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Round 12: Slowbro is NOT amused...

(For the record I probably would've not let those conditionals slide because...well, it's just that; too many! Unless that's a thing that's actually fair to do..?)

Things have gotten pretty dangerous, so Aposteriori pleads for Starcraft to make an emergency retreat right away! Taking their place is that tasty Vanilluxe again. How many times have these folks switched? I lost count...Either way, we'll see if Soy Milk can put his opponent on ice this time around...

As soon as he appears, the Stealth Rocks pop up again and slam into the Vanilluxe! Unlike Starcraft, Soy Milk doesn't take the sudden perforating so well. Ouch! After that surprise, the two faces of Soy Milk may have different expressions but share the same goal. With that the air around him turns very VERY cold! It's not long for him to release the bitter-cold bluster in an attempt to totally Freeze-Dry the Slowbro! Forgetting Man is helpless against the special Ice attack, shocking him to his very core and actually hurting the Water type well! Even though that was unpleasant, the lingering Light Screen soaks up some of the damage. It also takes Forgetting Man a while to actually FEEL the chill, but when he does...Yow! The Vanilluxe looks jolly as this takes a toll on his already shot reflexes, so the Slowbro isn't able to retaliate right away...This gives Soy Milk time to radiate with Psychic power to build up some walls of Light. The Screens form up a box around him and vanish. I've seen this enough times to know by now that this will help against Special attacks!

When Forgetting Man finally gets it together, he almost forgets that he has a Hidden attack. He blankly searches and suddenly releases an odd Power in the form of energized spheres! Those orbs start off slow but quickly rush in and converge on the Icy pokemon, the Rock energy smarts enough for Soy Milk to react harshly! Actually, several factors make the attack hurt far less than it could have...Not that Forgetting Man cares, because he looks bored from all of this action. In fact he's so unamused he lets out a big Yawn. The lazy bubbles that come out of his mouth drift over to Soy Milk and pop against his face, which make him let off a few himself! Both heads are starting to feel a little drowsy as they linger a few feet away...And here I thought something like that was just an animation gag!

Just goes to show how wondrous out world is!

Anyway, Starcraft retreated (Again) and has left to rest...

Soy Milk took harsh damage, leaving him very close to his second stretch of health. He spent a high amount of energy, but can still do his best! Psychic energy is almost gone, enough for a Magic Coat. He is drowsy, and may fall asleep if left alone...A passive Light Screen is present, which will last for 4 more turns.

Forgetting Man took a good hit, bringing him into his second stretch of health. He used much less energy and can still do his best! Rock energy remains over half. But the Light Screen has faded away...

I think it's Mercutio's next move now...
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