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Round 19: Holy shit, another KO. This seems relatively impossible.

With the Aegislash being able to do little more than maybe one attack and then end itself, Mew the Gato has decided not to put it out of its misery and have it go hide in a trench somewhere, where it would be safe from attacks and consequently not do anything important. Real fun guys, although this seems to remember me of a match that was incredibly similar in nature where it was like seven rounds of both trainers ordering "do nothing". Fortunately, though, Malefica, having a trainer who doesn't want to bore the hell out of me quickly, decides to place a curse on her opponent in order to drain away the last vestiges of their energy. Starman feels energy being drained out of him, and while he is more resistant to curses than the average Pokemon, it seems that he just simply doesn't have enough energy to bear this one, final attack. Too bad, but at least we might be able to get this show on the road.

Starman is unable to battle! Mew, send out your next Pokemon!

Malefica used some energy, but is feeling a little more refreshed after this round.
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