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Ok, third and best run so far, 623/721.

Kanto: 138/151. ...Wow. I wouldn't mind the surprisingly high score, but I should really have remembered the ones I forgot, I've had most of them in ASB at some point or another, and Cubone's a lynchpin.
Johto: 78/100. ...Mostly Bugs and Kanto lines. I apparently completely forgot the Chansey line existed.
Hoenn: 105/135. Never liked hoenn, unmemorable for me.
Sinnoh: 94/107. Well. Such a fail for me, forgetting the first region mons like this. Especially as I still have boxes full of Budew and Shellos, too.
Unova: 145/156. Wow. Can't say I remembered all of the ones I missed, but I recognized most of them other than the Tympole line. Which annoys me because Palpitoad was fucking everywhere in White.
Kalos: 65/72. So damn close... AND I forgot to put volcanion.
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