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Losses(DQ): 11(3)
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Knockouts: 12
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Service Points: 16.5
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Referee Grade: C-

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European Championships Sweepstakes [+3.5SP]
ASBO Awards 2016 - Best Newbie [+5SP]

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Mystic Water (3 SP) - This Token increases the power of Water type moves by 10%. It causes the move Fling to deal Water type damage if it is thrown.
--Attached to Oolong the Staryu--
Beedrillite (TL2 Mega Stone) - This item allows Beedrill to Mega Evolve into Mega Beedrill when held during battle.

Spoiler: show


Ivan the Irritable the Male Golbat
Hidden Power: Fighting
Bio: Ivan the Irritable, through his supernatural powers of feeding off of the energy of others, has been alive for quite a long time. He and his clan of vampire-bat Pokemon infest the cellar of an old mansion in Lavender Town, raining bloody terror down on any unfortunate soul unlucky enough to stumble upon them. In the dark of night, nothing can save you from Ivan's wrath...except maybe garlic?
Signature Training: Mark of Helsing
Ivan the Irritable's sharp fangs are adept weapons. Any biting attacks used by Ivan the Irritable have their damage increased by 10%. Energy required for biting moves is increased by 5%.

Cressida the Female Weavile
Hidden Power: Grass
Bio: Cressida was raised by a clan of Sneasel and Weavile that would regularly hunt prey many times their size. The clan needed a reliable way to neutralize such large game, and Cressida retained the technique used by her family for use in battle.
Signature Attack: Ice Dart (IC)
Using solid energy, Cressida fires a razor-sharp ice shard the size of a toothpick at her opponent at high speed. The shard itself does moderate damage, but contains an icy liquid that enters the opponent's bloodstream and causes sleep at the end of the round during which it was used. The accuracy of Ice Dart depends on the size and movement of the opponent: foes who are larger than Cressida or are incapacitated are almost guaranteed to be hit, while smaller or nimbler foes could potentially dodge it without too much effort unless they are caught off guard. Cressida can use Ice Dart twice per battle.


Nimrod the Male Nidoran
Hidden Power: Psychic
Bio: This feisty Nidoran hails from the Fuchsia City Safari Zone, where he had a particular hankering for being as disruptive as possible during guest tours. Puncturing the tires of jeeps, tackling visiting Trainers, escaping its designated get the idea. Fed up with his antics, the Zone staff had him scheduled to be transferred to a different region. I happened to be visiting a friend in Fuschia City at the time, and offered to become his Trainer. Needless to say, with his superiority complex, he’s quite the handful. His fierce determination serves him well in the heat of battle, however, where a moment’s hesitation can mean sordid defeat.
Signature Attack: Call of the Mighty Hunter (FT)
Nimrod's pride and determination are that of a true king of the jungle. Channeling significant energy, Nimrod bellows as loud as his lungs allow. The cone of sound (shaped similarly to Round) is laced with Fighting-type energy waves, dealing significant damage and can knock over foes within a reasonable size and weight range, scaling reasonably with Nimrod's evolutionary level. Nimrod has enough Fighting energy to use The Mighty Hunter twice per battle. Nimrod loses access to Flatter, Iron Tail, and Thunder.

Kiley the Female Elekid
Hidden Power: Grass
Bio: Kiley spent her formative years living in an area of Deep Amp Plains that was constantly besieged by a neighboring band of scavenger Gabites. To fend them off, Kiley used the only two attacks she had that could do lasting damage to them: Ice Punch and Dual Chop. With all the years she spent using these two attacks, she became much more adept at harnessing Ice and Dragon type energy, and has picked up a few new techniques to make use of it.
Signature Training: Dragonslayer
Due to her regular usage of Ice Punch and Dual Chop, Kiley's experience with using Ice and Dragon type energy has allowed her to learn to use Ice Beam and Dragon Pulse. Given the accquired nature of these attacks, they do considerable damage for considerable energy, instead of significant. Her species' normal amount of Ice and Dragon off-type energy is increased to the amount where Kiley has enough energy for her to use her new attacks twice each. Kiley loses access to Fire Punch and Electroweb. As an Electabuzz, Kiley will not learn Psychic.

Tyril the Female Cubone
Hidden Power: Ghost
Bio: In my adventures, I've come across many an unsavory character. I met Tyril in search of one such ne’er-do-well, a vagrant who ran an illegal gemstone mining operation in Moss Cave, where Tyril lived, disrupting her and the rest of the Pokemon living there. With her knowledge of the caves, she and I destroyed the vagrant’s equipment and apprehended him. Impressed, I offered her a spot on my team, which she graciously accepted. She's been a ruthless ally ever since.
Signature Attack: Cave Moss (GR)
Tyril has gained enough Grass-type energy from growing up in Moss Cave to utilise it in battle. Conjuring up globs of thick, grassy moss, Tyril fires them at her opponent in a similar manner to Mud Shot, dealing solid damage for solid energy. Moss has a high chance of sticking to the opponent upon a hit, which will slow them down until it is forcibly removed or destroyed somehow. If the target has no resistance to Grass-type energy, the moss will drain mild energy at the end of each round in which it remains attached, similar to Leech Seed’s effect but without transferring the energy to Tyril. Tyril has enough Grass energy to use this attack two times per battle.

