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N-ter The Dragon-Type

"Ahh," Keith sighed, looking out at the scenery before him as he stood on the deck outside his Secret Base. "The sun is shining, the weather is beautiful, some huge white Pokémon is flying... this... way," he finished weakly, as it sunk in that, indeed, a giant white Pokémon was flying right towards his Secret Base.

Ginny was quick to respond to this. As the creature landed in the clearing in front of the Secret Base, the Pawniard leapt into action. Floating in midair by way of Magnet Rise, she brandished her blade-like arms at the green-haired man who was climbing down off the large Pokémon. "Identify yourself!" she snarled.

In response, the man gave a gentle smile and held up his hands in a gesture of surrender. "My name is N," he replied. "Is this the residence of Keith Masters?"

"Why do you want to know?" Ginny demanded. "And how can you understand me- ohhh, I see," she said suddenly. "What are you, hmm? Zorua? Zoroark? A Ditto, maybe?"

"None of the above, I assure you," N replied.

Keith, meanwhile, had descended the ladder and was now approaching the man. "Ginny, calm down," he said. "Sorry about that," he added to N. "Ginny here means well, but she's a bit... obsessed with security. Who are you, by the way? And for that matter... who's that Pokémon?" he added, glancing at N's ride, who was now eyeing Keith with piercing blue eyes. As Keith eyed this Pokémon back, he aimed his Pokédex at it.

"Reshiram, the Vast White Pokémon," said the Pokédex. "Reshiram is a legendary Pokémon spoken of in Unova region mythology. It helps those who want to build a world of truth."

"...A legendary Pokémon?" Keith murmured, in awe.

"Reshiram here is my friend," N said. "My name, by the way, is N. Are you Keith Masters?"

Keith raised an eyebrow. "I am," he replied. "I'm thinking the more pressing question here is how you know that."

"I was on Dragonspiral Tower several days ago," N began, "when a Flying Pokémon perched not far from me- an Unfezant wearing half of a Poké Ball around her neck, who calls herself Batrach."

Keith blinked. "You know Batrach?" he asked. "How's she doi- wait, how do you know her name in the first place?" he added.

"You yourself can speak certain Pokémon languages, I believe?" N responded. "Batrach told me as much. I too can understand what Pokémon say- only with me, I can understand them all."

"Ah, OK, that'd do it," Keith nodded. "So- Batrach's doing OK?" he asked.

N nodded. "Very much so," he replied. "What intrigued me is what she's told me about you. Apparently, she has a very high opinion of you as a Pokémon Trainer, something contrary to all I've been taught about Trainers. With your permission, I would like to learn more about you."

"Uh... OK," said Keith. "Well, I-"

"No, no," N shook his head. "Not from you- from your Pokémon. One can learn so much about someone and their Pokémon from battling them. You may use six Pokémon of your choosing, while I shall only ask for Reshiram's assistance."

"A battle against the legendary Reshiram?" Keith murmured, sounding more intrigued than worried. "Well, alright, then. You got a deal, N."


Before long, Keith and N were ready. On one end of the clearing in front of the Secret Base stood N and his Reshiram. On the other end stood Keith and Meowth, the latter eyeing Reshiram nervously.

"Reshiram, come forward!" N stated. At this, Reshiram flapped its white wings and flew several feet forward, landing with a heavy crash in front of the green-haired man.

Keith sized up Reshiram for a moment, who was currently looking directly at the Poison-type Trainer with piercing blue eyes, almost as though trying to see into his soul. It was a mildly unnerving sensation, but Keith knew better than to let it deter him. He turned to the Normal-type standing by his side. "Alright, Meowth, you're up first," he said.

"Ehhh, should'a seen it coming," Meowth nodded in a resigned way. He dashed forward, looking up at the Reshiram which towered over him.

"Just relax and you'll be fine, Meowth," Keith called out. "Let's start with a Fake Out attack!"

At this, Meowth darted forward at high speeds. He jumped up high, higher than what seemed possible, and clapped his front paws directly in Reshiram's face, creating a small shock wave. Reshiram shut its eyes in response to this and staggered backwards slightly.

