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Floor 4: Battleground.

With Keith's notes on the aspect of battle, and thoughts on letting Alex's pokemon have a say, the hatted trainer released four pokemon as he introduced them. The trainer nodded as he looked upon Neville, recalling the trade to him, and raised an eyebrow at the oddly coloured Sneasel, as well as Hermione.

"I knew Keith could bring out your potential after all, Neville. You've grown well," he remarked to the Dragalge in question, "and though I really shouldn't speak negatively about things, but I'm curious as to what sort of tricks you Weedle's got, given the species aren't renowned for their movepools."

"As for Melittin, I see he's got a mega stone, which is actually something I'm expecting once the other two arrive with supplies. I'm still unsure whether or not to invest in an accessory for the key stone though, given that while I've a great deal of coins, in terms of those pokedollars..." he shrugged sheepishly as he fiddled with the XTransceiver and a voice pinged out the paltry sum of $170. "Fortunately I took advantage of that end of year sale to stock up on pokeballs and whatnot," motioning to a small tower that on closer inspection was several dozen cases of the spheres, with a considerable number of Premier Balls on top.

"Anyway, it must have been a long trip here. Nothung, could you at least plug in that smoothie maker before you run out of electric energy there?"

"Nape..." the starter ceded as he plugged the device into the wall, the Honchkrow patting his back in consolation as he wittered that he at least tied with his record of smoothies juiced before sparking out.

"I should probably introduce you to the others. The Honchkrow and Infernape over there are Fragarath and Nothung, my starter, while the Swampert and Gothorita are Mjolnir and Paine. Cal's the Garchomp there, and you've already met Herex and Vog, my Drapion and Drowzee. Napier the Horsea's in that fountain - he's Cal's pupil of sorts, wants to be a hunter like him - and you know Tantalia from our trade a while ago."

"The lazybones on her's Totsuka," motioning to the Zangoose whose ear perked up at the realisation of food being around, "and Lenny there's with Isaac and Harpe...who in a pretty long story's the reason I invested so much into security here. Lapis, my Dusclops, should be finished updating storage records by now, while Halley and Mist are out at the moment. Finally, Glasspine and Golestandt are the Sandshrew and Golett."

Taking a breather after that, Alex started to move the snacks onto the table near the Swampert, the psychic type lifting a plate of scones to them while the shadow pokemon rolled off the Conkeldurr and made a Combeeline for the fridge, pausing to take a look at the Beedrill, before grabbing a soda and plopping down beside the Honchkrow.

"Help yourself if you're hungry, folks," Alex chimed.


As this was happening, the Sneasel approached the Cubone and Aipom, who were chattering about their recent techniques learned.

"Hi! My name's Lenny, who are you?" the feline chirped up, to which the chimp turned and smiled.

"Ah, you're with that hat guy, right? I'm Harpe, and this here's Isaac!" she chirped back.

"Hey Lenny." Isaac grunted, quite apprehensive.

"Don't be too intimidated by Isaac here, he's not much of a talker, but he's got a big heart once you know him."

"Nothing against you Lenny. Just wary. Bad experience."

The Aipom looked at her partner with an air of concern, nodding, before turning back to Lenny. "So, you seem different from other Sneasel. Colour, I mean. You know much about it?"


Gazing around the room, Golestandt was calm yet inwardly perplexed. Despite being a Golett, a species always presumed to be emotionless in their actions, this was a misconception. The line indeed had souls, and despite being inorganic in nature, did in fact possess a range of emotions. The hitch was that they were almost incapable of showing them due in part to appearance.

The last time he saw the Spire with this many characters in it was long ago, a meeting that ended with heads rolling, blood spilling and at least three months of cleaning up before the place was spotless as it always was. He still bore some scratches on his form when that one Liepard got uppity and raked at him to see if he was living. The reward was being thrown into the ocean.

As he continued his vigil, Glasspine sat next to him, quizzically staring at the Weedle with a black stinger, wondering if they produced different poisons than he did.

Ground Floor: Foyer.

Herex sat back, quite chill after the Spire's first guests went by with little altercation, and began to wonder if the Drowzee would be back when the air began to get cold.

Ah, they're back. Better get the door for them...

Scuttling, she reached the entrance and plugged in the password just as the doors swung open, and let the Drapion see who awaited her.

" seem singed." she blurted as the Abomasnow and Jirachi tumbled in, the scorpion taking the bag of supplies from them as the pair stretched and grumbled. "Lemme ticked off those Litleo again and they actually got you with a decent hit? You really should just steer clear of those five at that patch..."


"What do ya mean, four?"

"She means there were four Litleo..." Halley chimed, shaking himself better in comparison to the Abomasnow, who winced slightly due to the greater weakness to fire.

"So one of them was elsewhere then?" Herex mused to the pair, who shook their heads. "No matter, none of my business. We've got visitors, say hello and take a rest. Especially you, Mist, you look like you took a...flame" she trailed as the realisation of four Litleo hit her.

"[i]You haul up the food, this scorch hasn't made getting back easy. I'll be good once I'm up, but right now I'm not fit,[i]" the ice pokemon grunted as she lumbered towards the elevator, a gentle mega drain at Halley to help soothe the pain while the psychic type wished that they didn't head through that shortcut when that ominous glow was happening.


Not far from the entrance, a scuffle was happening.

Lapis, with a flourish of her arms, had conjured up a swarm of bug energy, the infestation keeping two of the Litleo panicked as they swatted at the globules whizzing around them, while a third was bound to the ground by wispy tendrils, like bandages. The fourth was with the Pyroar, who was in the process of bombarding her with a squall of powerful flames, seeking to incinerate the ghost where she stood. Bunkering down as the barrage pelted, she focused malevolent energy between her hands before firing the dark pulse at the Royal pokemon, the Pyroar too engrossed in attacking her to notice, until a yelp rang out.

Gazing down at the struck Litleo, who shakily rose to its feet, he growled as the cat looked up before nodding, bracing as suddenly the larger cat smacked into the lesser with a savage headbutt, the Dusclops taken aback by this action and wondering why this happened, when the Litleo flopped over unconscious, and the Pyroar snarled, seemingly...stronger?

But that would mean...!

With a distraction, the Litleo in the midst of the swarm broke free and nodded, tackling their bound companion to the leader who gave a second headbutt, bowling it over. Quivering, the cat fell unconscious too and the Dusclops realised the grave situation as the healthier felines grabbed their falled comrades and started to drag them to safety.


With a grim sneer, the Pyroar unleashed a devastating roar of hypersonic proportions, the force of the voice blasting into the ghost type and making the Spire's windows tremble, the acoustic nature of the normal type move ensuring at least some damage was done, before darting towards her cloaked in flames and charging into her, knocking her down and back as he skidded, much more nimble as the heat died down, flames instead coalescing in the mouth in a dangerous manner as the Dusclops slowly rose...
Stale Water.

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