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The discussion was heating up, between Meowth's defensive response, and Lucas's... reaction to Ethan's explanation. Thankfully, Keith's idea of using the Banette's Revenge to make their getaway from this doomed island went over rather well with both of the others. Lucas stated he had a second place they could go, which, while wet, was safer than here, something Keith wasn't inclined to argue with in the slightest. Right now he'd consider it safer to be doused in ketchup and thrown into a swarm of Scyther than to stay here. But it was what Ethan said that got Keith's attention. "Wha- Jaws has evolved?" Keith asked, vividly remembering his old friend, the good-hearted yet absent-minded Gible he'd once owned. As they started moving, Keith decided, with the winds being as strong as they were, to withdraw his Weezing, at least for the time being. Meowth, meanwhile, clutched Keith's arm tighter than ever before.

They descended the stairs, and once at the bottom, in spite of the raging winds, Lucas managed to ask Keith which way his boat was. In response Keith pointed off in the direction from which he had approached what used to be a Secret Base in the first place, and Ethan brought out Jaws. Even in the face of this horrible storm, Keith couldn't help but smile as he saw for himself just how much his old Gible had grown. He only wished he'd brought Chance with him, give Ethan a... well, a chance to see just how much his old Squirtle had grown, too. But even if he had, now was far from the time.

The tunnel was a tight squeeze, but they managed. Keith had never traversed a tunnel crafted by Dig before, at least not to his knowledge. He supposed his Scolipede might have been able to make a larger tunnel with Dig, but again, there was the minor problem that he didn't actually have his Scolipede on him.

Once they emerged from the hole, the sea was right nearby. Lucas asked Keith where his boat was, and whether he'd be able to get it to work. Keith nodded confidently- that boat of his had endured weather like this in the past, and come out of it in fine shape. He looked around, and in no time flat, he could see it through the pouring rain, along with the red glow of Peeves's single eye.

"Right there!" Keith shouted over the roaring wind. "There she is- the Banette's Revenge! This way!" He led the way towards the impressive vessel- were it not for its complete lack of masts and sails, it would look more or less exactly like an old sailing ship. Instead, she had a motor, and Keith knew for a fact that they were good on fuel- he made a point of checking and double-checking before every voyage, following the minor setback of her maiden voyage. "Peeves!" Keith shouted as they got close enough. "Set out the plank, we're coming aboard!"

The Dusknoir's faint "Aye aye!" could be just barely heard, but decidedly less faint was the sound of the Dusknoir setting down a large, sturdy wooden plank over the side of the boat, which the three of them could use as a ramp to climb aboard. Peeves watched them carefully, fully prepared to use Psychic if it proved necessary to keep them from falling off or getting blown away.

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