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Round 20: The type charts, they're missing!

Recalling his fallen Aegislash, Mew sends out his next Pokemon, the Pokeball opening in mid-air to avoid a collision with the mud. Out comes Pushpa, the Serperior, the serpent Pokemon slithering in the swamp, feeling a little unease but still raring to go to fight his opponent. Pushpa starts off by placing a curse on his opponent, one we've seen throughout the match as a way of preventing defensive techniques from occurring and forcing an opponent to go on the offensive. A black outline briefly forms around Malefica as the curse settles in, and while its not going to be as foolproof because of her resistance to curses, its still going to be a hassle is she tries any defensive techniques. This is fine for Malefica, of course, because she frankly doesn't need any defensive stuff in order to beat her opponent anyways. The gem on her necklace glows with a bright light as energy builds up inside of it, preparing to unleash something truly magical at Malefica's opponent. Malefica sends out a brilliant and dazzling purple flame at Pushpa, the flame dancing almost as if it was something truly mystical, and the flames strike Pushpa hard, causing him to grit his teeth. However, because of the lack of type charts in this match, Pushpa is a little surprised to see that he didn't take as much damage as he normally would. The flames aren't just meant for that, however, as his Special attack drops a bit from the hit.

Pushpa, not wanting to be outdone on the damage department, begins to build up a powerful wind in front of him, the wind picking up leaves that somehow formed in the middle of a swamp so that he can send it all flying towards Malefica. However, he seemed to have miscalculated something, and that's the nature of his attack. But we'll get to that in a moment, because Malefica is also building up energy of her own, and it seems to be the exact same type of energy of the attack she used just before. This seems to be a much quicker building attack, however, and Malefica is able to fire first, sending a small but quick and very hot ball of flame at Pushpa. Just after that however, the tornado is sent towards Malefica, and the two attacks are on a collision course. If this was the anime, the whole thing would explode and everyone would promptly faint. However, there are times in which one must buck the anime and do what is right, what is logical, what is just. By that, I mean the Will-o-Wisp doesn't really get out of this unscathed, as the blustery winds takes a a little bit of the light out of it, but the fast attack is able to quickly move through the cyclone without too much interference. The ball of flame hits Pushpa and causes him to grunt a bit, although it seems that it doesn't have left a lasting burn. The cyclone reaches Malefica and it seems to have some effect on her, but she was able to change into ethereal before the attack hit, reducing the damage from the attack as well as making the debris pass harmlessly through her, meaning she won't be affected by the potential debuff. One thing to note, though, is that the curse seems to be gone. Must be part of the ghosty thing.

Malefica and Pushpa both traded damage, but it was nothing major and they're both still good for two. Malefica's Dark has a good bit left in the tanks but Fire is looking a little drained.

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