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Keith and Bart looked on in astonishment (and the latter in mild annoyance for some reason) as Ethan's Chimchar evolved into Monferno before their eyes. But this wasn't gonna be enough to turn things around, as became apparent very quickly. Monferno had used the opening created by Rags's Wide Guard to strike with Mach Punch, but this seemed to further anger the Slaking, who went to retaliate with Hammer Arm. Rags was quick to block this as well, though it was clear this wasn't about to last.

And Keith knew it, too- he had to go on the offensive, and fast. "Bart! Now's your chance, use Rock Smash!" he called.

"Scraaaaaggy!" Bart exclaimed, landing a forceful, shattering punch to the Slaking's side. This even got it to stop its attack on Rags, to Keith's satisfaction. He and Ethan then ordered Rock Smash simultaneously, both Monferno and Scraggy managing to land more forceful blows. But rather than celebrate this, Keith was more worried about the ominous clouds in the distance, as well as the swirling winds that seemed to be sucking up water out of the ocean. Oh, that couldn't be good.

But things were just as bad inside as well- Slaking's fists were both glowing with explosive energy- a double Dynamic Punch, Keith realized, having seen his own Pokémon use the move (though not two at once, admittedly) before. One for Ethan's Monferno, and one for Keith's Scraggy. "Bart! Block it!" he called desperately.

But Bart didn't even get the chance to try and block anything with his pants- Rags came to their rescue once more, telekinetically containing the explosions. Keith was about to cheer, when the truth became apparent. Rags hadn't simply contained the attacks' energy within spheres of psychic power- he had contained the blasts within his own body, taking both attacks himself to save the Secret Base.

Bart's mouth fell open as the Gallade, who had been such a huge help every step of the way in this fight, collapsed to the ground unconscious. And what was more, Slaking seemed no less determined by the minor setback. Indeed, it seemed more pumped up than ever before, going into a full-blown Uproar. And then, his fists started glowing again- he was trying the Dynamic Punch duo thing again! And this time, with no Gallade to contain the blasts, destruction looked inevitable. Bart looked back at Keith, who said nothing- he was clearly wracking his brains for an idea. A solution, something, anything. He hadn't given up, no, he still had that determined look in his eyes, but at the moment, that didn't mean shit if he was at a loss as to what to do about it.

Bart looked around. The situation looked bleak, almost hopeless. A pair of explosive punches were coming, one directly towards him, the Gallade was down, the whole Secret Base was falling apart more and more by the minute, and a friggin' tornado was forming in the distance. But even as the hopelessness of their situation dawned on the Scraggy, he didn't look anywhere near ready to concede defeat. If this was really the end, Bart wasn't gonna be known as a sniveling coward who spent his last moments sobbing as an enraged Slaking pummeled him. No, Bart was a badass. If his time was up, he was gonna go out swinging.

At first, the additional bright light alarmed Keith- what else could that Slaking be doing?! But then, he realized that unlike the glow on Kong's fists, this glow was a distinctly familiar shade of blue, and also not coming from anywhere on the Slaking. No, the glow was emanating directly from where his Scraggy was standing! "Bart...?" Keith murmured.

"Bart's startin' to evolve!" Meowth exclaimed.

Indeed, at the risk of being accused of copying the Monferno he was fighting alongside, when in reality Bart had been considering the notion before Aiden had actually done it, Bart's glowing form was changing shape, growing taller, the red thing poking out of his head growing into an impressive crest. His tail got longer, his arms got longer. More shed skin built up around his neck, forming what appeared to be a hood of sorts on the back, and despite the grim situation, Keith couldn't help but grin as he beheld the badass Bart had become. "Scrrrraft! Scrafty!" Bart exclaimed defiantly, as Keith held out his Pokédex.

"Scrafty, the Hoodlum Pokémon, and the evolved form of Scraggy," said the Pokédex. "Scrafty travel in violently territorial packs led by whichever Scrafty sports the biggest head crest. It pulls up its shed skin to defend itself when it unleashes its devastatingly powerful kicking attacks."

"Bart, we got this now!" Keith exclaimed- the evolution from Scraggy to Scrafty seemed to have restored the Poison-type Trainer's confidence. "Taunt it to draw in both Dynamic Punches, then evade them with Detect, and finish things up with your High Jump Kick!" Then, Keith grabbed a Poké Ball off his belt, from which emerged a cute Ivysaur. "Pomona, home defense maneuver one-one-five-one-one-three!" he exclaimed. His Pawniard's infamous paranoia was actually paying off- she'd insisted on concocting such maneuvers should Keith's own Secret Base come under attack, or be otherwise in danger. Indeed, Pomona knew exactly what this meant- hard to forget lessons drilled into you by that Pawniard- and focused hard, attempting to build both Reflect and Light Screen all around the Secret Base. Keith hoped this would help fend off the oncoming tornado.

What? Scraggy is evolving!




Congratulations! Your Scraggy evolved into Scrafty!

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