"Now! Use Icy Wind!" Keith followed up.

Once Meowth was back on the ground, he took a deep breath, then exhaled forcefully, blowing a frigid blast of air onto the Dragon/Fire-type. Now Reshiram shivered slightly. N, knowing Reshiram was still flinching as a result of the Fake Out, said nothing up to this point, but that was about to change. "Use Fusion Flare!" he called out.

Keith's jaw dropped. The fireball forming above Reshiram's head was massive. "Quick, Meowth- Detect!" Keith called hastily.

"Right!" Meowth nodded. A gleam became visible in his eyes, and as Reshiram launched the Fusion Flare attack, Meowth lunged out of the way abnormally fast, the gleam having vanished by the time the Fusion Flare had slammed into the ground, throwing up more dust than a Hippopotas with the stomach flu.

"Reshiram! Dragon Breath!" N called.

"Meowth, Fury Swipes!" Keith ordered.

Meowth charged forward, but try as he might, he was unable to duck underneath the stream of energy Reshiram was spewing out of its mouth. Meowth tumbled backwards as a result of the attack and came to rest at Keith's feet, looking to be in no shape to battle any further.

"Oh... You alright, Meowth?" Keith murmured as he picked up the Scratch Cat Pokémon.

"Yeah... Yeah, I'm OK," Meowth muttered, still sounding a little out of it. "Meowth is unable ta battle... Dat's right..."

"Alright, well, just sit here for now, get ahold of yourself," Keith said kindly, placing Meowth on the ground beside him. Then he turned back to face Reshiram, sizing it up once more, running his fingers along the Poké Balls on his belt.

"What will be your next Pokémon?" N asked.

In response, Keith plucked one of the balls off of his belt- this one, crafted from a Red Apricorn, he knew to contain a Pokémon that had a bit more experience fighting legendary Fire-type Pokémon than Meowth. "Go, Kyle!" Keith exclaimed, throwing the Level Ball, which unleashed his Heatmor onto the battlefield. The Anteater Pokémon showed surprisingly little surprise at what his opponent was to be, looking up at Reshiram and sizing it up just as his Trainer was doing. Keith and Kyle exchanged glances and nods, then both faced Reshiram once more.

"Interesting," N murmured, and indeed, he sounded interested. "You and... Kyle, he's called? You and Kyle seem remarkably similar. I'm looking forward to this." And he turned his attention back to Reshiram. "Fusion Flare!" he said.

Keith smirked. "Kyle, Hone Claws!" he ordered.

Kyle, unconcerned by the massive fireball Reshiram was charging up, began to sharpen his claws against a rock on the ground near him, not even bothering to dodge the fiery onslaught. However, this quickly proved to be a mistake, for the powerful Fire move, to general surprise, blasted the Heatmor backwards!

"What the-" Keith exclaimed. "That's impossible! Kyle's Ability is Flash Fire! That Fusion Flare shouldn't have done a thing!"

"Ah, but you didn't consider Reshiram's Ability," N responded with the faintest of smirks. In response, Keith took out his Pokédex.

"Reshiram's Ability; Turboblaze," said the Pokédex. "Reshiram's attacks are not impeded by the target's Ability."

"...That'd do it, yeah," Keith sighed, turning back to his Heatmor. "OK, Kyle, Flash Fire won't do any good here, so we gotta be careful."

"Mor," nodded Kyle.

Keith nodded back. "OK, now it's our turn! Kyle, Dig!"

"Heatmor!!" Kyle exclaimed, attacking the ground beneath him with his sharpened claws, tunneling underground in an instant.

N's face tensed. "Reshiram, evade it," he said. "In the air!"

"Kyle, do it!" Keith exclaimed. "Flamethrower, straight down!"

With a great flap of its wings, Reshiram was in the air. However, when the ground beneath where Reshiram stood broke open, the Heatmor came flying out of it. mouth pointed straight down, unleashing a strong stream of flames which served to propel him into the air. N was astonished as Kyle drew level with Reshiram.

"Now!" Keith exclaimed. "Use Aerial Ace!"

