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The Electric Masters Tournament! Part 1

It was a cold winter morning in the land of Fizzytopia. Spring was coming soon, and many people and Pokemon were starting to come back out and explore the world. One trainer being a certain aspiring Electric type specialist.

Though Jake had lived in Fizzytopia for roughly three years, the teen had never taken the time to fully explore what the region had to offer. That was, until today, when his Abra had given him the idea of checking out the nearby town of Rayo....

"Here we are, this is Rayo Town!" Jake declared,
After a long walk, Jake had successfully reached the bustling town of Rayo. Bright flashing lights covered the sides of buildings, and many people were scurrying on their way.

But Jake hadn't traveled their by himself! Right by his side, was his Eevee, Hazel.

"Isn't it awesome Hazel?" Jake asked the young Eevee as they started to walk through the busy streets.
Hazel quickly shook his head. He didn't like all the activity of the town, he preferred the peaceful walk they had getting here.
"Aww, cheer up Hazel, it's not that bad.." Jake said.

The Eevee let out a small sigh, before continuing to follow his trainer through the streets.

"Watch out, watch out, out of my way!" A voice suddenly pierced the air.
Jake turned to see a young man riding a Zebstrika at an alarming speed, and it was coming right at him! The teen didn't have time to react as the Pokemon rammed into him, sending both him and the trainer riding the Zebstrika flying onto the pavement.

Hazel seemed shocked at what had transpired, and quickly ran over to his trainer to see if he was ok. The Eevee grabbed his trainers jacket and started tugging on it, hoping for some response.

"I-I'm fine Hazel." Jake murmured as he got up and dusted himself off.
Though he had landed on the cold hard pavement, he didn't seem to leave with anything more then a small scrape.

Jake turned to the trainer who had been riding the Zebstrika. He looked panicked, and was already attempting to get back onto his Zebstrika.

"Hey, you should watch where you're going next time!" Jake barked.
"I'm sorry, I've got to make it on time!" The young man stammered before rushing off once again.

"I wonder what his problem was...." Jake murmured, glancing at Hazel.
Hazel didn't seem to interested in what his trainer had to say, instead eyeing a piece of paper where the man had been.

"Hmm? What are you looking at Hazel?" Jake asked, aware that the Eevee's attention wasn't with him.

The young trainer then noticed the paper that Hazel had found.
"What's this, some sort of flyer?" Jake questioned as he picked up the paper. It indeed appeared to be a flyer of some kind. It had a deep blue background with what appeared to be lightning bolts coming from all angles. In the center, a man and a Manectric. Above them, a boldly fonted message.
"Do you have what it takes to become the next Electric master?" Jake read the message aloud.

He then turned the flyer over, discovering more text.
"If you think you have what it takes, head to the one and only electric masters tournament in Rayo town! Check at the Pokemon center near the Rayo stadium for further details..." Jake finished reading.

Hazel's ears perked up upon hearing the news. A tournament in this very town? Maybe this was his chance to prove his skills. But at the same time...what if he ended up doing poorly? The young Eevee didn't think he could take that kind of heart break....

"I can't believe my luck, an electric type themed tournament is being hosted right here? What are the odds?" Jake muttered to himself as he glanced over the flyer once more.
"Well, I guess I know what we're doing today, ready to go check it out Hazel?"
The Eevee quickly nodded. This might be just what he needed! Besides, he was getting tired of walking around with no real destination in mind.
At the Rayo Stadium Pokemon Center
"What, you mean you can only use Electric type Pokemon in the tournament?" Jake asked.
"That's correct." The young lady at the counter confirmed.
"I should have known..why else would it be called the Electric masters tournament if you could use any type of Pokemon?" Jake thought to himself as he looked over at Hazel.

The Eevee seemed somewhat disheartened at the news. He had been hoping this was his time to shine...guess he'd get his chance another day.

"So, is there any other restriction on Pokemon besides Electric types only?" Jake asked the attendant.
"Absolute none." The women said, shaking her head.
"Are you sure? Is there a maximum at all?" Jake continued.
"As long as you register at least one legible Pokemon it's fine."
The young trainer's face lit up at this news. "Alright then, hold on second, I need to use the PC for a moment."
Jake then quickly ran over to the PC and started typing something.

A few minutes later, Jake returned to the counter, trying to carry a total of seventeen Pokeball's in his arms.
"I'd like to register these Pokemon for the tournament please" The young trainer said to the attendant as he slowly tried to put each ball onto the counter.
The women looked completely shocked. She had seen people register a fair few amount of Pokemon into the tournament, but seventeen?

Not knowing quite what to say, she simply started to register each of the Pokemon. Each ball had to be fit into a small tray on a machine. The machine would then scan each one, identifying everything about the Pokemon.
Each name of the particular species started to pop up on the computer screen. Galvantula, Emolga, Electrivire, Mareep... each name went through the system.

"Alright, everything is registered and ready to go. If you'd like, you can sit in the lounge and wait for the tournament to begin." The attendant said with a smile.

"Thank you!" Jake replied as he took back his Pokeballs and put them in his bag. The young trainer then started to walk over to the lounge. The lounge wasn't anything too special. Just two, comfy black sofa's and a nice hardwood table. On the table there were all sorts of informational material about the tournament.

Upon sitting down on one of the sofa's, Jake grabbed one of the information sheets off the table. In all his excitement, Jake realized that he didn't know a whole lot about the tournament. In fact, in his rush to register, the only thing he knew about the tournament was that it was only for Electric types.
Maybe it was best if he read up on it.

"Welcome to the 14th annual Electric Masters Tournament!" Jake read the title aloud. He didn't really need to, the only Pokemon with him was Hazel, who wouldn't be participating. Nonetheless, Jake continued to read the rest out.

"In this tournament, trainers will have to use only their Electric type Pokemon in order to compete. This year, there are thirty two local tournaments scattered throughout each region. Each local tournament will have thirty two competitors in a first come, first serve basis. The top four trainers in each of these tournaments are granted entry into the regional level of the tournament." Jake paused for a moment before continuing.

