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To complete the evolutional conga-line, the Scraggy joined his foe and ally by similarly growing in size and gaining physical bulk as well as a few appendages. His rooster comb grew into a proper Mohawk while his protective loose sking sagged and extended into a hoodie behind him. His trainer grinned at the sight that stood before him once it finished. A full-grown Scrafty entered the battlefield. Bart leapt so he stood side by side with his fighting ally. Now they were going to finish it.

Ethan had already taken measures to clear the battlefield up a bit and sent his Togepi to collect the Gallade with its Telekinesis. Lucas gave an inaudible thanks to the trainer and recalled his fallen comrade to the safety of his Pokéball. He gave a disapproving sneer as he was now reliant on two other trainers to clean up his own mess. Two trainers who, as Lucas still remembered, broke into his base without permission. They were technically still intruders even though they seemed to have a few good intentions. The trainer in the cowboy hat had sent out his Ivysaur to set up a few Reflect and Light Screens to protect the battlefield from the oncoming storm. Despite not being a Psychic type, the Ivysaur would be able to hold up more than a couple of these for the coming minutes while the battle was continuing.

The Slaking’s fists glowed with energy. To Lucas’ relief, they changed colour to red and yellow; a Fire and Thunder Punch respectively. The threat of a Dynamic Punch wasn’t imminent just yet. The two remaining trainers gave their final orders and charged straight into battle.

Aidan, the Monferno, jumped and raced across the broken floorboard in a wide arc. The newly evolved Bart Taunted the Slaking, forcing it to neglect the fire monkey for a while.

“KKOOOOONNNGGG!!!” The Slaking was enraged at his opponent. He charged straight at the Scrafty who remained calmly in his provocative stance of extending a closed fist. Closed, safe for one finger that sent a very, very definite message. (Hoodlum Pokémon indeed.)

Kong flew his fist of fire into the air. Bart Detected the movement and jumped. Aidan jumped to the Slaking’s side in surprise and gave a swift kick to his opponent. Bart landed on the Slaking’s first arm. Kong sent in his second attack, a Thunder Punch. Again; Bart jumped, Aidan kicked and Bart landed on the Slaking’s second arm, now right in front of his face.

“Scrafty,” it said with determination. He Jumped a third time and sent his lef back. Before the Slaking knew what was going to happene, the Scrafty’s leg glowed menacingly and brighter as it neared his face. With one loud thump, the Scrafty Kicked the Slaking’s face, sending it staggering towards the Monferno who was waiting for him. Aidan’s limbs glowed a blood red and flexed one by one into the falling body of the Slaking. The force of the attack kept the heavy body upright for a moment before the monkey decided it was enough and moved out of the way, allowing the Slaking to fall on his back on the floorboards.

Kong the Slaking is defeated!

The floorboards gave way as if they weren’t there to begin with. Only a loud crack warned the group. Kong’s largely body disappeared below the wood.

“Kong, return,” his trainer ordered, who had held the Pokéball ready.

The Slaking’s body was the final nail in the coffin. Cracks grew from the hole where the Slaking had been and widened across the walls and ceiling. Piece by piece, planks and nails fell with some disappearing in holes that were left from the battle. Despite the Ivysaur’s best effort, the kitchen was going to collapse.

“Get out,” Lucas yelled at everyone. That was about as much warning as he gave the two trainers who had just provided a service. The trainer ignored and rushed past them without even a thank you.

From his bedroom, Lucas could hear the small collection of young Pokémon crying desperate screams of panic. He crossed the main area where the others, amongst which the Duskull and Swirlix from earlier were waiting, towards the screams. “Khan!” the trainer called out to his Kangaskhan, “wh-“

“KANG!” yelled angrily while hitting her trainer across the back of his head, as if to say ‘don’t yell, you’re scaring them’ or ‘what took you so long’ or ‘where have you been’.

By the entrance, Doom, Sterope, Black and a few others were waiting for their trainer. The damage from the kitchen had spread like an infection across the rest of the base, exposing sections of the base to the harsh winds outside. The storm had picked up and the spinning column was climbing its way onto shore by now. In minutes it would hit the base which was in no condition any more to withstand anything. At this point, they were waiting for their trainer so they could abandon ship. Something which they were just considering doing without permission until he raced out of the kitchen.

Lucas recalled the smaller Pokémon and Mrs. Khan back to their Pokéballs. Something which he should have done sooner. Parts of the bedroom had gone missing and all of them were cowering in the one corner that was still left by the time he had arrived. Lucas returned to the entryhall and recalled all the Pokémon there as well except for Black and Mal.

“Aawwk, Black not safe. Pokéball return, pokéball return.”

“As if,” Lucas said, “I need you and Mal to use your soundwaves and call Pearl.”

“Aawwk, you’re an idiot.” And without another word, Black returned himself to the safety of his Pokéball.

He muttered. “Coward.”

“Mal, head for the shore on the other side and use Supersonic to call for Pearl. Let’s hope she can hear you in this storm.”

“Scree!” The Zubat wooshed out a crack in the wall and into the heavy downpour. Hopefully it could manage in the rain despite being a small and fragile Pokémon.

Lucas turned back to his two guests (who had hopefully escaped the collapse of the kitchen). “This is all your fault,” he continued childishly, “if you hadn’t come we wouldn’t be in this mess. Why are you here anyway?” Thunder roared in the distance to signal how much time Lucas didn’t have for this. “How did you get here by the way?” remembering the group still needed to figure out a way out of the storm.

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