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Swadloon Round 8: Forgotten Title

With Mors taking himself down to stop Terrainium from wasting even more energy and to give him a gift, that being a debuff curse. Jeri returns this ghostly mo and sends out Max, the Hitmonchan.

Originally Posted by ASB Dex
Hitmonchan (Fighting): Hitmonchan practice extensively in the way of the fist. Their punch attacks do 1.2x damage, but their kick attacks deal only 0.8x damage. They have slightly higher physical defence than other Fighting-types.
[Fighting]: Fighting-type Pokémon train extensively, more than any other Pokémon type, giving them greater endurance and readiness than other Pokémon and allowing them to push themselves harder for longer. They are more accurate with their physical blows and more adept at blocking and countering physical attacks, able to do this against most physical assaults. Being physically powerful, they can lift much more than normal Pokémon, though this does not grant them an attack boost. They fight more enthusiastically in urban environments but are not adversely affected by more natural surroundings.
Max comes out with this fist a-blazing and a very enthusiastic smile as expected from a fighting type who is most likely used to every environment you could possibly think of. As a response to the air-punching from Max, Terrainium roars at the top of his lungs, telling Max that this is his terrain and to give up. Obviously, that's not gonna work.

Anyway, Max looks around his surroundings, taking in the sandy terrain and learning how to possibly master walking and running around the place. That doesn't exactly happen but Max does notice just how tranquil the surroundings are and he quickly realises just what he should do to combat his land shark opponent, that being that he should take the majorly disrespectful route. He charges one of his fist with a small chunk of Fighting energy and decides to dash or just run as well as possible because this ground is quite unstable. He makes it to about halfway to Terrainium before he becomes trapped in a whirlpool of sand, this tomb hampering any and all movement Max was intent on making.

Max's Fighting energy fades as his movement becomes extremely impossible, he tries to move about to exit but as aforementioned, he finds it too much of a struggle to escape and as such he decides against going for his Mega Punch despite how badly he wants to smash Terrainium out of his match-up in order to give Jeri Chee the upper-hand. But alas, Terrainium is the only one who gets the final laugh as he hucks up a glob of poisonous mass which goes through the vortex with nice timing and hits Max square in the face, soaking straight into his blood stream before he has any time to react to the toxins. He then just lets the vortex spin him around, unable to move from the sand trap.


Max used little energy and took little damage, trapped but good for two. *Toxic starting next round

Terrainium used a decent amount of damage and took no damage, good for two and half Poison left.
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