"This year, the regional tournament in Fizzytopia is set in Amperet City. Each regional tournament will have one hundred and twenty eight competitors. The top four from this tournament will be granted into the international tournament, held in Nimbasa City in the Unova region this year. The winner of the international tournament will be crowned the Electric type Master of the year and will be rewarded with a gold Pikachu trophy and $50,000." Jake finished.

"T-that sounds a lot bigger then what we were lead to believe" Hazel finally spoke up.
"It is, but this just means I have to try even harder to win! I'm going to win this tournament, then the regionals and the international! Electric Master of 2016, here I come!" Jake exclaimed, pumping his fist into the air

"I wouldn't be to sure" A voice came from beside him.
Jake looked over to see a young women on the couch besides him, with what appeared to be....notes?
"Ryan Williams is competing in the tournament, so most of us have already settled for getting second place at best." The women continued.

"And why is that? Who's Ryan Williams?" Jake asked, slightly confused.
"He's the winner of one of last years local tournaments, and the year before. In fact, he's won every local tournament he's been in since they first started." She explained.

"Surely that doesn't mean having to settle for second place? Someone has got to be able to beat him!" Jake insisted

The women shook her head. "Nobody has ever come close to doing it before. He's won every local tournament with only one Pokemon. Not even one person has been able to beat it."

"He's been winning with only one Pokemon?!" The young trainer exclaimed.

"Afraid so. So if you're aiming for first place, you can just forget about it now." The women stated before walking off.

Jake turned to Hazel, who seemed anxious now.
"Don't worry Hazel, I'll find a way to win this, I promise!" Jake said with a smile.
The Eevee lightened up slightly, but was still quite worried for his trainer.
"How about we get some training done before the tournament starts?" Jake suggested.
Hazel seemed to like the idea of that. The Eevee smiled before quickly running out the door.....
It had been almost an hour, but to Jake it had lasted maybe half as long.
In the midst of his training routine, Jake heard a voice call out to him.
"Excuse me? Do you happen to be Jake?"
Jake turned around to see one of the attendants for the event.
"Umm yep, that's me" The young trainer replied.

"Ok, then follow me, your match for the first round of the tournament is about to be begin." The man explained
Jake quickly withdrew all his Pokemon back into their Pokeballs before following the attendant.

Jake was led into a somewhat dark room, there was some small chairs, one's that you'd see in a clinic waiting room.
"Please take a seat while we set everything up." The man told Jake.
Jake took a seat on the far right seat and began to look around the room.
He was incredibly nervous. This was his first time at such a big event. and he didn't want to mess it up.

"Do you want me to explain the rules?" The attendant asked somewhat loudly, causing Jake to jump.

"Oh, umm yes please." Jake replied.
"The first round consists of a one on one battle. Each trainer can request the opening of the pool in the center of the arena if they show wish in any round. Also, you are not allowed to return your Pokemon at anytime during the tournament, doing so is considered a forfeit." The attendant explained.

"A one on one, huh? I've really got to think carefully on who I pick, one wrong move and I'm out." The young trainer thought to himself.

"Ok Jake, your match is ready to begin, please follow me." The man said before opening a door and walking outside into the arena.

As the door opened, a bright light filled the barren room, causing Jake to squint. Once outside, Jake could see a small battlefield, surrounded by bleachers in a circle. This seemed like an arena to watch and play sports more then anything.

On the opposite side, Jake could see who must have been his opponent. He looked to be no older then Jake. He had a blue baseball cap backwards on his head, with jet black hair sticking out from under it.

As Jake walked up to where he was supposed to be, he looked around at the small crowd. There must have been at least one hundred people watching!.

"Ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to our next match here at the Electric Masters Tournament!" An announcers gruff voice could be heard.

"On the left, we have Billy from Pewter City! And on the right we have Jake from Aspertia City!" The announcer continued.

"At the request of one of our trainers, for this match, the pool will be open in the center of the arena!"

Suddenly, Jake could feel the ground starting to shake. He watched as the middle of the arena started to transform. Two panels from the center started to pull back, revealing a large pool. The pool seemed to be quite deep, though Jake couldn't be to sure from his angle.

At the edge of the arena, a referee stood, waiting to start the battle.
"Alright, Billy you will be picking your Pokemon and making the first move, is that clear?" The ref asked.

"Fine by me" The trainer smirked before grabbing a Pokeball from his belt.
"Alright Stunfisk, you're up!" Billy shouted as he threw the ball into the air.

From the ball, the trap Pokemon materialized onto the battle field.

"It looks like Billy will be choosing Stunfisk for his Pokemon! What will his opponent choose?" The announcer asked.

"A Stunfisk huh? I can see why he wanted the pool. But Stunfisk are so unpredictable, they can swim, flop, some can even fly...." Jake thought to himself.

"It's a ground type, so most of my Pokemon won't be able to do much." Jake continued. Well, there was one, but Jake knew this was going to be a gamble. He knew if the Pokemon refused to battle, that he would have to forfeit. But if it did, Jake knew he could pull off a win.

Letting out a sigh, Jake decided to go for it. Grabbing a Pokeball from his belt, the young trainer tossed it into the air. From the ball, came a small Chinchou.
Upon seeing the crowd, Lucky quickly hid behind Jake's pant leg.

"It seems that Jake has chosen Chinchou, but what's the matter? Has Chinchou gotten cold feet?" The announcer spoke up once more.

"Hah! Your Pokemon don't even want to battle! How pathetic!" Billy yelled from his side of the arena.

"Look Lucky, I know you're scared, but I really need you to help me here." Jake pleaded to the Chinchou.

"N-no people are watching!" Lucky stammered
"Please Lucky? I promise I won't make you do this ever again! Please?"
Jake knew he looked like a fool at this point, begging for his own Pokemon to battle.
But Lucky looked into his trainers eyes, and seeing him like this..well he found bit of courage in himself.
The Chinchou gave a brief nod before walking into the arena.

"It looks like Chinchou is ready to battle, and with that ladies and gentlemen, let the battle...begin!"

"Alright Stunfisk, use Water Gun! Then follow it with a Mudshot!" Billy ordered.