Wickerman the Male Beedrill
Hidden Power: Ground
Bio: Wickerman takes glee in stinging his opponents as many times as he can get away with. He's annoyed when those he stings try to take revenge against him, though. So he decided to develop a special type of sting to make that a little harder.
Signature Move: Muscle Toxin
Using solid Bug energy, Wickerman quickly and lightly stings his opponent via his abdominal stinger. The sting itself is so light that it is imperceptible and does no damage, but it releases a toxin into the opponent that momentarily weakens their muscles, reducing their offensive stats by one stage and making them somewhat sluggish for a round or so. Wickerman can use Muscle Toxin twice per battle.

Lapsang the Male Combusken
Hidden Power: Psychic
Bio: Lapsang is named after his favorite type of tea: lapsang souchong, an intensely smoked black tea from China. The taste has been compared to that of bacon, whiskey, and actual fire. Lapsang loves his tea, as a result, he spent his training fashioning a move inspired by his beverage of choice.
Signature Attack: 立山小種 (GR)
Using considerable Grass energy, Lapsang creates a handful of leaf-shaped energy constructs infused with smoke, and shoots them at an opponent for decent damage. The leaves are boiling hot, and have a 30% chance of causing a burn at the point of contact. Lapsang has the Grass energy to use this move twice.

Rooibos the Male Snubbull
Hidden Power: Fighting
Bio: Rooibos used to belong to a rich family, renowned for their breeding of contest Pokemon. Unfortunately, Rooibos' favorite pastime of rolling around in the mud did not go over well with his owners. Luckily, now that Rooibos is training for battle, he has more time to get muddy.
Signature Training: Mud Dog
Rooibos likes mud. Rooibos learns Mud Bomb and Muddy Water.

Agave the Male Teddiursa
Hidden Power: Electric
Bio: Agave, like any self-respecting bear, loves honey. Being a creature of generosity, Agave always wants to share his honey with others. Usually, though, his friends don't appreciate having honey thrown at them. So he started throwing honey at his enemies instead.
Signature Attack: Honey Bomb (XX)
Using considerable energy, Agave gathers typeless energy into a sphere between his paws before firing it at top speed. Upon hitting an opponent or a surface, the sphere turns into a solid ball of honey and explodes, dealing good damage. Globs of honey will spew from the exploded sphere; these globs will weigh down and otherwise hinder an opponent until it is washed off or otherwise eliminated. If the bomb hits a wall or the floor, that surface is made sticky, and will hinder the movements of any Pokemon maneuvering through it. Any honey created via this attack will fade automatically after three rounds. Agave can use Honey Bomb up to three times per battle.

Oolong the Genderless Staryu
Hidden Power: Poison
Bio: Oolong was always entranced by meteor showers lighting up the sky at night. Obviously, Oolong isn't a meteorite, but it still wanted to craft its own attack maneuver inspired by falling stars.
Signature Attack: Shooting Star (PS)
Oolong strikes its opponents with the grace and power of a shooting star. Imbuing itself with major Psychic energy, Oolong levitates above its opponent before releasing that energy to slam onto their foe at high speed, doing major damage. Given the amount of force necessary for attaining such a high speed, this attack will leave a crater of variable size in the arena, or cause otherwise destructive arena damage (knocking opponents into a lower floor of a building or burying a foe in sand, for example.) Oolong can use Shooting Star up to twice per battle.


Polyp the Male Corsola
Hidden Power: Fire
Bio: Polyp was bred by a marine biologist who carried out experiments on kelp, seaweed, and other aquatic plant life. Needing a specialized assistant, the biologist bred Polyp so that his physical makeup was closer to leafier sea plants as opposed to coral. Due to his kelpiness, Polyp was able to comb the sea floor for samples with ease. Much science was accomplished as a result. So. Much. Science.
Signature Training: The Anemone Within
Polyp is now a Water/Grass type, with associated changes in weakness and resistance save for a retained weakness to Ground and a neutrality to Steel. Polyp has learned how to use Horn Leech, Giga Drain, Leech Seed, and Energy Ball. Polyp retains familiarity with the Rock type, but loses all of his Rock-type moves save for Rock Tomb and Stone Edge. Polyp has also forgotten how to use Blizzard, Explosion, Self-Destruct, Light Screen, and Reflect.

Blasto the Female Remoraid
Hidden Power: Rock
Bio: Blasto has so much love to give. Whenever she meets someone new, she plants a big ol' kiss right on their mug. But Blasto knows she has more love to offer to the world, so she's made her kisses a bit more potent.
Signature Training: Fish Lips
Blasto has learned how to use Draining Kiss, and has the standard amount of Fairy offtype energy with which to use it.

Larry Jr. the Male Onix
Hidden Power: Psychic
Bio: Larry Jr. prefers to coil around his prey to bind them, but is always upset when they wriggle away before he can chow down. He's tapped into his latent psychic energies in order to combat this.
Signature Training: Dreadsnake
Larry Jr. can use the sleep-inducing version of Hypnosis, and has the off-type to do so up to twice per battle, using solid instead of good energy to perform the maneuver.

