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Originally Posted by Arnold View Post
Holy Moley Crobatman, it's...the GBGB.

Yes, Fletching Boy, it's..


Special Days, are here, 20th Anniversary for Pokemon and a Leap Year, we gots the goods for you

for everyone that posts in here for the next 24 hours, you'll all receive a basket of goodies, which include:

x1 Rocket Ball
x1 Fire Ball
x1 Space Ball
x5 Rare Candies
x 1 Daycare Pass
x3 Sky Gummi's
x3 Yellow Gummi's
x3 Mysterious Gummi's

Wow, that's a whole lotta stuff, hope you can carry it all home young travellers.


THERE'S MORE, Roll up, Roll up, come and see the sights and sounds of the mystery bag of wonder..and mystery, as I have for you not 1 but 2 contests, all you have to do is tell me that you want your name in a hat and it will be put in the hat.

What's the hat for you ask? Well, to fit on my head for comfort and protection, oh and for these 2 contests, numero Uno is to be entered into a draw for

*grabs Bio-hazard container containing a devilish looking egg*

Boys and Girls, this egg is up for your big prize, for whoever can handle whatever is inside, just say your name and you'll be entered into the contest.

Our next Prize is for 2 of you lovelies, these prizes are hot off the press of Pokecon 2016, the hottest Pokenerd convention of the year, and I've got for you the limited edition 2016 Engraved Pokecon Pokeball, gold plated with a black base and ruby centre. Exquisite.

What is in this amazing ball is something all collectors have wanted, what we have, is your very own Female Level 1 Cosplay Pikachu, each one coming with a set of Cosplay outfits that evoke a special move for the occasion, the costumes are:
comes with the move Icicle Crash
comes with the move Flying Press
comes with the move Electric Terrain
comes with the move Draining Kiss
comes with the move Meteor Mash

The only thing with these Pikachus, is they have rules:
1) Both Pikachu's are not tradable, or able to be put up for adoption, only released into the wild.
2) Cosplay Pikachu Cannot be evolved or Bred with anything.
3) Don't feed it after midnight...ok that's not a rule but don't feed it after midnight, it'll be up all night and won't want to sleep, bad for everybody.

That's your lot you little scamps, now bugger off and let me sleep
Pokémon Day- a major holiday in the Pokémon world. February the 27th was celebrated every year as the anniversary of date where the very first official Pokémon League tournament was held in the Kanto region, about 200 years ago. Actually, exactly 200 years ago, to this day. Normally, it wasn't made such an especially big deal of, but such a memorable milestone seemed to warrant special attention, which led to a festival being held in Yupien City, one of the Fizzytopia region's three biggest cities, and one which Keith Masters found himself frequently visiting in any case.

According to various signs posted all over, the festival was put together solely by one of the more mysterious figures in the region, Arnold of the Elite Four. A man rarely seen in public, and indeed, today was no exception, at least as far as Keith could tell. Not that that especially bothered him- he was too caught up in the festive spirit, happily accepting every free gift members of festival staff offered to him. Until...

"Step right up and enter now for a chance to win whatever comes out of this Shadow Egg!" the man was exclaiming to anyone who would listen, and indeed, anyone who wouldn't. Keith recognized the object immediately- like a Mystery Egg cloaked in a sinister purple aura, but more like an Enigma Egg in terms of what it was capable of producing. He'd seen three of them at the Shadow Raffle some Halloweens ago, one of which produced what was now his barely-controllable Shadow Ledian. Keith and Meowth exchanged looks, both of them agreed on one thing- no way in hell was Stewie getting another Shadow Pokémon as a teammate. Worst case scenario, they end up killing each other. Best case scenario, Stewie trains up the new Shadow Pokémon as a henchman or something. Yeah. With that as the best case scenario, Keith found it quite easy to pass up on this raffle.

The next raffle proved just as tantalizing as the first, which is to say not at all. Being a native of Hoenn, Keith knew about Cosplay Pikachu- a rare breed of female Pikachu with black heart-shaped markings on the end of their tails, which learned unusual moves when dressed in specific costumes, and with a particular flair for performing in Contests. Also incapable of breeding or evolving, and there were laws all across the world preventing them from being traded or added to an Adoption Center. Keith passed this up as well without a second thought- the idea didn't appeal to him very much, even if he did have room on his team to spare. Which he kinda didn't at the moment.

Keith and his Pokémon continued to enjoy the festival, even without partaking in either raffle.

OOC: Collecting the Rocket Ball, the Fire Ball, the Space Ball, the 5 Rare Candies, the Daycare Pass, the 3 Sky Gummis, the 3 Yellow Gummis, and the 3 Mysterious Gummis, and passing on both raffles. Thanks, Arn!
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