As Kyle began to fall, he twisted and turned his body to steer himself towards Reshiram. And as he drew near, he performed a skillfully executed slashing maneuver too fast for the eye to follow. Reshiram grunted as it felt the Flying-type move slashing away at its side, and glared down at the Heatmor who landed on the ground before it.

N looked mildly impressed by this, but issued another order anyway. "Now, let's use Dragon Pulse!" he said to Reshiram.

"Kyle, use Incinerate to block it!" Keith ordered.

The attacks were launched simultaneously- Reshiram fired a massive orb of intense blue energy from its mouth, while Kyle spewed an ember from his mouth which erupted into a wall of fire in midair. The two moves exploded violently upon contact, and both Kyle and Reshiram were blown back by the blast. However, whereas Reshiram landed squarely on its feet, the Heatmor collapsed in a heap at Keith's feet.

"Alright, Kyle, take a good rest," Keith stated, holding out the Level Ball and withdrawing the Heatmor. "You were awesome."

"He was indeed," N acknowledged. "The two of you do make a remarkable team."

"Thanks," grinned Keith. "Though I gotta say, did not see Turboblaze coming at all."

"People rarely do," said N. "Though I was impressed with how quickly you two adapted. So... who's next?" he asked, tilting his head curiously.

In response, Keith took a regular Poké Ball off his belt and threw it. "Go! Sirius!" he shouted, the Mightyena materializing on the ground before him. Sensing an imminent battle, Sirius bared his sharp teeth and growled menacingly at his legendary opponent, in a valiant attempt to Intimidate the adversary. And although Reshiram wasn't truly frightened by something like a Mightyena, it was nevertheless taken aback by the Dark-type's spirit and natural ferocity somewhat, enough for the Ability to still have its intended effect on the Vast White Pokémon's Attack power.

N observed Sirius with interest, before issuing a command. "Reshiram, Hyper Voice!" he called.

"We'll use Hyper Voice, too, Sirius!" Keith exclaimed.

The attacks were unleashed simultaneously. Reshiram unleashed an earsplitting howling roar, at the same time Sirius started barking loud and viciously. Both uproarious outbursts resulted in visible soundwaves emanating from the Pokémon's mouths. The Hyper Voices collided in midair, each soundwave cancelling out the other, the attacks evenly matched.

"Now! Use Snarl!" Keith ordered.

Sirius growled menacingly, then launched into a series of particularly vicious barks, each bark accompanied by a harsh burst of black energy from the Mightyena's mouth. The Dark-type move washed over Reshiram, not causing much in the way of significant damage, but Reshiram looked oddly rattled nevertheless.

"Use Slash!" N called out.

"Sirius, hold it..." Keith urged the Mightyena, who stood his ground, eyes on Reshiram the entire time as it glided closer, the claws on its right wing glowing brghtly. "Wait for it..." Reshiram was raising the wing into the air. "Wait for it..." It was starting to bring the wing down... "Now!" Keith exclaimed suddenly. "Payback, let's go!"

In the instant before Reshiram's Slash landed, a black aura formed all around Sirius's body. The aura intensified as Reshiram's claws raked the Dark-type's body, and in retaliation to the powerful strike, Sirius lunged forward and slammed into Reshiram, a powerful blow that actually made the legendary stagger backwards a little bit.

Keith grinned- Sirius may have just gained the upper hand in this fight, and if that was the case, now was the time to press their advantage! "Sirius! Poison Fang, let's go!" Keith exclaimed.

"Fusion Flare!" called N.

Reshiram started to charge up the fireball above its head, but Sirius was moving too quick. It sank its sharp teeth, dripping with vicious venom, into Reshiram's leg. Reshiram cried out, albeit not losing its focus, though it was starting to look a little unwell.

"Poisoned..." N murmured. "Badly poisoned... Reshiram, attack now," he urged the legendary.

"Sirius, Double Team!" Keith exclaimed.

Reshiram launched the massive fireball, which slammed into three or four of the Mightyena at once... wait, what? As this occurred to Reshiram, it looked all around- several other copies of the Mightyena were surrounding it, with no way to tell which one wasn't a Double Team copy.

