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So I improved a song on the spot doing an acoustic-thing outside cafe coffee shop thing, and I wrote it down after the fact and forgot about it. This is a combination of the two whole verses, the chorus was something about being sober for 48 hours and how much that sucks.

Incidentally, I suck at both A) Improv, and B) Music.

Keeping the high end palm-muted for most of it, 1-2 1-2 strum pattern, down tempo

Originally Posted by Acoustic Live Performance Improv Song
G (E: 3-2-0)
Well if life is just pain, and love is a drug,
Em (A: 2-3-0)
I'm railing pills and cutting lines, tonight
B5 (D: 3-E: 2-0)
I'm sick of sobriety, and all the shit they said to me,
So I guess they won, they were right;
I'm a loser, a junkie, and I'm having fun
Killing my brain and drowning in rum
'cause quittings for cowards, and rehabs for quitters
And I smoked my last cigarette, but I swear I'm not bitter
I'll just get more, on my way downtown to 6th street,
To trade all my rent for some H and amphetamines
'cause I ate my last Valium three days ago,
And the shake in my hands is starting to show
Judge my shitty writing as harshly as it deserves lol
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