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“I hurt your Gastly?” The Base Owner grabbed Ethan by the collar, “He was the one who shouldn’t have broken in in the first place.”

It took everything Ethan had not to slug the guy in the face, but he knew if he had he’d lose any credibility he had left in Keith and 3 people had a better chance at getting out of this alive, than just 1.

“Let’s just put our differences aside, shall we? If you want to fight after we survive this then…okay, I’m all for it.” Ethan said trying to grab his collar back from the other man but it wasn’t until Keith had mentioned his boat that the other gentleman finally let go…

With everyone agreeing to work together the party descended from the base down the stairs.

“Wha- Jaws has evolved?” Keith remarked reminding the thief that Jaws was once in possession of the Poison Type specialist.

“Yea, Jaws is a mighty Garchomp now,” the young man commented, “He lost his habit of chewing on things but his loyalty to his friends and to me has remained, he has to be the strongest fighter I have in my arsenal. He’s even a dad now to an ungrateful, uncorporative Charmander…I remember trading my ole’ little Squirtle for Jaws, haven’t seen her since you lasted visited me at my ole’ base. How is she and those other rascals I’ve traded to you in the past doing?”

Once outside and as soon as he found out the location in which Keith’s ship was, Ethan took out his Dragonball and called out his Ground/Dragon Type to help them out.

“Gar!” the land shark creature grunted, having rain land on his dry skin, turning towards the ground and began tunneling a hole. With Ethan taking lead and the other two following closely behind, “Hope neither of you are claustrophobic!” The trainer tried cracking a joke, but soon realized it fell flat.

Their underground trip was short, with Garchomp stopping suddenly when his claws seemed to strike stone.


“If you can’t continue forward, then all that remains is up!”

Grunting in approve, Garchomp looked up before digging upwards. The sweet scent of the ocean air reached them first, as Jaws chipped away at the ground above before small rays of light began to show. Jaws grunted once more to give the all clear and one by one everyone began to climb out.

“Thanks Jaws, now, just leave everything else to us.”


“What- you don’t want to go back inside your Pokeball?”

The Garchomp shook his head, a worried expression sat on his face.

“It’s going to be okay, I promise. We must believe in what these other trainer’s can do.” Ethan patted his dragon’s head, “Besides, you know Keith, don’t you boy? We can trust him.”

With the assuring feeling that his old master was going to look after his new one, Jaws reluctantly returned back inside his Pokeball.

Careful to walk across the blank, Ethan was the last to board the Banette’s Revenge and as he did, he gleefully asked, “Where to captain?”
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