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The strength and power Monferno displayed was beyond recognition to the curious chimp Aiden was merely a few minutes ago.

Every time Slaking was too distracted Aiden would jump in landing a devastating martial arts blow. Flexing his muscles, he would be able to strengthen his kick, striking the bigger Ape like if it was nothing more than a harmless punching bag! Finishing the job with Keith's newly evolved Scrafty.

The battle ended when the Slaking fell over unconscious to the floor, the trainer couldn't help but cheer, "You go Aiden!" with his Togepi in it's trainer's arm trilling happily too...not really understanding what they were cheering for but that didn't bother her, "Togepriiiii~!"

A few floor boards began to snap, upon impact of the gorilla's heavy weight as Ethan scrabbled backwards to find his footing, with his Monferno leaping across patches of the floor that remained, trying get to where his trainer was to be by his side.

Ethan however was a bit too slow, "Ahh!" and started to fall to the dark pit in the ground, before his Monferno grabbed him by his backpack which clung to the young thief's back. Just before they all tumbled over, Togepi used her Telekinesis right away once she realized it was now or never, lifting them up into the air and moving the three of them to a more stable part of the base.

Monferno leapt into his trainer's arms, it wasn't until now that Ethan could see just how much his Pokémon had grown...but when his Pokémon hugged shouting and pointed to the scene that had just unfolded, as if saying D-did you see what I did! D-did you see what I could do! Ethan could see his Monferno hadn't changed much at all...

Giving Aiden a warm hug and congratulating him on a job well done, Ethan retrieved his Energetic Chimp and his Spiky Eggshell Pokémon back inside their Pokéballs, with much heartfelt thanks.

After the commotion had died down, despite the threat of the Slaking destroying the base. The storm that had caused Ethan to find refugee in the first place, was increasingly turning their safe heaven into a cause for alarm.

The owner yelled back at him and Keith for why they were even there to begin with, blaming them for the way things had turned out and Meowth had finally gotten on Ethan's last nerve. "Look, it doesn't matter. The base was already falling apart to begin with. Even if James hadn't arrived- it wasn't his intention to cause a scene but it's dealt with, so move on." Dropping the argument all together, finding it pointless to keep fighting.

Looking back at the base owner, Ethan said "I was on a boat and now that boat is destroyed. Nothing special about why I came here except looking for a safe place to stay. Which..." He chuckled kinda tired of all the cheap shots everyone was throwing to each other, "Doesn't seem like much of any option anymore." He sighed, "I get why you're angry, and while I can choose some colorful words myself for the way your Pokémon went on to hurt my beloved Gastly, I won't."

Keith soon broke the tension, expressing his ship being their best bet to get off the island, Ethan didn't see a point in disagreeing, though in a storm who knows if running out in an open field would be such a great idea. From where he was standing the rain was pouring so hard it made it difficult to see anything but rain.

Suddenly Ethan got a brilliant idea- or an idea that would surely kill them all. "We need a way to get to shore without getting blown away or separated ," he said grabbing a Pokéball from his jacket, "My Garchomp Jaws can Dig us a tunnel, it's probably the safest way out of here."

OoC: 6 Pokémon declared: Monferno, Jolteon, Jellicent, Gastly, Togepi and Garchomp.
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