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(Once again, I rushed this a bit and I'll correct for tiny mistakes later. Sorry. We're nearing the end though. If either of you have some last pieces you feel the need to address or want to ask my character, let me know and I'll leave an opening for it in the next reply )


Lucas grit his teeth at the two trespassers. He blamed them for Kong’s rage and subsequent destruction of the base.

"Hey, we wasn't da ones wat dat drove yer Slaking crazy!" the Meowth defended himself.

“Why are you here anyway?” Lucas pointed at them angrily

The storm continued raging on. Knowing there was little time left, Keith let out a series of quick sentences to sum up their experience.

“Long story short, I was sailing with my Pokémon. Storm sprang up, swept us way off course, this island was the first land we came across. Saw your Secret Base, decided to try and take shelter until the storm blew over. Thought I heard you tell us the door was open, turned out to be Blackbeard.”


"Dat birdbrain ain't changed a bit," the Meowth muttered.

’Wait, the Meowth can talk?’ Lucas looked puzzled.

A thunder struck down once more. This time right outside the base’s new opening.

"Look, it doesn't matter,” Ethan yelled at him. “The base was already falling apart to begin with. Even if James hadn't arrived- it wasn't his intention to cause a scene but it's dealt with, so move on."

“Tischk,” Lucas squinted at Ethan. Even if he hadn’t known about Kong’s resentment to the Gastly-line, Lucas didn’t want to let up on his own he had for them.

Ethan continued his explanation.

"I was on a boat and now that boat is destroyed. Nothing special about why I came here except looking for a safe place to stay. Which...Doesn't seem like much of any option anymore. I get why you're angry, and while I can choose some colorful words myself for the way your Pokémon went on to hurt my beloved Gastly, I won't."

“I hurt your Gastly?!” Lucas erupted. He practically jumped on Ethan and grabbed him by the collar, all sense of rationality leaving him. “He was the one who shouldn’t have broken in in the first place.”

Keith mentioned his boat by the shore; The Banette’s Revenge. "My Dusknoir's on board right now, keeping her safe. Unless either of you have another idea, I'm thinking that boat of mine is our best bet for getting out of this storm with our lives,"

Lucas hesitantly let go of Ethan. “Fine. I have a second place we can go to. It’ll be wet but safer than where we are now. We’ll need your boat though to get there.”

"We need a way to get to shore without getting blown away or separated ," Ethan said while plucking a Pokéball from his belt. “My Garchomp Jaws can Dig us a tunnel, it's probably the safest way out of here."

“Humph.” Lucas didn’t say much.

The trio descended the stairs one by one, Lucas leading the way. The Toxic Spikes had mostly disappeared after Keith climbed them. The few that remained had dissipated over time or been blown away by the storm and upstairs battle. Following Lucas were the other two trainers and the Pokémon they had decided to let out.

Once downstairs, the storm’s winds hit them like a wall. Leaves and debris were blowing past them, pricking their eyes and making the view of the shore near impossible. Scattered around them lay parts of what used to be Lucas’ kitchen. Shards of the sink or components of the fridge cratered the earth.

“Which way is your boat,” Lucas turned to Keith.

Ethan got out his Garchomp to start on the tunnel. Not a bad idea. The chance of getting lost or even blown away was too big by crossing the field.

The Garchomp started slicing the soil in a rapid fashion. Were he a larger Pokémon like an Onix, he could have left a traversable tunnel. The sand shark Pokémon were more adapt at travelling through the ground rather than tunnelling. Still, it wasn’t impossible. It would just take a bit longer.

The tunnel was tight and the group had to bend down. At times they even had to crawl but they managed. Lucas thought to his own Gible and how he wished he could have helped. He was still childish and barely able to claw through clay on his own, despite being part of the same evolution line as the Garchomp ahead of him. Lucas stubbed his fingers on a sharp rock.

“Crap,” he lifted his hand. The sharp edge had drawn blood. The rock had a weird design though. Lucas picked at it, removing some of the dirt around it and picking it up. The stone shone brilliantly with various colours of the night clouds and moon etched into its sides. The whole rock gleamed a lunar brilliance. The stone shard broke and crumbled into tiny pieces that slipped through his fingers. This gave Lucas an idea. He knew what he was going to do next if he managed to get to safety.

The group made good time. The Garchomp erupted out of the sand, leaving a gaping hole by the shore. The Banette’s Revenge was nearby they hoped. One by one they climbed out.

“So?” Lucas asked, “where’s this boat of yours? Can you get it to work?”

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