"Lucky, you use Water Gun too! Then use Psybeam!" Jake commanded.

Stunfisk was the first to move, and began charging water energy before squirting it out in a jet. However, Lucky did the same and, at collision, the attacks petered out. They were evenly matched in power! However, without even flinching, Stunfisk prepared a huge glob of mud and spat it out towards Lucky! Unable to react in time, the Chinchou took a direct hit from the sticky mud, which started to cling to him. In retaliation, Lucky shot out a beam of all sorts of colours towards the trap Pokemon. However, Lucky was to slow, as the Stunfisk easily dodged the powerful beam.

"Though it looks as if the two Pokemon are evenly match, Stunfisk seems to have gained the upper hand thanks to a powerful Mudshot! Chinchou will certainly feel the effects of that sticky mud in the coming rounds!" The announcer exclaimed.

"Alright Lucky we can do this! Psybeam one more time! Then use Bubble!" Jake ordered.

"Stunfisk, Hidden Power! Then use Sludge Bomb! Billy shouted.

Even though Lucky had gotten his commands first, Stunfisk was the first to react. Three orbs of energy started to surround the Stunfisk. The orbs were glowing green like grass. The Stunfisk then shot the orbs towards Lucky!
Though the Chinchou tried to dodge, the fact that he wasn't really meant to move fast on land, and that he was weighed down by the mud still clinging to him meant that the attempt was in vain. Lucky screeched as the super effective attack sent intense pain through his body.

"No, Lucky!" Jake called out as the Chinchou fell back a few feet.
This was bad, Lucky had already taken a lot of damage, meanwhile Stunfisk was still fairly fresh.

But Lucky wasn't ready to give up! Quickly, the angler Pokemon charged up a power multi coloured beam before firing it right at the Stunfisk. This time, the beam managed to hit, making the Stunfisk reel back in pain.

The Stunfisk then started to charge up some poison energy, ready to send a barrage of sludge at the Chinchou. Lucky meanwhile started to charge up a bit of water energy before spraying a thick cloud of bubbles at the Stunfisk.

In response, the Stunfisk let lose his own attack, sending hard sludge flying towards Lucky. Both attacks managed to hit, causing both Pokemon to take quite a bit of damage. However, once the round was over, Jake could tell something was off. Lucky seemed to be in constant pain, even when no attacks were being used against it.
Lucky had been poisoned!

"And it seems Billy and Stunfisk are still in the lead! Though Chinchou managed to get off a few nasty hits, Stunfisk seems to be in a better condition overall! What's more, Chinchou seems to be poisoned! Can Jake and Chinchou turn this around?" The announcer spoke up once more.

"Alright Stunfisk, let's wrap this up! Hit them hard with Earth Power! Then show them your Mud Bomb attack!" Billy yelled at his Pokemon.

"Earth Power? That move would shake the entire arena! The pool water was surely going to spill everywhere" Jake thought to himself.
"Wait, the pool, that's it!"

"Lucky, jump into the pool! Then use Surf!" Jake commanded.

Stunfisk quickly started to channel ground energy throughout it's body. It then flew up slightly before slamming it's self into the ground, sending the energy through out the arena. The arena began to shake, and a huge amount of energy began erupting under Lucky's feet. The poor Chinchou was sent flying into the air by the power blast before smashing back into the ground. Barely able to stand at this point, Lucky tried with all his might to run for the pool.
Luckily, the Chinchou had time, as Stunfisk had to take a short break to recover from all his spent energy.

However, before Lucky had reached the pool, the trap Pokemon was already preparing his next attack. The Stunfisk charged up for a few seconds, before firing out a giant glob of mud.

But it was too late , as by the time the attack was about to hit Lucky, the Chinchou dove into the pool, narrowly missing the attack.

Lucky then began gathering the water around him before creating a decent sized wave. The tidal wave crashed right into the trap Pokemon, dealing a substantial amount of damage.

"This battle is coming down to the wire folks! Though Jake and Chinchou were far behind last round, they seem to be only just behind Billy and Stunfisk now! This next round could decide everything!

"Enough games, let's finish this, use Thunder! Billy ordered.

"You can do it Lucky! Let's use the rest of the pool water to good use with anotherSurf! Then use Waterfall!" Jake commanded.

This time, Lucky was the first one to act, using up a hefty amount of pool water, the Chinchou started to summon a tidal wave.

Stunfisk meanwhile, began charging a large amount of electric energy, preparing for an extremely powerful attack.

Lucky's attack was ready first, and the angler Pokemon rode the moderately sized tidal wave towards the trap Pokemon.

However, before the tidal wave could hit, Stunfisk let loose a powerful Thunder attack. The sheer might of the attack caused Lucky fall back into the mostly drained pool.

Billy laughed as the wave of water crashed helplessly before Stunfisk.
"Guess it's gameover for you, too bad!" Billy mocked Jake.

"It looks like things are over for Chinchou and Jake...what's this folks? Chinchou isn't down yet!" The announcer was shocked, as from the pool rose Lucky.

The Chinchou seemed to have not taken any damage from the Thunder attack, in fact it looked as if it had recovered health from it!

Quickly, using the rest of the water in the pool, the Chinchou created a pillar of water in which to climb. The Chinchou then quickly swam up the pillar before slamming into Stunfisk!

The attack was to much to bear for the trap Pokemon, as it quickly toppled over and fainted.

"Stunfisk is unable to battle, Jake and Chinchou win!" The referee exclaimed.
Cheering came from the crowd, some chanting Jake's name, others were cheering for Lucky!

"Would you look at that folks! In a surprising turn of events, Chinchou over came all odds and beat Stunfisk! Thus, moving Jake on to the second round!" The announcer exclaimed.

"B-wh-how?! That Thunder hit! I should have won!" Billy yelled.
"Billy, you underestimated your opponent" Jake explained.
"If you had been thinking more about the Pokemon you were facing, and less time worrying about using raw strength, you'd have realized that Chinchou can have the Volt Absorb ability." The young trainer continued.

"I don't want to hear it! I should have won that! I should have won!!" Billy yelled before storming off.

