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I got 429. My goal was to remember more than half, so mission accomplished, but I'm disappointed in myself for missing some of the ones I did. After looking at what I missed I feel like I should have been in IT's range, maybe a bit lower. Here's the breakdown:

Gen 1: 121/151, ~80%
Really kicking myself for missing anything, but especially the Nido lines. Realistically, this is the only gen where I feel like I could have gotten everything.

Gen 2: 52/100, 52%
Disappointingly low. And as a UPN member I should be ashamed for missing Jumpluff and Wobbuffett lines

Gen 3: 87/135, ~64%
Ruby was my first game so I thought this would be my best. Guess I'm a genwunner after all.

Gen 4: 71/107, ~66%
Wait I did better in Gen 4 too? Definitely not expecting that. I guess I did start competitive battling in Gen 4 so that might have something to do with it.

Gen 5: 70/156, ~45%
I feel like I definitely still should have gotten a majority of Pokemon here so I'm a bit disappointed. Especially because I missed a bunch of favorites: Krookodile, Chandelure, Haxorus. This is also the first gen where I missed any of the legendaries.

Gen 6: 28/72, ~39%
Yikes. I should probably replay Y to refresh my memory.
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