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Floor 4: Battleground: Neville smiled, pleased with his original Trainer's praise. The Dragalge agreed wholeheartedly about Keith having brought out his potential, recalling his days as a wild Skrelp who could only dream of becoming as strong as he was now.

Keith likewise smiled as Alex expressed curiosity as to the kind of attacks Hermione could use, making reference to the fact that the Weedle species was, to put it mildly, not known for getting a lot of moves. "Man, you're telling me," Keith agreed. "Hermione's made it a goal of her's to learn as many kinds of attacks as possible, so I've kinda really been seeking out items that can teach moves to anything, y'know? But yeah, if you want to see what Hermione can do, we'd both be glad to show you in a battle," he grinned.

The subject then turned to Melittin, as well as the Beedrillite he sported. Alex stated that he was intending to get a Mega Stone of his own soon, though wasn't sure whether to go for some sort of accessory for the Key Stone or not, such as how Keith's was set into his hat. "It's not really that expensive," Keith replied, adjusting the brim of his Mega Hat. "Mega Stones, however, those cost some serious money." Of course, serious money seemed to be a luxury Alex didn't really have at the moment- his Xtransceiver spoke up to state his three-digit Pokédollar balance. He did, however, take advantage of that year-end sale, he said, as he indicated what seemed to be a tower of Poké Ball cases. Keith's jaw dropped- that was a lot of Poké Balls! And of course, a big pile of Premier Balls sat atop the tower. "Wow," was all he could say.

After convincing his Infernape to plug the blender into the wall instead of using his Thunder Punch to power it, Alex introduced Keith to his Pokémon- Nothung, the aforementioned Infernape; Fragarath, the Honchkrow who had spoken up earlier; Mjolner, the Swampert; Paine, the Gothorita; Cal, the Garchomp; Herex the Drapion and Vog the Drowzee, both of whom Keith was already acquainted with; Napier, the Horsea, apparently Cal's student; and of course, Tantalia, a Conkeldurr Keith was quite familiar with, having owned her himself for a very brief period, so as to help with her evolution from the Gurdurr stage. There was also Totsuka, the Shadow Zangoose; Isaac and Harpe, the Cubone and Aipom with whom Lenny was talking; Glasspine the Sandshrew; Golestandt the Golett; two unidentified Pokémon named Halley and Mist; and not present at the moment, Lapis, his Dusclo- his Dusclops? Keith recalled when he and Alex had traded to evolve Tantalia and Peeves- he'd seen Lapis before, all right, but as a Duskull. "Dusclops?" Keith repeated. "So that Duskull you had back when we traded, that's evolved since then?" Keith then looked around at all the Pokémon Alex had introduced. "Heh, what you said about Napier being Cal's student, that actually reminds me of when Neville was a Skrelp- he looked up to my Haxorus and my Qwilfish, and they were like teachers to him. He still does look up to them, for that matter," he amended.

At that point, Alex started to put out the snacks, telling everyone to help themselves if they were hungry. Melittin, for one, needed no further prompting, and started hovering hungrily above the snack table, eyeing the various foods.

"So, Alex," Keith added as he too went over to grab a snack. "What kind of Pokémon are Halley and Mist? I don't think you said."


Meanwhile, as Lenny introduced himself to Harpe and Isaac, the former introduced herself and the latter. The Aipom seemed much more cheerful than the Cubone, who seemed a little quiet and apprehensive. Harpe explained that Issac actually had a big heart once you got to know him, and the Cubone added that it was nothing personal, just a bad experience he'd had. Lenny looked at Isaac curiously, wondering what that experience was, but before he had a chance to ask, the Aipom changed the subject to Lenny's coloration, asking if he knew much about his different color scheme.

"I dunno, actually," the Sneasel shrugged, looking at his brown fur and pale blue tail feathers. "I was born like this. Alls I know is it really confused Keith for a while- that's the hat guy there, that's my Trainer. I don't know, I keep hearing that Sneasel usually have black fur and red feathers. Hermione over there, though, she says that there was once a time where all Sneasel looked like I do. She says maybe I'm descended from a group that never changed color, something like that. All I know is, I look really cool like this," he finished with a grin. "Oh, but this is nothing- you should see Keith's Stunfisk and Scolipede!"


Hermione was excited at the prospect of battling someone, getting in some good practice with her surprisingly varied array of attacks, when she saw a pair of Ground-types- a Golett, seeming to watch over the room in its entirety, and a Sandshrew, looking at her curiously. In response, Hermione made her way over to them. "Hello," she politely greeted the Ground-types. "My name's Hermione. If I heard your Trainer correctly, you're Golestandt and Glasspine, correct?"

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