Jake then turned to his Chinchou.
"Thank you so much Lucky. I doubt I would have won without you." Jake said as he pat the angler Pokemon on the head.
Lucky gave a brief nod before eyeing his Pokeball on Jake's belt.
Noticing this, Jake took the ball off before lightly tapping the Chinchou on the head, sucking him back inside.
"You were awesome out there, now take as long of a rest as you need." Jake said before attaching it back to his belt.

"Congratulations on your victory!" The attendant he had previously been with said with a smile.

"Thanks, truth be told, I didn't think I was going to win for a second" Jake confessed.

"Now, if you'll come with me, I'll show you the way out." The man said before slowly walking towards the two crimson red doors they had exited from previously.

Jake followed the man as they made their way through the halls and into the barren waiting room.

"Well, that was quite the performance you put on there. Keep it up and you might make your way to the top." The attendant chuckled.

"Umm, thanks.." Jake replied

"As for your next battle, it's a double battle. Same rules as before. It takes place this evening at 6pm." The man informed the young trainer.

Jake checked his watch and let out an audible sigh at what he saw.
It was only 3:15pm, after that last battle, Jake felt as if he was unstoppable! He really wanted to battle now...

"Until then you may go where ever you like, just be here on time now, ok?" The attendant asked.

"Ok, sorry about earlier" Jake apologized before walking out of the waiting room.

"I still have almost three hours left....what am I going to do?" Jake asked himself as he exited the stadium.

"Well, I still don't have a place to sleep for tonight, mine as well get a hotel room or something....." Jake reasoned.

Eventually, the young trainer found a somewhat reasonably priced hotel and decided to buy a room for the night. Though he didn't have too much money left, Jake managed to pay for one of the cheaper rooms...
Hotel Room #134

Jake sat on the twin sized bed in the hotel room. Though the bed was pretty uncomfortable, the young trainer didn't mind too much. He was only going to have to sleep on it for one night, besides he had other things to worry about, like what Pokemon he was going to use for the rest of the tournament. He didn't want another situation like Lucky's, and so Jake decided to send out all his Electric types and see what they wanted to do....

"A tournament? Sounds fun! Count me in!" Hayai exclaimed.
"Tournament? Error loves tournament's!" The Magneton droned as he flew around the room.

Jake chuckled at the Magneton's antics. He was just as hyper as when he was a Magnemite.

"Sounds like it'll be fun... You can use me in battle if you wish...." Tessa said in a hushed voice.

"A tournament with hundreds of adoring fans? Who can say no? I just hope some ladies are watching...." Voltaire chuckled.

This went on until every one of Jake's Pokemon agreed. Well almost everyone...

"No thank you, I'd rather not take place in such barbaric acts, thank you." Milo scoffed.
Unfortunately for Milo, his response was nothing but white noise in the sea of excitement.

"Alright everyone, I'm glad you're up for the challenge. I know this is going to be hard, but I know you've all got what it takes!" Jake assured them.

Now the young trainer had to decide what Pokemon he was going to use. The attendant had informed him that his next match was to be a double battle. He needed two Pokemon that were going to be able to work together...

This might take a while, how much time do I have to decide?" Jake asked himself as he glanced at his watch. It was 5:50pm. That would give him plenty of time. Wait 5:50pm?!
"Shoot, I'm going to be late!" Jake exclaimed as he quickly grabbed his Pokeballs. As soon as the last Pokemon had been withdrawn, Jake raced out the door and down the hall......
Rayo stadium
As fast as he could, Jake sprinted through the doors of the stadium. He took a sharp left and quickly opened the first door there.

"There you are! You had me worried! I thought I told you not to be late." The attendant scolded.

"Sorry....again...." Jake replied weakly.

"Well no matter, your match is ready to begin, please follow me once more." The man said before walking out of the familiar crimson red doors.

Once again Jake found himself at he edge of the battle arena.
There seemed to be even more people watching then before!
On the opposite side of the battle field, Jake spotted a familiar young man.
He had dirty blonde hair, and was wearing a bright red jacket.

"Y-you're the guy from before! The one that crashed into me!" Jake exclaimed, recognizing the man as the one with the Zebstrika.
"So you're competing as well? Heh, small world..." The man smirked.

"Ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to the final match in the 2nd round of the Electric Masters Tournament!" The gruff sound of the announcers voice could be heard once more.

"On the left we have Tyler from Phenac City! Tyler and his Zebstrika managed a clean victory last round, but how will he fare this time?" The announcer questioned.

"And on the right we have Jake from Aspertia City! Jake and his Chinchou barely managed to scrape by last round! Will things be brighter for Jake this round? Let's find out!" The announcer continued.

"Jake, you will be picking your two Pokemon and moves first, is that clear?" The referee at the edge of the battlefield asked.

Jake gave a brief nod, before thinking about what he was going to do.
He knew that Tyler had a Zebstrika, and based on what the announcer had said, it was a tough opponent. Would he want to use it again? Or would he try and be a bit more unpredictable? Surely if he did use Zebstrika, Jake would need a speedy Pokemon to be able to win!

Having finally decided, Jake grabbed two regular Pokeballs from his belt and tossed them into the air.

"Hayai, Alfie I need your assistance!" Jake called.
From the balls, a Blitzle and Electrike were unleashed.

"It looks like Jake will be choosing Blitzle and Electrike for this battle! Both seem ready for action! How will Tyler react?" The announcer asked.

"Magnemite, Zebstrika it's your time to shine!" The trainer exclaimed as he hurled two Pokeballs into the air.

From the balls, the two Pokemon emerged onto the hard clay arena.
Hayai took a step back upon seeing the Zebstrika. So this is what he'd look like when he evolved! The Blitzle was stunned.

Alfie, meanwhile growled upon seeing his opponents. They didn't look so tough! If they wanted to try and hurt his trainer, they could forget about it!
Alfie was willing to protect Jake with his life, and he wouldn't let anyone hurt him!

"And Tyler has chosen Magnemite and his trusty Zebstrika for this battle! With that ladies and gentlemen, let the battle begin!"

