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(Let’s see if we can finally get to finishing this shall we? Being a bit creative with Wide Guard’s use here if you don’t mind. I haven’t proofread this yet but at least now you can see where the story is heading towards. I'll edit this later today or tomorrow.)


The bright glow in the centre of the room was unmistakable. In the heat of the battle, and out of some sense of desperation, little Aidan evolved into his middle stage form; the Playful Pokémon, Monferno. The newly pumped up version of Chimchar entered the battle with enthusiasm, punching the air to show his speed and muscles. His trainer sat, a safe distance away with the other two, with a bewildered expression on his face.
‘Monferno! ’Let’s finish what we started.’” shouted the Pokémon at his trainer, taking a stance among the other two fighting types, joining their ranks as well as typing.

“Rags, use Wide Guard!”

“Now’s your chance! He can’t hold this up long!”
The Monferno darted in first. He closed the distance between himself and the Slaking with one leap, a gift from his new evolutionary stage. He flexed his arm straight into the Slaking’s gut to deliver a Mach Punch. The Slaking, while hurt, barely faltered at the hit and raised an angry Arm in response.


His arm came down like a hammer of force, hitting first the magical energy that permeated the air before heading for the Monferno’s head. The magical energy in place was Rags’ Wide Guard and triggered upon the Slaking’s attack. Almost instantly, like teleportation, the Gallade zipped across the room to place himself between the two ape Pokémon. He held his blades up high in a crossing pattern, taking the blow of the attack to spare the Monferno’s head. It was only a temporary solution though as a Gallade had no hope of holding off a Slaking’s attack if it came down to brute strength. Bart the Scraggy flanked the giant sloth and hit his ribs from the side with a Rock Smash. Kong let out a roar of pain and for a moment, albeit briefly, the Scraggy thought he heard the faint sound of twigs snapping.

Kong staggered away from the Gallade, giving him some breathing room. Neither Bart nor Aidan were going to give the Slaking the same gesture. From opposite sides, the two rushed at the giant. Slaking eyes his foe Scraggy on the left, then turns to his right to see the oncoming Monferno. Both fighting types leap into the air, extending a leg or an arm imbued with muscle and spirit. The two limbs connect with the Slaking’s stomach and continue on only to be swallowed up, much like a finger is swallowed up when stabbing a balloon. The two Rock Smash attacks struck a nerve, and a rib, and possibly an organ.


The Slaking lets out another roar of disapproval. More planks and timber are stripped away from the base by the oncoming storm. By now, everyone inside was able to see the dark foreboding clouds and its heavy downpour. What’s more, they could see the swirling mass of debris and salt water being sucked up in the air into a spinning column.

Kong’s hands glowed a bright light as he prepared a Dynamic Punch. Bart looked worried at the fist that was only inches away from him. Similarly, Aidan was wary of the glowing fist near him too.

“That’s not possible!” the trainer shouted, “is it?” It was unclear what the Slaking’s trainer meant at first but both the Scraggy and Monferno were in equal trouble. The Slaking wasn’t preparing one, but two attacks at the same time!

“Get out of there!” The trainer yelled. “Now!” The explosive force of one attack would be devastating, exploding in both the opponent’s face and taking a chunk of the base with it. Two attacks would destroy everything around them in one go. They had to get out to halt the attacks.

Unfortunately, the two fighting types were still close by and the sloth’s bulky physique concealed his dazzling speed. The two fists raced down to where the twin fighting types stood, trapped. Both fists cackled with explosive energy and struck the mystical barrier that was still put in place by the Blade Pokémon.

As instantaneous as before, Rags teleported in between his two, make that three, allies and caught the two fists in his own. The Dynamic Punches exploded upon impact and it was at that moment that Rags’ eyes glowed a bright blue. The white ball of energy that at first grew from the fists, now diminished in size. The residual psychic energy, resonating still from Rags’ prior evolutions, was attempting to contain the energy of the blasts to save the base.

The group was about to cheer as the Gallade managed to hold off the Slaking’s destruction on his own. The glow of the Slaking’s attacks was dissipating. The cheer quickly died out when the Gallade faltered and dropped on one knee. Kong’s brute force was towering above him, shoving him through the floorboards. A few planks gave way and one of the Gallade’s legs dangled below. Rags had managed to redirect the energy of the attacks to save the base, directly into his own body. And as resisted as the attack may have been, the full force of two explosions proved too much for his thin body. Kong let go of the Gallade’s hands and allowed him to drop, lopsided, onto the floor.

Rags the Gallade is unable to battle!

“Rags!” his trainer cried, “Rags!” He wanted to run towards him to check if everything was all right but neither the floorboards nor the crazy Slaking would permit him. Out of revenge, or some necessity to continue the battle, whatever the case was – the Slaking momentarily dropped his guard, the two remaining fighting types continued the fight. Once again from opposite sides, the two launched at their opponent. Aidan dived down onto the ground, placed his hands down and twisted his body in mid-air. The momentum of his movement swung his legs into the Slaking’s side in quick succession for a Double Kick. The Slaking tripped to his left where he was met with Bart’s incoming Punch. The force Drained the life out of his face (quite literally) and sent his head into the opposite direction of where his body was falling.

Aidan picked himself back up and Bart landed beside him. The Slaking, however, landed on his back with a loud thud. The base cracked and swayed with the fall. For a moment, all two Pokémon and three trainers held their breath. Was it over? The floorboards creaked some more. An arm moved, first slowly, then suddenly and slammed down. Kong’s other arm did the same and so pushed up the giant sloth’s body off the ground. Kong slammed his chest once more in frustration.


An Uproar was starting once more. The Slaking was panting heavily by now but he was not out yet. His two bloodshot eyes looked over the Scraggy and the Monferno, seizing them up. The Slaking stopped pounding his chest and his two fists glowed a bright light. Once more, he was preparing two attacks simultaneously. Lucas, with no partner to turn to, looked out at the storm that thickened in noise with every passing second. The spinning column of winds wasn’t just getting bigger; it was getting closer.

Player 1: Lucas and Rags the Gallade
Player 2: Keith and Bart the Scraggy
Player 3: Ethan and Aiden the Monferno

1 turn left before the base is destroyed!

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