best he could, and following the minor scene near the elevator, the Aipom suggested Lenny come with them to the back, where Harpe and Isaac were about to begin their training, suggested that he watch them. "Yeah, sure!" Lenny grinned, happily keeping up with the Aipom who probably would have dragged him back there out of eagerness anyway.

Meanwhile, Glasspine introduced himself as the gardener and expressed his happiness at meeting Hermione. Golestandt also expressed its pleasure at meeting Hermione... very loudly and in unnecessarily complicated words, but Hermione got the gist of it nonetheless. "Nice to meet you both as well," the slightly larger-than-average Weedle replied.

Glasspine explained that the Golett's loudness was something he couldn't help, before getting on the subject of evolution- apparently, neither of them were especially far off from evolving. Golestandt then spoke up again, this time to, again in more words than was strictly necessary, ask about the color of Hermione's tail stinger, while also saying that in return it'd be glad to explain anything about the Sundered Blade Hermione might want to know. "Oh, this?" Hermione said, glancing at her pitch-black tail stinger. "Well, I take notes on many things by dipping that stinger in ink and using it like a pen. Over time, the ink stopped washing off of the stinger, and it's more or less stuck this color. It doesn't make the stinger any less useful, though, thankfully." At the notion of learning more about this place, however, Hermione's eyes lit up. "I'll be right back," she said to the Ground-types. Hastily she crawled over to Keith and looked up at him. Keith, getting the hint, dug a notebook and an ink bottle out of his backpack and handed them to the Weedle, who dragged them back over to the Ground-types by using String Shot.

"Now, then..." Hermione said, as she used her tail stinger to flip through pages upon pages of notes on all manner of subjects, from Everstones to the culinary properties of Torkoal smoke and everything in between. Once she reached a blank page, she used her tail stinger to pry the lid off the ink bottle before dipping said stinger in ink and positioning it above the blank page. "Please, tell me everything you can. Was this spire really created by the combined attacks of super-ancient legendary Pokémon? And... You've been here for its entire existence, correct? I... anything you can tell me, I'd love to learn more about this place and its history," Hermione said, her eagerness to learn highly evident.

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