"Alright Hayai use Flame Charge on Magnemite! Alfie, you use Flame Burst on Magnemite!" Jake ordered.

"Magnemite, use Flash Cannon on Electrike! Zebstrika go for a Signal Beam on Blitzle! Tyler commanded.

Tyler's Zebstrika was first to react, and started building up bug energy before firing a magnificent rainbow coloured beam at Hayai!

The beam seemed to do quite a bit of damage, causing the Blitzle to recoil in pain.

Hayai then began to coat his body in bright orange flames! The Blitzle then started charging towards the Magnemite with incredible speed!

Alfie, meanwhile started charging up fire energy, before firing a blast of flames towards Magnemite.
Upon contact, the flames exploded, causing hot embers to rain down on Zebstrika!

The Magnemite reeled back in pain at the powerful burst of flames. Before the Magnemite had time to recover, Hayai slammed into the magnet Pokemon, dealing even more damage!

However, Magnemite wasn't ready to give up so soon! Slowly, the Magnemite began gathering steel type energy, turning it into a bright ball! Magnemite then fired the blast of energy towards Alfie.

But the attack was much to slow. With barely any effort, Alfie jumped away from the blast, letting it explode pathetically upon contact with the ground.

"Though the battle has only just begun, Magnemite seems to have already sustained an incredible amount of damage. Will Tyler be able to turn this around?" The announcers voice once again rang through out the arena.

"Alright Magnemite, use Flash Cannon on Electrike once more! Zebstrika use Double Edge on Electrike!" Tyler called to his two Pokemon.

"Alfie, show Zebstrika what a real Double Edge looks like! Hayai go for a Double Kick on Zebstrika!" Jake ordered once more.

Zebstrika was the first to take action. The thunderbolt Pokemon started to recklessly charge towards Alfie, with no regards for it's own safety.

However, Alfie was determined to show the Zebstrika all he had! He, too started to charge recklessly towards the Zebstrika!

The two Pokemon collided against one another! However, Zebstrika was much larger then Alfie, and so with little effort, Zebstrika managed to overpower the lightning Pokemon, sending Alfie hurling backwards.

Alfie landed with an audible thud as hit the hard clay...
Usually one to get back up on his feet rather quickly, Jake was surprised to see that Alfie wasn't getting up.
"Electrike is unable to battle!" The referee exclaimed.

"Alfie fainted to one attack from Zebstrika? That Pokemon is way more powerful then I first thought..." Jake thought to himself as he returned the Electrike to his Pokeball.

"Would you look at that folks? In an unbelievable twist, Zebstrika knocked Electrike out with only one move! Now Tyler is far in the lead with both his Pokemon still standing! Can Jake still pull off a win?" The announcer questioned.

Despite Alfie no longer being at his side, Hayai was still as ready to battle as ever! Zebstrika had to recover some of it's energy after it's duel with Alfie.
The Electrike had left quite a number on the Zebstrika, it didn't seem like it had much health left!

Taking advantage of the Zebstrika's vulnerable state, Hayai charged towards it, before kicking it hard with his two back legs.
The Zebstrika cried out in pain, barely managing to stay on it's feet.

Meanwhile, Magnemite was ready to win the battle for it's trainer!
Once again, the Magnemite began gathering steel typed energy, converting it into a bright ball! The Magnemite then fired the energy towards Hayai! The Blitzle was unable to react in time and the powerful blast racked pain throughout his body!

Once Hayai recovered from the attack though, Jake noticed something was wrong. It seemed as if the Blitzle's defenses weren't as strong as before, especially to special attacks!

"After Zebstrika's reckless attacks, it seems the thunderbolt Pokemon isn't doing to well! Magnemite also seems to be just scraping by! However, despite the loss of his teammate, Blitzle seems to still be in a fairly good condition! How long will that last? Only time will tell!" The announcers voiced boomed.

"Alright Hayai, you can still do this! Let's go for a Flame Charge on Magnemite! Follow that up with a Double Kick!" Jake called to the Blitzle.

"Magnemite, Mimic Blitzle's attack! Zebstrika, you use Stomp!" Tyler commanded.

Hayai was quick to act! The Blitzle surrounded himself in a cloak of flames, before charging towards Magnemite! Hayai slammed into the Magnemite with incredible speed, causing the Magnemite to go flying back!

Not one to slack around, Zebstrika prepared it's next attack. The thunderbolt Pokemon ran towards the Blitzle, before leaping high into the air! Zebstrika then came crashing down, feet first into Hayai!

Hayai cried out in pain, the attack had incredible strength! Barely able to stand, the Blitzle wasn't prepared for Magnemite's attack!
Trying it's best to mimic Hayai, the Magnemite cloaked itself in flames!
The Magnemite then flew towards the Blitzle and slammed into him!

Once again, intense pain shot through Hayai's body. The Blitzle wanted to give up, he really did. The pain was so intense.....but he had to keep going!
He didn't want to let Jake down!

Snapping back to his senses, the Blitzle began to charge towards Magnemite.
The Blitzle then turned around, before delivering two power kicks to Magnemite using his back legs.

The attack was too much for the magnet Pokemon. Letting out a small cry, the Magnemite fell to the ground, unmoving.

"Magnemite is unable to battle!" The referee declared.

"That last attack proved to much for Magnemite! Now each trainer is down to their last Pokemon! Though both Pokemon are in bad shape, Zebstrika looks to be a bit better overall! Still, it's anyone's match! Let's see what happens!" The announcer once again commentated on what had just taken place.

After recalling his Magnemite, Tyler looked over to where Jake was standing. "I never imagined you'd be this powerful of an opponent, it's a shame that it's not going to be quite enough to win this battle" Tyler smirked.

"I wouldn't be so sure, Hayai and I still have a few tricks up our sleeves." Jake replied.

"We'll see about that, Zebstrika let's finish this! Giga Impact!" Tyler yelled.

"Giga Impact?! That'll knock Hayai out for sure. I need to be able to hit Zebstrika with a powerful blow, and fast! But how am I going to pull it off?" Jake thought to himself.

Wait, what if he used Zebstrika's power against him? It surely couldn't take a Giga Impact either...