"Now!" Keith exclaimed. "Use Venoshock!"

N said nothing, but his face was one of shock and surprise. A Mightyena that could use Venoshock? Who was this guy? Indeed, impossible though N would have thought the idea, the Mightyena copies each sprayed a powerful blast of vile green fluid from their mouths. Reshiram shrieked as the Poison move reacted with the poisoning to further intensify the damage.

"Now, my friend, use Earth Power!" N called, finding his voice at last.

Keith opened his mouth to issue a command to Sirius, but to no avail. The ground all around Reshiram started to erupt with power. All the Double Team clones disappeared on the spot, and the real Mightyena was much easier to identify, as he landed at Keith's feet, struggling to get up.

"Alright, take it easy, Sirius," Keith said, kneeling down and scratching behind the Mightyena's ears. "You battled hard, I'm very proud. Take a good rest, hmm?" In response, Sirius looked up and licked Keith's face a couple of times before getting back off and walking off to the side, preferring to spectate the rest of the match rather than go back in his ball.

"An impressive display," N said to Keith. "A combination of Intimidate and Snarl to weaken Reshiram, so as to be able to withstand Slash, in order to power up Payback. Very well thought out."

"Thank you," Keith grinned. "And using Earth Power to counter Double Team, I like that. But now," he added, now producing a Timer Ball from his belt and throwing it. "Here's the next one! Go, Luna!" he exclaimed, the Swoobat materializing in a flash of light. Luna looked over at the Reshiram currently sizing her up, looking remarkably unfazed by the fact that she was up against a legendary Pokémon. Luna tilted her head as she eyed Reshiram.

After a moment, a familiar voice sounded in Keith's head. Reshiram is testing us, the Swoobat's telepathically transmitted tone told to Keith.

Yeah, so is N, Keith thought back. Apparently Batrach's told him good things about us, and it seems to be something he needs to see to believe.

I don't doubt it, Luna continued, now fixing her odd gaze and tilted head on N. His opinion of people in general, and Pokémon Trainers in particular is... not high. But I have faith in you. You changed Hedwig's mind, you can change N's,

"Reshiram, Fusion Flare!" N called out, effectively cutting short Keith and Luna's telepathic conversation.

"Luna, Supersonic!" Keith commanded.

Though Reshiram began to charge up the powerful fireball yet again, the Swoobat had other ideas. Heart-shaped soundwaves were emitted from her single heart-shaped nostril, and as they washed over Reshiram, it began to stumble around, and the fireball fizzled out. It raised one of its wings high above its head-

"Luna, prepare for Assurance attack!" exclaimed Keith.

And sure enough, Reshiram hit itself in its head with its wing. At the same time, Luna, who had started to swoop down, slammed her wings into Reshiram, both of which were glowing black. Since Reshiram had sustained damage just before the Assurance hit, the blow was that much more powerful.

"Follow up with Venom Drench!" Keith grinned.

"Reshiram, Protect!" N called out loud and clear. At that moment, Reshiram shook its head suddenly, as though to clear it, and immediately crafted a translucent blue dome all around its body. The Venom Drench splattered harmlessly against the shield.

But this didn't bother Keith. A minor setback. "Luna, Calm Mind," he instructed the Swoobat, who immediately closed her eyes and focused.

N smirked. "Reshiram doesn't just have special attacks, did you forget?" he asked. "Let's use Slash!" he added.

"Evade with Fly, and then use Torment!" Keith ordered.

With frantic wing flapping, Luna rose up, up, high above the reach of Reshiram's claws. Once Reshiram's Slash had missed, Luna then spoke up, addressing Reshiram in an accusatory tone. The exact translation was not clear to Keith, but Reshiram looked pissed, and that was enough to tell Keith the attack had been successful- Reshiram would surely be unable to go for another Slash right away.

And N knew it, too. "Use Fusion Flare, my friend!" he called.

"Luna, Calm Mind once more!" Keith ordered.

