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The weather outside was getting worse by the minute, but Bart's evolution had lifted Keith's spirits higher than he could've imagined. All of a sudden, this seemed possible. Not only getting out of this alive, but calming down the Slaking and stopping its furious rampage.

Ethan had sent out his Togepi, in order to move Rags away from the battlefield and out of the line of fire, a gesture Lucas was undoubtedly grateful for as he withdrew the Gallade, even if he now seemed displeased with having to rely on his unexpected visitors to fix the situation.

Slaking's fists started to glow again, only this time with fire and electricity instead of sheer explosive force. Nevertheless, the attacks were still gonna hurt. "Bart! Taunt!" Keith exclaimed.

"Scrrrrafty! Scrafty, Scrafty Scrafty!" Bart called out to the Slaking, his tone of voice most mockulatory. Meowth's eyes widened as he heard exactly what Bart was saying, but he seemed unwilling to provide a translation. The attack, however, had its intended effect- Kong was now focused entirely on Keith's Scrafty, who was now following up the verbal taunt by flipping Kong off.

Kong was now charging straight towards Bart, ready to strike with both fists. "Detect!" Keith ordered. And in true badass fashion, Bart was able to, with picture-perfect timing, evade both punches by deftly jumping onto the Slaking's arms. And then, once both punches had been evaded, Keith knew there was only one way to end this. "All right! Use the High Jump Kick, Bart!" he exclaimed.

"Scrrrrrrafty!!" Bart exclaimed, delivering one last powerful blow, landing his single most powerful attack right into the Slaking's face. A super effective blow if ever there was one! Kong fell backwards, right into the Monferno's Close Combat, which proved to be the straw that broke the Numel's back. Kong fell to the floor, utterly defeated. Satisfied, Bart walked back to Keith and exchanged a high-five with the Poison-type Trainer.

...Except the Slaking hitting the floor, in turn, proved to be the straw that broke the Numel's back in terms of the Secret Base's floor. The floorboards gave way with ominous ease, prompting Lucas to hastily withdraw the Slaking, who this time was unable to resist the recall beam. But the damage had been done- the kitchen was about to collapse, and Ethan's urge for everyone to get out was almost completely unnecessary. Quickly withdrawing his Ivysaur and Scrafty, Keith hauled ass into the other room.

Back in the entrance hall, after withdrawing his Pokémon (except his Zubat, whom he urged to call someone via Supersonic), Lucas rounded on Keith and Ethan, blaming them for what was happening.

"Hey, we wasn't da ones wat dat drove yer Slaking crazy!" Meowth protested, casting a dirty look at Ethan.

"Meowth, cool it," Keith said sternly, as Gemini and Mustard floated to his side. After Lucas asked why they were here, and how they got here in the first place, Keith spoke up immediately- time was running short, they had to get to safety ASAP. "Long story short, I was sailing with my Pokémon. Storm sprang up, swept us way off course, this island was the first land we came across. Saw your Secret Base, decided to try and take shelter until the storm blew over. Thought I heard you tell us the door was open, turned out to be Blackbeard."

"Dat birdbrain ain't changed a bit," Meowth muttered.

"But anyway, my boat, the Banette's Revenge- she's still anchored nearby," Keith added, getting to the point as quickly as possible. "My Dusknoir's on board right now, keeping her safe. Unless either of you have another idea, I'm thinking that boat of mine is our best bet for getting out of this storm with our lives," he stated.

"Weezing weez," nodded Gemini and Mustard in agreement.

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