"Alright Hayail, use Me First!" Jake ordered.

Using all the energy he could muster, Hayai began charging the incredible amount of energy around him!

Zebstrika too, began charging up spiraling purple waves around him.
However, it was already to late for the Zebstrika. Having finished channeling the energy for his attack, the Blitzle shot across the arena!

His muscles, loosened from his previous uses of Flame Charge, carried him towards the Zebstrika at an incredible rate.
Hayai slammed into the Zebstrika with all he had, causing the much taller Pokemon to be sent flying.

Once the Thunderbolt Pokemon had landed, it was clear it wouldn't be getting up!
"Zebstrika is unable to battle, which means Jake and Blitzle win!" The referee called.

"Once again, Jake manages to defy the odds and come out on top! Thanks to his quick thinking Jake managed to use Zebstrika's incredible strength against it! With this, Jake moves on to the 3rd round!" The announcer exclaimed.

Satisfied on his win, Hayai gave a small smile before falling over, defeated.
The amount of energy he had used to win was to much for the electrified Pokemon!

Jake quickly returned the Blitzle to it's Pokeball.
"You did great out there, now take as much of a rest as you need" Jake said as he put the ball back onto his belt.

"Congratulations on your victory once again!" A familiar voice came from behind him.
Jake turned around to see the same attendant from before.
"Thanks, it was a really close match" Jake replied.
The man nodded. "Yes, I didn't think you would get so lucky two matches in a row! Now if you'll follow me, I'll escort you out"
Though he already knew the way out, Jake followed the attendant through the crimson red doors and into the waiting room.

"I must admit, just seeing you battle is rather exciting! I hope you'll make it even farther with your battles to come." The attendant confessed.

"Thank you, I've never really battled in such a setting before, so you saying that really helps." Jake smiled.

"I see...well as for your next battle, it seems you'll be competing in the first match of round three, so you'll only have to wait about fifteen minutes this time" The man explained.

"That's good, what kind of format is it?" Jake inquired.

"It shall be another double battle, same rules as always." The attendant told him.

"Another double battle?" Jake thought to himself.
"Alfie and Hayai aren't in any condition to battle, which means I'm going to need another pair that'll work well together..."

"May I make a suggestion?" The attendant suddenly spoke up.
Jake gave a brief nod, interested in what the man had to say.
"I'd suggest you drop off your tired Pokemon at the Pokemon center right now. Then when you're done, maybe you can come back and stay here instead of wandering off again?" The man asked somewhat coldly.

"He's never going to let that go, is he?" Jake questioned as he walked out of the room, heeding the mans advice.
Getting everything in order at the Pokemon center only took a couple minutes. After all, the only Pokemon he had needed to leave there were Alfie and Hayai. Soon, the young trainer walked back over to the waiting room, where the attendant was waiting.

"Ah, I see we've decided to come back at a reasonable time, hmm? That's a surprise" The man teased Jake.

"Ya ya I get it, I was late twice, sue me" Jake muttered as he sat down on one of the uncomfortable chairs.

The man ignored him and instead waited for when he could escort Jake outside. It only took a few minutes, but soon the attendant had gotten the signal to usher the young trainer outside.

"Your match is about to begin Jake, please follow me" The attendant
said as he stood up and walked towards the doors.
Jake followed the man out into the stadium. While the stadium had still been covered in a strong light before, now the sun had began to set, and as such the arena was starting to become a whole lot darker.

Still, even in the slightly darker conditions, Jake noticed that there were still a lot of people on the bleachers. Perhaps even more then before? Jake couldn't really tell.

Once Jake had reached his side of the arena, he spotted his opponent making their way to the other side.
She seemed to be in her early twenties and had a scowl on her face. She also had long dark brown hair, or was it black? Jake couldn't tell from where he was standing.

"Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to our very first match in the 3rd round of the Electric Masters Tournament!" The announcers gruff voice could be heard yet again.

"On the left, we have Elizabeth from our very own, Rayo Town! She's managed to win both of her matches without a sweat! Will she be able to do it again?" The announcer asked.

"And on the right, we have Jake from Asperita City! He's managed to narrowly win both of his matches today! Will his luck continue?" The announcer continued.

"Elizabeth, you shall be choosing your two Pokemon and moves first, understood?" The referee asked.

"I know the rules, you don't need to tell me! The woman barked.
"Alright my lovelies, time to show them how we play!" Elizabeth cackled as she chucked two Pokeballs into the air. From them emerged an Elekid and a fearsome looking Luxio!

"It looks as if Elizabeth has chosen Elekid and Luxio! Elekid proved to be a powerful ally for Elizabeth during the first round, but how will it fare now?" The announcers voice boomed throughout the arena.

"Alright Error, Milo it's your time to shine!" Jake called as he threw a Pokeball and Thunderball into the air. From them, an energetic Magneton and a Mareep materialized.

"Yay! Error loves tournament! Error will do his best!" The Magneton droned

"And Jake has chosen Magneton and Mareep! Both of these Pokemon have yet to see any time here in the tournament! Will they make a name for themselves here?" The announcer continued.

"Now that both trainers have chosen their Pokemon, and with that ladies and gentlemen, let the battle begin!"

"Alright Elekid and Luxio, let's show them how nasty we can get! Elekid, use Fire Punch on Magneton! Luxio you use Night Slash on Mareep!"
Elizabeth barked.

"Let's do our best out there! Error use Double Team! Milo, you use Body Slam on Luxio!" Jake ordered.

Luxio was the first to act! It's claws started to glow an eerie purplish colour and the spark Pokemon dashed towards Milo! The Luxio lunged forward, ready to deliver a powerful slash to the Mareep! However, Milo had different plans. As the Luxio came towards the wool Pokemon, Milo nimbly jumped to the side, dodging the attack.

The Luxio was completely caught off guard! The Mareep didn't look capable of such nimble maneuvers. Now was Milo's chance to strike! The Luxio was vulnerable! However instead of attacking, Milo let out a yawn and laid down on the hard clay battle field.

"Milo, what are you doing?!" Jake demanded.