Luna closed her eyes and focused once more, seeming to not even notice the Fusion Flare knocking her out of the air. She opened her eyes, however, and righted herself before hitting the ground. This one was, Keith noticed, the least effective Fusion Flare yet. Now, perhaps was the time?

I think now's the time, Luna's voice sounded in Keith's head, as if on cue.

And indeed, Keith took it as his cue. "Luna, now! Use Stored Power!" he ordered.

"Swoooooobat bat!" Luna exclaimed, firing off a powerful beam of bright pink energy from her nostril. Reshiram roared its displeasure as the Psychic move made contact, powered up not only by the boosts to Luna's Special Attack, but also by the fact that she had stat boosts to begin with.

Now Reshiram was starting to look a little worn down, as though it was just beginning to feel the damage it was taking. And the poison was certainly not helping it any. "Reshiram! Blue Flare!" N exclaimed.

Almost immediately, Reshiram opened its mouth, and a stream of brilliantly blue fire erupted from within. Luna, having had little time to react, was caught up in the beautiful yet blazing blast.

There's a weak spot... I'm out... came the voice in Keith's head, and sure enough, when the attack ended, Luna fell out of the air, landing in Keith's arms, barely conscious.

"Don't sweat it, Luna, you did good out there," Keith smiled reassuringly. "In fact, I know you've had your eye on that Space Ball I got on Pokémon Day..."

I have, actually, Luna's voice sounded in Keith's head. It's very nicely designed, I like it a lot. Even in her beaten and burned state, she was giving Keith that look with her head tilted. You wouldn't mind switching me into it, even though my Timer Ball cost you money, she continued. Not a question, but a statement. Keith smiled and nodded in response, and set the Swoobat down on the ground, then turned back to face N and Reshiram.

"I must say, I like your Swoobat's unique style," N remarked. "Am I correct in assuming she tends to prefer moves like that, lesser-known ones with odd effects?"

Keith nodded. "Luna likes moves that are most likely to be totally unknown to the opponent, moves you don't see very often," he explained. "Her thinking is that everyone can easily defend against more common moves, but these kinds of moves she feels are harder to defend against." He hoped he explained it well enough- Luna was an odd one, but decidedly in a good way, it was almost universally agreed by Keith and his other Pokémon.

"A very interesting style indeed," N nodded. "So... what will your next Pokémon be?"

In response, Keith grabbed the Christmas Ball off of his belt. "This one," he replied, throwing the festive sphere into the air. "I choose Marvolo!" he exclaimed, the formidable Seviper materializing on the ground, glaring up at Reshiram.

Marvolo turned to Keith. "The legendary Reshiram?" he hissed in mild surprise. "And I wasn't your first choice against this thing?"

"Hey, be glad you were a choice against this thing at all," Keith retorted, though with a grin. "Now, you ready, Marv?"

"Of course!" the Seviper hissed proudly, turning back to face Reshiram. N listened to the words being exchanged here very intently. Batrach hadn't been lying, then, about Keith being able to understand Seviper language. Not that he thought the Unfezant a liar, of course, but all the same, some of her claims about Keith had sounded a little outlandish. But no, as far as N could tell, Batrach hadn't been exaggerating.

Keith made the first move. "Marvolo! Dragon Pulse!"

"What-" N began, surprised- he didn't think Seviper were capable of learning Dragon Pulse! "Reshiram, we shall use Dragon Pulse as well!" he added.

Both combatants fired their attacks simultaneously. The Dragon Pulses actually looked about even, something Keith knew to attribute to Reshiram being severely weakened by four other Pokémon beforehand, but also knew to pretend to attribute solely to Marvolo's power whenever he was within earshot. Indeed, as the identical moves collided, they immediately exploded on impact, and once again, dust was thrown up in every direction. "Do it!" Keith exclaimed.

Exactly what "it" was was unclear to N, especially given the dust that still wasn't settling. Reshiram flapped its wings in an effort to blow away the dust, but once it was gone, Marvolo was nowhere to be seen! And just as N registered this fact, the ground underneath Reshiram broke open, and the Seviper sprang out, the Dig attack dealing super effective damage!

