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Swadloon Round 7: How do I make this interesting?

Well, there's really no way to make this interesting but I'll try anyway.

Mew returns his fallen Dragonair to her ball, allowing her to rest up in preparation for her next battle and/or training. Y'know, whatever Mew wants Saphira to do next. So, in her place, Mew sends out another NFE Dragon with this one being a male Gabite named Terrainium and that is honestly a rather odd name but I'm probably missing something.

Originally Posted by ASB Dex
Gabite (Dragon/Ground): Gabite are very quick when digging near the surface of the ground and will deal slightly more damage with Dig. They can see in the dark. Any Pokémon that strikes Gabite with a physical attack will suffer 25% recoil damage from their rough skin, unless their bodies are particularly hard. Their biting attacks are more effective, dealing 1.1x more damage than usual. They are able to disguise themselves well in sandstorms and sandy arenas.
[Dragon]: Dragon-types tend to be strong swimmers and fliers, though they are not always as agile as other Pokémon. They fight more enthusiastically in warm climates but are less enthusiastic in colder ones. They radiate warmth from their core, and are slightly more resistant to chilling effects than other Pokemon. They are naturally very powerful Pokemon and their Dragon type attacks will have a stronger knockback than normal, but will deal no extra damage because of this.
[Ground]: Ground-type Pokémon are considered to be immune to electricity while standing on the ground. If a Ground Pokémon is in the air, they take 0.75x the usual damage from Electric-type attacks, and will take neutral damage from Electric when wet. Ground types do not suffer from recoil damage when using Electric attacks in the water. Ground-type Pokémon are more adept at manipulating outdoor and 'natural' environments than other Pokémon and will spend less energy using Dig, Earthquake etc. This allows them to use Ground attacks on any surface, with the exception of Dig. They can also cause the ground to shake more vigorously when using Earthquake and Bulldoze.
With a thud, Terrainium enters the field with a roar in order to demonstrate his dominance or something of the sorts. Anyway, Terrainium decides to channel his inner Saphira as he charges some vortexy Dragon energy in his mouth and fires it at Mors, hoping for it to knock him out and...
Spoiler: show
It doesn't quite do the job, and with that being the case Mors starts chuckling as RNG rolls in his favor. He starts to mumble some mumbo jumbo and all of a sudden starts to fall over, passing something to Terrainium. This curse goes inside of Terrainium and makes him feel a bit weaker. Maybe not every memento is a good one but this does mean that Mors is now down.

Mors is down! Next Pokemon and orders from Jeri please.


Terrainium used a small amount of energy and is now affected by memento. Good for two.
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