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Floor 4: Battleground.

Alex couldn't help but give a small smirk as Keith's jaw dropped at the stockpile of supplies he possessed, and as he rattled off his team, Keith stopped him as he reached Lapis and inquired on her evolution.

"I should probably mention that one. See, a few years ago, before I had half these guys, we were at Cortoza, on an adventure. To make a long story short, I met and captured Harpe there, who was then kidnapped by some...unsavoury individuals. We hunted them down, knocked down their leader and hightailed it out of there as the place exploded. Turns out the big leader guy was part of a branch of Team Rocket operating in Fizzytopia, and they've been hunting me down ever since, with...with some degree of success..." he wistfully sighed, pointing to a necklace he wore with a prominent rocky object in the middle. "One of their elites found us, sicced a Hydreigon of all things on Golem sacrificed herself to stop it. You've never felt heartache until you see one of your oldest teammates explode into pieces, and with no way they would have survived, not with those injuries..."

"I went into hiding for a couple of years, only really appearing once an old friend called for my help, and afterwards me and the team made plans to cover our tails and bring the chase down. The old base, we rigged it with explosives, while Nuhuko - who you'd remember as my Lunatone from that ill-fated tournament - borrowed this sizable boat from somewhere to transport our stuff. As he escaped under a cloak, Lapis got into a scuffle with one of their pokemon - a Tyranitar, I kid you not, these guys were serious - and evolved to Dusclops, while we escaped. So imagine how I feel looking in the paper reporting on an earthquake there and seeing nobody hurt. Part of the reason I bought this place, it's secure and sturdy."

On the subject of Cal and Napier, Alex nodded. "Yeah, I can see the similarities. Napier can't wait to evolve, if it means they can go hunting properly."

With Melittin hovering above the food, the next query came on Mist and Halley, and before he could respond to Keith, the elevator pinged, as the doors opened.


With a grumble, the Abomasnow lumbered into the room before dumping the sack of supplies, singed as the Zangoose slapped her face in embarrassment and Paine swiftly hurried over. As the sack landed, a wriggle from the top caused it to fall over, with a confused female Nidoran with a berry in her mouth tumbling out alongside two marbled stones and a Premier Ball, which popped open to reveal one Starly, the small bird stretching her wings.

"...uh..." the Abomasnow's trainer could only whisper before a small figure with a yellow crownlike head adorned with tags popped out from behind the Frosted Tree, blinking at the surroundings.

"Hiiiiii, Alex! We're baaaack!" it chimed cheerfully, before turning to the other trainer with the large hat, tilting his head.

"So, with regards to Mist and Halley, the former's the scorched Abomasnow there - who really should know better than to carry food past a Litleo den," he snarled at the sheepish ice type who scrabbled to detain the intrusive Nidoran who squeaked defiantly, "and that old friend I mentioned? They needed help with knocking some other crook down a peg, who was trying to use that Jirachi there as an instrument for domination. They failed, and I took the little guy in, though it didn't come very cheap, as said old 'friend' stole a good one and a half million coins from me."

"Anyways, could you explain these two to me, Halley?"

"Yep! Well, the birdy, she was hungry, so we fed her, then she pecked a ball! We told her no, but she caught herself, yep! Says her name's Falchion! The blue thing, I think she sneaked in while we were at the mart! We got that key you wanted, and that snow stone!" Turning to the subdued rabbit, Alex sighed as he casually lobbed a pokeball at it, resigned to another mouth to feed.

"Well, she has a bit of a debt to pay...but that snow stone, you mean the Abomasite? Hey, Frag, wha-"

"Tori. No caw-ment."

Shrugging as the ball pinged to signal capture, Alex turned to Keith, slightly red. "This sort of mess doesn't usually happen..." he groaned.


As the oddly coloured Sneasel explained her colour, the Cubone nodded.

"Hmm. Old Johto, I think. Gramps used to know."

"Gramps?" Harpe quizzed, to which the Cubone shrugged. "Hey, I know! How about..."

The Aipom's sentence was interrupted by the arrival of the elevator and the following scene, as the Cubone shook his head and the Aiom sweatdropped.

" I was about to say, how about we head through the back? Me and Isaac were about to start training, and maybe you could learn a trick or two watching?"

With that, the Aipom took Lenny's claw in eagerness and started for the nearby door to the main battleground, the Cubone sauntering behind.


With the approach of the Weedle, the two listened to her query before the mouse spoke up.

"Yeah, I'm the gardener in this place. Gol here's been around for years though, longer than even Nuhuko. Good to meetcha, Hermione."


"Golestandt's a bit on the loud side, but that's something he can't avoid. We're not actually too far off evolving, and I think Alex has been saving up candies for us." Glasspine chirped, tilting his head at the black stinger on the Weedle.


Suddenly, the elevator pinged as the events unfolded, the Sandshrew swiftly curling defensively while the Automaton stood, waiting for the Weedle's response.


With the situation in his favour, the Pyroar spat forth the flame in his mouth...only to find himself choking on smoke. Snarling, the lion glared at the Dusclops, who had disabled his Flamethrower shortly before the sensation of moving in the air led to surprise as he was launched by a psychic blast. Standing up, Lapis brushed herself off, the attacks surprising her more than wounding. Still, as the feline landed and sprang back up, it stared her down before baring teeth, rushing at the ghost who responded by holding her hands before her, psyching up herself and feeling physically stronger, before crying out as the beast crunched into her side, feeling that effective strike. Swinging a hand round to slap it away, the ghost stared down the pride leader, before trying to reason with it.

Her actions were met with the lion growling, as the sand beneath began to melt, a sure sign of a painful attack. Bracing, the Dusclops erected a protective dome, just as the Pyroar bellowed, an infernal burst of overheated fire slamming into the dome, the phantom struggling to keep the shell up as energy flowed through her.

W...well...only one..thing for it...sorry Alex...

With sand glassing before him, the exhausted Pyroar's attack subsided, the lion smirking at the carnage before him. The silly spook must have been vaporized! This grin faded the moment a large hand grabbed him, and as he looked up at the much larger figure of Death, the lion audibly gulped.


A loud CRUNCH could be heard as the fire type was slammed into the bubble, the improvised earthquake used to inflict direct seismic force. As she hopped back, the Royal Pokemon struggled to his feet, taking a fearful glance at the Dusknoir before her, before skedaddling back away from the Spire, Lapis dusting herself off before sighing.

"I miss having legs now."
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