"What's this folks? It seems as if Mareep is completely disobeying orders and not attacking at all! Will Elizabeth be able to take advantage of this struggle?" The announcer asked.

"How pathetic, your Pokemon won't even listen to you? What a complete joke of a trainer you are!" Elizabeth taunted.

Despite his teammates disobedience, Error was as excited as ever! The Magneton quickly moved back and forth between several places rapidly!
As "he" was doing this, the Magneton began creating copies of himself in order to confuse the opposition. When Error was done, there were two lookalikes of the magnet Pokemon!

Elekid seemed quite unfazed by this, however and proceeded to charge at one of the three Magnetons! His fist cloaked in fire, the electric Pokemon threw a punch at one of the Magnetons! Upon contact, the Error vanished leaving but two of the Magnet Pokemon left!

"It seems things are starting rather slowly for the match between these two trainers. Both Elekid and Luxio completely missed their targets! What's more, Mareep doesn't seem to be cooperating with Jake at all! Which one of these trainers will manage to grab hold of the lead?"

"Alright, Milo can you please cooperate?" Jake asked the Mareep.
Milo shook his head in response to his trainers question.
"Milo, please? I'm begging you, please help me win this fight! I promise I won't ask you to do anything else in this tournament!" Jake pleaded to the Mareep.
But Milo ignored his trainers pleads, instead deciding that it was the perfect time for a quick nap.

Jake let out an audible sigh before turning to Error. "Sorry Error, looks like you're going to need to pick up Milo's slack here. Let's start with a Super Sonic attack on Luxio! Then follow through with a Mirror Shot on Elekid!"

"Alright Elekid, let's help out Luxio with a Helping Hand! Luxio give it all you've got with Wild Charge!

It looked like Error was the first one to move! Quickly, the Magneton began to gather a moderate amount of energy! The magnet Pokemon then fired the energy out in a form of a small beam straight at Luxio!

Luxio couldn't react in time, and was hit by the strange beam! Slowly, the spark Pokemon's head started to spin. Soon the Luxio couldn't tell friend from foe, it was completely confused!

Elekid was next to take action! The electric Pokemon started to encourage Luxio in an attempt to boost it's confidence and pride! Luxio felt the support from Elekid, and felt even more powerful then before!

Luxio, now even more confident in it's skills, began to cloak itself in a large amount of electrical energy before charging towards it's opponent.
However, the Luxio completely missed both Error and the napping Milo!

Now Error was ready to attack again, and began to gather steel type energy into a reflective ball! Elekid was prepared to dodge the attack, and stared at the magnificent energy ball. However, as Error fired the powerful blast, a powerful glare of light shot into Elekid's eyes, causing it to see spots!
Now unable to see, the electric Pokemon was completely vulnerable to the attack, which sent a sharp pain throughout it's body upon impact!

"And with that round over, it seems that Jake has taken the lead! Once again, both Luxio and Elekid have missed their mark. Even worse, Luxio is completely confused! However, with Mareep still not listening to Jake, can he hope to maintain the lead for long?" The announcer questioned.

"Don't disappoint me now you two! Let's keep our focus on Magneton for now. Elekid, show them the power of your Fire Punch! Luxio Fire Fang!" Elizabeth commanded.

"You know, I won't be mad at you Milo if you decide to battle now. So can you please do it, for me?" Jake pleaded once more to the Mareep.
Once again, Milo ignored anything his trainer had to say. No way was he going to compete in a battle!

"Fine, be that way." Jake scoffed.
"Alright Error, let's go for a Double Edge on Elekid! Then follow with a Magnet Bomb!"

Error was quick to act, and the magnet Pokemon began to recklessly charge towards Elekid!

The Magneton slammed into the electric Pokemon with incredible power, causing it to reel back! However, the attack had hurt Error too, and the magnet Poke on had to rest in order to recover from the attack. Taking advantage of this, Elekid began cloaking it's fist in flames!
The electric Pokemon ran towards Error, before delivering a powerful blow!
Though the Elekid had merely hit a clone of Error last time, this time it was the real deal!

Taking advantage of the Magneton's vulnerable state, Luxio charged towards the Magnet Pokemon, it's fangs enveloped in bright orange flames!
Despite the spark Pokemon's confusion, it had managed to score a direct hit on Error! However, upon contact with it's fangs, the Magneton completely disappeared. Luxio had hit a clone!

Not ready to back down yet, Error began to charge up a moderate amount of steel type energy! The Magneton transformed the energy into a glowing silver ball! Error fired the projectile towards Luxio, which immediately began to home in on the spark Pokemon! The ball latched on to Luxio, no matter what Luxio did, the ball of energy wouldn't let go. After a few seconds, the mass of energy exploded, causing moderate damage to the spark Pokemon.

"With the end of this round, Jake still holds a firm lead! Though he's only commanding one Pokemon, Magneton remains at a reasonable level of health. Elekid, meanwhile seems to have taken a lot of damage this round, and is completely exhausted! Luxio seems to be faring decently, though it seems to still be confused! How will Elizabeth attempt to turn this around?" The announcer questioned once more.

"Alright Error, let's keep this up!" Jake cheered, deciding to ignore Milo entirely. "Let's go for another Double Edge on Elekid! Then use Mirror Shot on Luxio!"

"Elekid, use Dual Chop on Magneton! Luxio, snap out of it already and use Double Kick on Magneton! Elizabeth barked.

Elekid was the first Pokemon to act! The electric Pokemon quickly began to surround both his arms in dragonic energy before rushing towards Error! Elekid swung one of it's arms, managing to strike the magnet Pokemon! It then went for a second swing with it's other arm...and missed? It seemed the earlier effects from Mirror Shot hadn't completely faded away as Elekid had completely missed it's target!

Not one to stand idle, Error once again began to recklessly charge towards Elekid! As the Magneton slammed into the electric Pokemon, it let out a loud cry! It seemed that the attack was too much for it! Once Elekid had hit the ground, it became obvious that it wasn't getting up any time soon!