Denata the Female Pinsir
Hidden Power: Psychic
Bio: As sharp as Denata's teeth are, she prefers not to have to deal with chewing through tough skin in order to get the gooier parts of her food. Thus, she's developed a nutcracker-like ability to crush opponents with her pincers.
Signature Training: Walnut Buster
Using the pincers atop her head, Denata can perform Crush Claw and Crush Grip, with each costing an extra light amount of energy. With this amount of crushing specialization, however, Denata cannot use Vice Grip.

Gaistaz the Female Spiritomb
Hidden Power: Fighting
Bio: Being the manifestation of over one hundred trapped, tormented souls, Gaistaz gets a little jealous when facing an unbound opponent. She'd much rather they were just as trapped as she. Also, Gaistaz really likes stupid puns.
Signature Training: Spirit Tomb (GH)
Using Good energy, Gaistaz traps her opponent within a prism of necrotic power. Similar to Rock Tomb, the prism can be broken through attacks, with strong special assaults and attacks that deal super effective damage to Ghost-types being more effective at destroying it, while running the risk of having the walls of the prism collapse on its occupant for added damage. Spirit Tomb will use slightly less energy in arenas abound with mystical or spiritual forces (the Graveyard, Mount Moon Clearing, etc.), and will use slightly more energy in industrial areas completely void of natural charm. Gaistaz can use Spirit Tomb twice per battle.

Plasmus the Male Grimer
Hidden Power: --
Bio: Otto von Furth was a simple, disgruntled miner before a cave-in trapped him in a cave system full of radium, causing untold changes to his physical being. Rushed to the hospital upon rescue, he was intercepted by a team of government scientists who experimented on his radioactive body, turning him into the mass of unstable protoplasm known only as Plasmus. He's also allergic to peanut butter.
Signature Training: Radium Poisoning (PO)
Using considerable energy, Plasmus issues a stream of radioactive gunk at a foe, doing no damage but causing the target to become irradiated. Irradiation causes the target to lose moderate energy per turn. This lost energy does not contribute to exhaustion. Irradiation can be healed/resisted by the same means that poisoning can, but does no damage and cannot stack with regular or toxic poisoning. Plasmus can use Radium Poisoning twice per match, but has lost his Grass offtype.

Trilby the Female Anorith
Hidden Power: --
Bio: Living close to the ocean all her life, Trilby always appreciated her species' Water-type familiarity. She's really let her love for water influence the way she battles; not to an extent where she would give up her Rock or Bug characteristics, but certainly to an extent where she feels less threatened by Water energy. Trilby also collects antique mason jars.
Signature Training: Aqueous
Trilby now receives neutral damage from Water-type attacks, at the cost of Electric-type attacks now doing super-effective damage.

Donner the Female Stantler
Hidden Power: --
Bio: Donner likes to adorn her horns with holly for a little bit of festive cheer. Even when no holly is readily available, Donner has learned how to manipulate Grass energy to achieve a similar effect. Donner firmly believes that no great opera has been written in the past one hundred years.
Signature Training: Boughs of Holly
Donner has the Grass-offtype to use Horn Leech twice per battle. Donner forgets how to use Shadow Ball, Charge Beam, and Signal Beam.

Solomon the Male Murkrow
Hidden Power: --
Bio: Solomon lives in the woods, and is notorious among its denizens for using his deceptive powers to lead travelers astray and cause general mischief. Extra creepy is when he mimics the voice of someone the traveler knows. Like, who does that? Solomon wants to learn to play the theremin but doesn't know where he'd even find one.
Signature Training: The Crow's Mouth
Solomon can mimic the voice of a target's trainer or the call of another Pokémon on the field, and is adept at throwing his voice. These skills can be used to distract and momentarily confuse foes at the cost of a move, being more effective if the foe cannot see Solomon at the time. This maneuver will only work once on a given opponent. Solomon loses access to Drill Peck, Ominous Wind, and Icy Wind.

Blackjack the Male Riolu
Hidden Power: --
Bio: Blackjack took a long trip to Egypt to find out more about his ancestry. He came back different. Less talkative. More serious. Occasionally smelling like a rotting mummy. Blackjack doesn't like to talk about it. Funnily enough, Blackjack is also really, really bad at playing cards.
Signature Training: Wrath of Anubis
Twice per match, when using an attack with a chance of causing a debilitating effect, Blackjack can expend an extra moderate amount of energy to add an extra 10% chance of said effect happening (i.e. a 10% chance becomes a 20% chance). Damage done is unchanged. This effect is ordered as "Wrathful [name of attack]", and cannot be used on Secret Power. Blackjack loses access to Power-Up Punch, Nasty Plot, Swords Dance, and his entire Ground-type movepool.

Ord the Male Dratini
Hidden Power: Steel
Bio: --
Signature Training: --

Prince the Male Tyrogue
Hidden Power: Psychic
Bio: --
Signature Training: --

Garth the Male Eevee
Hidden Power: --
Bio: --
Signature Training: --

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