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Swadloon Round 9: NFS Hot Pursuit

We now return to the land of the brave and the bold where Max is still stuck in a whirlpool of sand while I decide to play some jaws music in order to make the mood much better but it seems that none of that will matter because you people think that making all this pointless is funny which I have to agree, it kinda is funny if only because of Darude...

...Sandstorm, which is what our friendly neighbourhood Gabite decides to go for as he spins wildly as if he's a Garchomp hit from recoil inside of Pokken Tournament which, as Jeri can tell you, is an amazing game and we need more Pokken Tournament references in reffings and maybe the arenas as arenas. Food for thought. Anyway, this spinning makes Max get a hold of himself and momentarily think about covering himself in some Dark typed energy which would surely get him the heck out of there and hit Terrainium upside the head and because of this match starting before Pursuit's nerf, Max covers himself in a small amount of Dark energy and bursts on out of there almost like he used a Synergy Burst. He travels straight towards the spinning Gabite and smacks into him for a nice chunk of damage as well as to stop his spinning from happening.

Terrainium is obviously not very happy about how this proceeded and decides to pick it up a notch as he grunts and decides to build up some Dragon energy in order to show Max just how bad the breath is of a Gabite who never brushes and this is a move I'd love to see happen but... Max starts firing a barrage of lighting quick punches before Terrainium can even make his move. The punches happening so fast, stopping and then going once more give Terrainium no breathing space to attack and he ends up taking the full force of this attack which makes him look battered and bruised severely. Sadly for Terrainium, the interruptions in the sets makes the round time limit hit before he got a chance to attack, damn. Oh yeah, Max is kinda taking Toxic damage now.


Max took a light blow this round, gaining a health lead in fact. Toxic is now in action and he's good for two.

Terrainium took a nasty blow this round, dipping to about the middle of the first third. Good for two.

Sandstorm will be around for 5 rounds, have fun kiddies.
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