"Marvolo, follow up with Venoshock!" Keith ordered.

"Use Dragon Breath!" N called out.

Once again, the attacks collided in midair, only this time, they were decidedly different- Marvolo's attack was a vile green stream of liquid, while Reshiram's was a stream of intense Dragon energy. Nevertheless, each attack held the other at bay, and once this was realized by both sides, the attacks ceased at once.

"Use Poison Jab!" Keith exclaimed.

"Slash!" said N.

This time, the combatants moved in to attack, Marvolo aiming to stab with his poison-filled tail blade, Reshiram taking a great swipe with glowing claws. Alas, it was the latter that struck first, the brutal move striking a weak point and sending Marvolo tumbling to the ground. He managed to get back up, but it clearly took him a great effort to do so.

"Marvolo, can you keep going?" Keith asked.

"Of course I- ow," Marvolo grunted, wincing at the prospect of moving again.

Keith raised an eyebrow. "Wanna run that by me again?" he asked.

Marvolo turned and glared at Keith in response, and Keith met his gaze unflinchingly. N observed this, fascinated- such a glare from such a powerful Seviper, he'd known to frighten away bigger and burlier men than either him or Keith. He knew, just as well as Keith, that there was a battle of wills taking place here. The Seviper's glare, an attempt to scare the Trainer into changing his mind. But Keith wasn't scared. He wasn't even sweating. He was coolly and calmly locking eyes with the Seviper. And then, Marvolo gave a small nod, and slithered back over to him.

"Don't sweat it, man, you battled great," Keith reassured the Seviper. "To hold up how you did against Reshiram, that's something worth bragging about."

"You fascinate me," N said to Keith. "All my life, it was taught to me, again and again, that Pokémon Trainers were the primary cause of Pokémon suffering. That they force Pokémon to leave their homes, confine them in cramped balls, and force them to fight. But in recent years, I met another Trainer, not unlike yourself in spirit, who proved vastly different to what I had been taught. And now there's you, Keith Masters. You have shown compassion and understanding towards the Pokémon who have faced Reshiram thus far. You seemed completely in tune with them, with their feelings, and their battle styles of choice. It actually saddens me that our battle is nearing its end," he admitted. "But nevertheless, please, show me your sixth partner for this battle."

Keith nodded, a Poké Ball in his hand. Just an ordinary Poké Ball- a somewhat beaten-up one, for that matter, one which bore unmistakable signs of age and repeated use, and yet was still in prime working order. This was one regular Poké Ball he never once sought to replace with another, for the ball itself held just as much sentimental value as what lay inside.

Keith had briefly considered Melittin for this fight, considered showing N that true bonds between Trainer and Pokémon could unlock an even greater power, but he resisted the urge. No, Reshiram was a Fire-type when all was said and done, and Mega Evolved or not, it would put the Beedrill at a distinct disadvantage. No, the partner Keith was about to unleash, while not able to Mega Evolve as far as he knew, was still his most powerful partner, his most loyal and trusted friend.

Keith hurled the ball forward. "Go, Gemini!" he exclaimed, the Weezing appearing in a flash of light. Both Gemini, the larger head, and Mustard, the smaller head, eyed Reshiram, with Reshiram eyeing the Poison-type back. They could easily tell how strong they each were, and that this last fight was bound to be a good one.

N eyed the Weezing himself, coming to a similar conclusion as Reshiram, before issuing a command. "Use Blue Flare, my friend!" he called out to Reshiram.

"Gemini! Smog attack" Keith ordered.

"Weezing weez," groaned the Weezing as it unleashed thick black clouds of poisonous smoke from its pores. At the same time, Reshiram unleashed a powerful stream of brilliant blue fire from its mouth; however, the flames, upon coming into contact with the Smog, exploded back on Reshiram, actually knocking it down to the ground.

"Gemini, now use your Psybeam attack!" called Keith.

As Reshiram climbed to its feet, now seeming to visibly struggle, the Weezing unleashed the rainbow-colored beam of Psychic energy from the larger head's skull and crossbones. Reshiram roared its displeasure as it shakily stood back up.

