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Round 6: Something happens

We arrive back into the desert after quite the break and we're no less ready than we were before the break, the look in the eyes of both Pokemon make this ring true as one of them will do something this round, well, both of them will but foreshadowing truly is a beautiful thing even though I actually foreshadowed nothing but trust me, it gets real this round because of some reason you will soon find out about and by soon I mean the end of the round.

Anyway, Mors decides that he's rather fed up with waiting and wants Saphira to feel just as irritated as Kush is when the word 'fun' is mentioned with that being a slight over-exaggeration but that single fact doesn't stop Mors from building a tiny bunch of bug energy in front of him which he sends towards Saphira, only for her to say nope by sending another volley of dragon energy filled air towards him which destroys the bugs and hits More for full damage apart from his SC.

Mors is not at all fond of this maneuver as he decides to revisit and old friend of his, well a move, this one being a curse or a hex if you will. No? You won't? Fine, hit me across the face with a massive tuna. Anyway, the hex-eye reappears once again as Saphira closes in on Mors while taking the hefty hit from the hex-eye. Anyway, Saphira is finally close enough to build a scarily huge amount of Electric energy and then slam it point-blank into Mors who reels from the pain and paralysis but also gets the last laugh as Toxic sends Saphira to her doom.

Saphira is down! Next Pokemon and orders from MtG please.

Summary: Mors is into critical and heavily paralysed, he is good for two though and has 2/3 Bug left.
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