"Elekid is unable to battle!" The referee exclaimed.
Elizabeth grunted as she took out the electric Pokemon's ball.
"You were a complete disappointment, don't ever fail me again!" She shouted as she returned the Pokemon to it's ball.

"With that ladies and gentlemen, Elekid is unable to battle! Now Elizabeth is down to only one Pokemon while Jake still has two! However, Magneton took some heavy damage from using that double edge attack, and isn't looking too good! Can Elizabeth take advantage of this and turn the tables?" The announcer asked.

Despite it's teammate going down, Luxio wasn't ready to go down without a fight. Still under the effects of confusion, Luxio managed to charge towards Error, delivering two powerful kicks once it reached the magnet Pokemon!

Error reeled back in pain! It was obvious that the attack had done a lot to him! Error wasn't ready to admit defeat though! Beginning it's next attack, the Magneton began gathering steel energy, forming it into a glowing orb! Error then shot the reflective ball towards Luxio!

Unlike it's teammate, Luxio was smart enough not to stare at the reflective ball as it shot out towards the spark Pokemon. However, Luxio still couldn't get out of the way in time and as such, the powerful attack made direct contact with it! The pain shot throughout the spark Pokemon, causing it to cry out! However the pain was just what the Luxio needed to keep it's head clear! Any left over effects of it's confusion were completely gone thanks to the attack!

"With this round coming to a close, Luxio and Magneton seem to be much closer in health! It could be anyone's match now! Who will be victorious, Jake or Elizabeth? It all comes down to this!" The announcer exclaimed.

"Alright Error, it's all or nothing! Give them your most powerful Double Edge attack!" Jake ordered.

"Luxio, you better not fail me! Use Wild Charge, max power!" Elizabeth screamed.

Luxio began to surround itself in a veil of electric energy, glowing a bright yellow! The spark Pokemon then began to charge towards it's opponent!

Error too, began to charge up a large amount of energy before bolting towards Luxio! The two Pokemon made contact, and due to the massive amounts of raw energy, a small explosion was made!
Both Pokemon were engulfed in the dark smoke, the outcome of the clash was unknown, leaving everyone on the edge of their seats!
As the smoke began to clear, Jake could make out the shape of a Magneton, still floating. Jake smiled. He knew Error would never give up!
Sure enough, as the smoke fully cleared, there was only one Pokemon left standing.
"Luxio is unable to battle, Jake and Magneton win!" The announcer exclaimed!
Instead of cheers of excitement that Jake was used to from winning, the young trainer was met was an excessive booing!

"You stink, your Pokemon won't even listen to you!" Jake could hear someone yell.

"How can you call yourself a trainer? You should quit while you're ahead!" Another voice called out.
Jake tried to ignore the voices, but they really stung. If Milo had just listened, it wouldn't have been a problem! It was all Milo's fault!

"Why did I even bother with you? You're a pathetic excuse for a Pokemon!" Elizabeth yelled as she returned the Luxio to it's ball.

"Error won! E-error is s-so excited!" The Magneton droned weakly as he floated back over to Jake.
"You were amazing out there Error! Now take a nice long break, you deserve it!" Jake said with a smile as he returned the Magnet Pokemon to it's ball.

Jake then glared at Milo. The Mareep was still resting on the side of the arena. Without a word, Jake returned the wool Pokemon into it's ball.
"It's all your fault, if you had just listened like all of the others for once, I wouldn't have had to embarrass myself like this!" Jake thought as he put the Thunderball back onto his belt.

"Congratulations on your......somewhat strange victory." The attendant said as he walked over to Jake.
"I don't want to hear about it!" Jake yelled as he stormed passed the man and out of the arena.
Rayo Town Outskirts
Jake, in his anger, had managed to storm of out of the arena and through the streets. Eventually, the young trainer had reached the outskirts of the lively town. Once he had arrived, Jake grabbed a Thunderball from his belt and threw it into the air. From the ball, materialized a familiar looking Mareep.

"What the hell was that for?!" Jake yelled once the Mareep realized where he was.
"What was what for?" Milo asked, pretending to be oblivious.
"You know exactly what I mean! Back there in the arena you made me look like a complete fool! People were booing me!" Jake yelled once more.
"I told you I wasn't going to battle, and you tried to use me anyway!" Milo countered.
"You never ONCE said that, and even if you did, you didn't have to make a complete fool of me!" Jake continued.
"I didn't want to battle! I don't care if you looked like a fool! You were trying to force me into doing something I didn't want to!" Milo retaliated.
"What kind of a Pokemon doesn't want to battle?! It's not like you have an excuse like Lucky where he's incredibly shy! If he can do it why can't you?!" Jake demanded.
"Maybe we don't all have to like battles ok?! Maybe some of us just want to do something other then a be a complete barbarian!" Milo yelled.
"Well then maybe I don't want a Pokemon that refuses to battle! How about you just leave and never come back! How about you go do those stupid contests somewhere else!" Jake roared.
"I guess I will then! I don't need a complete freak of a trainer anyway! It's what you are! A complete freak and you know it!" The Mareep screamed before running off into the nearby woods.

Jake sat down on one of the nearby rocks to take a breath. He needed a break after all that yelling. "I don't need a complete freak of a trainer!" Jake could hear Milo's words ring in his head. Over and over. The more the young trainer sat there thinking about it, the more he realized how right Milo was.
He was a freak, an absolute freak! Maybe Milo was better off without him anyway....

Jake sat there for a few minutes, but it felt like hours. Playing the small fight in his head over and over. Finally he stood up. Jake realized that he had been to harsh on the Mareep. If he didn't want to fight, he had no right to try and force him. He needed to find Milo. It was his fault that the wool Pokemon had ran away. Quickly Jake grabbed a Pokeball off his belt and tossed it in the air. From the ball materialized an Eevee.

"Hazel I need your help, I got into a fight with Milo....long story short he's ran off into the woods! We need to find him!" Jake explained.
Hazel gave a brief nod before running off towards the woods.
"Wait for me!" Jake called before sprinting after him.
Already the sun had set and the moon had started to come out from hiding.
Jake could only hope he could find Milo before it was too late. He had to repair the damage he had caused!

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