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The battle raged on with all three Pokémon giving it their all. 3 evolutions in one day, what were the chances?

Putting that at the back of his mind however, Ethan looked on ahead, grateful for the base owner's Gallade's chivalry in saving Aiden from a devastating blow.

The deafening scream of a man not able to rescue his beloved starter didn't fall on deaf ears, Ethan quickly grabbed a Pokeball from his black jacket and tossed it, calling out another of his Pokémon.

"Togepi, give me a hand darling!"

The ball spiraled before opening, producing a small spiky headed Pokémon, in an egg shell, with small hands trilling happily upon seeing her trainer. "Togepriiiiiii~!" The Fairy Type cried out.

"Serena, use your Telekinesis to bring Gallade to safety by bringing it to it's trainer. Surely, if you can lift a Steelix off of the ground you can manage that?" Ethan said warmly, as the Togepi jumped into the trainer's arms before turning around, trying to focus on it's psychic powers.

While that was happening, Ethan kept on rooting his Pokémon on before giving him his next moves, "Aiden, we're almost there! Give Slaking a Double helping of your fierce Kicks! And while I know it's a risk, give him a taste of two Close Combats back to back!"

Suddenly Ethan could feel the floor shake more than it did when Aiden had low kicked the big ape on it's back. Looking at the big hole in the wall, the trainer could clearly see the storm he had narrowly escaped from at sea was coming right towards them.

If the floor manages to break, we'll be in big trouble... Almost as if his thoughts were being read, a familiar psychic connection from his Togepi rung loud and clear in the trainer's mind...Don't worry, the sweet and innocent voice said, If something like that happens, I'll just use Telekinesis to hold us all up suspended in the long that lasts, I don't know...

"Serena I'm counting on you if the storm proves too much for these old floor boards. And Aiden, let's finish this partner!"
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