"Reshiram, Dragon Pulse, let's go!" N called.

"Dodge it!" shouted Keith. "Then use Sludge!"

The Weezing managed to soar above the Dragon Pulse, but only barely. In retaliation, Reshiram gave a great flap of its wings, and it too was airborne. The battle had just gone sky-high, and it was only narrowly that Gemini's Sludge missed its mark.

The battle was getting more intense by the minute, and Keith, for one, loved it. "Use Sludge Bomb!" he called.

"Hyper Voice!" shouted N.

Reshiram opened its mouth and assaulted Gemini and Mustard with powerful soundwaves, only to be force-fed an explosive glob of sludge in retaliation. The tiring battle, it was starting to really take its toll on Reshiram. Angrily, the Dragon/Fire-type spat out the sludge, though deep down inside, knew the battle wasn't going to last much longer.

And N knew it too. "Alright, my friend," he called up. "We shall use it, then! Draco Meteor!"

"Gemini! Hyper Beam!" Keith exclaimed in response, the same inevitability not lost on him.

Reshiram tilted its head back and fired a glowing orb into the sky. At the same time, the Weezing fired off an ultra-nasty beam of pure destructive force. The Hyper Beam plowed Reshiram into the ground at the same time the Draco Meteor rained down on Gemini and Mustard. The combatants were all down on the ground now, concealed by yet another cloud of dust. And the dust started to clear at long last...

"Dey're all down!" Meowth exclaimed. Indeed, he was right- both the Weezing and the Reshiram were lying on the ground, knocked out completely. A draw!

Keith walked over and picked up the now feebly stirring Weezing. "Gemini, Mustard, great job, both of you," he smiled.

"Weez," the two heads groaned simultaneously, too wiped out even for telepathic communication.

"And Reshiram, you were great as well," N said to the legendary Pokémon. Then, N approached Keith, hand outstretched. "A truly amazing battle," he said respectfully. "I learned much from it, about you, about your Pokémon, and about the deep bonds you share."

Keith smiled and shook N's hand. "It really was an amazing battle," he agreed. "Reshiram is incredible, and you've also helped me see I still have a long way to go as a Trainer. I mean, I don't mind- the journey's half the fun. So, thank you."

"You're welcome," N replied with a friendly smile. "Um... I don't suppose you'd have any berries?" he added. "I'm sure Reshiram is hungry after such an intense battle."

"I certainly do," Keith replied, as he turned to go into his Secret Base.


Before long, Hermione had helped to prepare all sorts of dishes with numerous kinds of berries, not only for Reshiram but also for her own teammates. She even prepared delicious batches of Snoverberry ice cream for Keith and N. Luna, Marvolo, Meowth, Kyle, and Gemini and Mustard were all eating their berries, as well as Reshiram. Keith had also remembered what he and Luna discussed during the battle, and obligingly swapped her out of her Timer Ball and into the Space Ball he'd gotten on Pokémon Day.

After all this was done, and Reshiram was ready for takeoff, N bid farewell to Keith. "I hope we meet again someday," he said. "I should like a rematch."

"Oh, definitely," Keith nodded in agreement. "And next time, I think you and Reshiram will be pleasantly surprised by how much we'll have improved by then."

N smiled. "I look forward to it, Keith. Farewell, and thank you. Thank you for proving Batrach's words to be true, thank you for showing me that there are indeed other Trainers out there who truly care for their Pokémon. I shall return to Unova for now, but you can be sure I'll come back for a visit."

Keith grinned. "I look forward to it, N," he said. With that, and with one final handshake, N climbed on Reshiram's back, and the Vast White Pokémon took off with a great flap of its wings. Keith watched until Reshiram was no longer visible, then turned back to his Pokémon. "Well, that was an experience," he remarked. "So, guys, what say we head back inside for now, rest up a little?" This was met with sounds of assent (both verbally and telepathically) from the various Pokémon. Keith led the way inside, none of them noticing the brown bird flying very high overhead, wearing half of a Poké Ball around her neck and as much of a smile on her face as she could muster with a beak.

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